Your Guide in Installing Different Media Players on Windows

There are countless softwares available on the Internet. A good lot of those software can be used to further your enjoyment by improving the entertainment value of your computer. Let’s face it. Computers are mostly used as a source of entertainment as much as it is of information.

Primarily, media players are used for entertainment. With them installed, you will be able to watch and listen to a helluva of files.

Since there are different formats being produced and made available online, there are various media players made available as well to read these formats. In this article, we will give you a helpful guide on installing different media players on Windows.

VLC Media Player

This is one of the best media players ever created. One of the most amazing things about this player is that it is compatible with almost every other format. It can play even videos that you download from the Internet, including in websites like

It can also play DVD files. It can also be used as an audio decoder. Aside from all that, it is very lightweight and portable. It does not require too much space from your desktop. It also would not require any extra codes to be able to run smoothly. Most of all, VLC Media is compatible not just with Windows but also with Mac and Linux.

VLC Media is also free. You can download it online for no fee or charge at all. It continuously gained popularity since it was released not just for being free but also for being very flexible.


Winamp is another popular media player, especially among music fanatics. It can play various music files. Plus, it has a built-in radio. You can play the radio while connected to the Internet.

Aside from playing lots of different music and video files, Winamp is also popular for its built-in skins, support for different languages, and a fantastic ability to sync files with your other gadgets, including your iPod.

Media Jukebox

Like the VLC Media, the Media Jukebox is another all-in-one media player. Aside from being compatible with different file formats, it can also sync with your iPod, organize your music collection, and offer tracks from music stores. Unlike the VLC Media, however, this requires a good amount of space in your desktop. The goods thing about it is that, the storage space comes with a bunch of amazing features that you will surely make your listening and viewing pleasure even more enjoyable.

How to Install

Installing different media players on Windows is a very simple process. Just go to the website and download. If you are downloading a free service such as VLC Media, there is no need for you pay anything at all to use the software in your computer. If there is a fee required, you need to pay it first before you will be able to gain access to downloading the file.

Once the program is installed, you will be able to enjoy it along with its built-in features. It is quite ideal to have a couple of media players installed to ensure that no matter what format of music and movie files you have, you will have a suitable program for it. Although the media players we mentioned above can play most of the common file formats that music tracks and movie files are in, they are still not “one size fits all”.

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