What is Social Networking – Quench Your Social Thirst Now


In the past when we use to meet and greet our family and friend in a group it use to call a social networking in a way. However; today the definition has changed of socializing, it is more of socializing over the Internet. Keeping in touch and getting together is now done on various chat rooms, social networking websites etc.

If you are still not come to the terms of what is social marketing then, here you will find more info on it. Social networking over the Internet is nothing but a group of people in a specific group. It could be general also and includes varied countryside communities. It is more of like making friends and mingling on the web through various social networking mediums.

Today, if we discuss what is social networking? It carries a vast definition. It is not just about making friends or exchanging information. Social networking mediums have become the refined communities that offer the users advice, information, friendship, entertainment and much more. People these days make use of this optimum standard that has a smart way of connecting people for their brand and marketing things, promoting their products and services and many such relevant things.

Quench Your Online Social Thirst

Today, with the social networking it is been very much possible to exchange your views, market your brands and such many things world-wide without spending that much of money. Online services like Craigslist and Amazon have changed the mind-set of the way people use to buy and sell, volunteer, hire and exchange. Though these sites are not termed as a social networking website, but let’s face it online shopping has to an extent played a vital role when it comes to social interacting.

Social media websites is the place where the person can expose to the outer world. You can make number of connections whether it is for just “being friendly and chatting” purpose or it is business or job related. The most popular social networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Orkut, Ning, Live Journal,  Tagged, myLife, my Yearbook and many more.

So, when next time you come across the question what is social networking? You will be able to answer and explain it confidently. It is the best thing happen to us since the way we leading a hectic life and our lifestyles involves less of mingling time so why not through social networking websites.