What is Perfect Size Blog Post for You and How to Write It?


Bloggers often seems to get confused regarding the perfect size of the Blog Post. Many of the bloggers have many basic questions about posting when they just start their perfect blogging.

Here I am trying out to answer some of these questions by giving some of the tips about writing perfect size blog post.

Your articles are your currency for your blog. If you own your own unique and well written articles that are interesting to read, it hardly depends on how long or how short it is, for getting you success. You articles are the only way of your success towards your online blogging business and therefore you should always concentrate on improving your content writing skills.

What is the perfect Size for Your Blog Post?

From the deep research of many of the bloggers friends, regarding the post size, it has been concluded that different post size works for different niches. They says that post length strongly depends on a blog niche.

However, according to the deep researches and discussions, average post size of about 500 words is necessary for getting better results in today’s online blogging business.


Of course, you can write and post some large or short posts in your blogs that helps them to rank better; you should also focus on this average number of post which decides your perfectness of the size of your blog post.

What is needed to Write Perfect Size Blog Post?

Writing a unique and good content with perfect size blog post needs some Writing skills. If you write 1000, 1500 (or even 5000 jumbo) words blog post and publish it into your blog; this does not necessarily means that it gets at the top of the search results in Google. It does not at all guarantee you that it works perfect for you. It also does not confirm that it is the best quality post on internet with so many words.

It is your writing skills and experience that works best for you. Developing such a unique article that is liked and read by your readers is a challenging task. And your better writing skills, which improve with time, can only guarantee you to develop such effective and productive post.

Writing Perfect Quality or Perfect Size

Articles are very important for you. A unique and perfect article helps you to provide different type of traffic from different sources. This includes search engine traffic, which is most targeted and important for your blogging business.

The more quality articles you have on your blogs, more quality and targeted website traffic you earn from various sources. Therefore writing perfect quality post is much more important than writing a perfect size blog post.

Compare Post Size with Other Relevant Niche Blogs

Comparing your perfect size blog post with others will let you know that, whether you are developing the right size blog post or not. As various different niche blogs works best with different blog post size, you should compare your blog with some relevant blog in same niche.

It is not necessary that if the other blogger friend is writing posts of a certain length, then you should do the same. May be you can write short length with better quality, that ranks better than them. Most important thing for you is to, do different and unique and try to stand out of the crowd.

This will necessarily helps you in writing perfect size blog post for your blogs, which rank high in search engines. If you want more information on building perfect blog for you or your blogging business, I strongly recommend using the Easy Blogging Guide that will illustrate, step by step, how you can develop what you know today, into a resource, known as Perfect Blog.

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