What are META Tags and How to Use Them

All About Meta Tags, What are Meta Tags and How to use them in your blogs to get more traffic and more profits from your blogs, Are Meta tags still have their importance in the rankings of your site?

These are all of the few questions that a blogger of today think off and should be understood clearly.

Basically Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the HTTP header of a web page, after the title tag. It also contains hidden information in the coding that the various Search Engines will read and use to crawl your pages and to index your sites fast. Meta tags helps in Improving your site’s Placement in Search Engines and can therefore help Increase Visitors Free to your Web site.

It may be assumed that if your web site does not have “keywords” in the head of your HTML code, the search engines may not find your website. Though, Meta tags serve a variety of purposes, but when discussed in context of Search Engine Optimization, we usually refer to Meta Description Tags and the Meta Keywords Tags.

There is one important thing you need to know that Meta tags alone does not have an ability to give you a High Ranking in The Search Engines Listings. What you need is to combine your Meta Tags, titles and your content. You can have the best of keywords in your tags but you will probably not get a top listing as long as they are not present on your page. So while writing a particular post you should keep in mind that your keywords are also present in the post. Try to add various different keywords as possible while writing you post.

In fact there are over 200 different types of “meta-information” that you can place in your Web page with the aid of the HTML Meta tag. but I am listing few meta tags I think are useful below that I think everyone should use.

Essential Meta Tags that are most commonly used

1. <meta http-equiv=”Content-Language” content=”en-us” /> – This is a language meta tag. This tag for example tells the spider the language and region of your web page. For example this on states its English and the region is the US. Change en-us to whatever you wish. I do know Bing uses this tag to help define languages and regions related to local searches. It would make it easier to target US searchers if you declare your site en-us eh?

2.<meta name=”copyright” content=”insert name or url here”/> – This is a copyright meta tag. This tag can be useful for letting crawlers know the content you wrote is yours and original. This way if someone just scrapes your content and copy and pastes it, the crawler will still know you wrote it originally. This meta tag can never hurt you, so why not use it?

3.<meta name=”author” content=”insert name here”> – This is an author meta tag. This tag will allow you to claim authorship of a page on your site in the meta tag. I personally think think this tag is useful, and more bloggers and site owners should take advantage of this tag to claim authorship in the code and meta data of their pages.

4.<meta name=”audience” content=”all”> – I think of this tag as an unofficial rating for your site or page. I use this tag, and again this tag could never hurt you.

5. <meta name=”rating” content=”general” /> – Again this is another general rating tag that could only help your web site like the tag above. I see no reason not to use it.

6. <meta name=”distribution” content=”global” /> – This meta tag pretty much labels your site as safe for general global distribution. Search engines may use this tag, they may not, however some smaller niche search engines may and this tag isn’t going to hurt you. it could only help your site longterm.

7. <meta name=”expires” content=”never” /> – This meta tag simply states the page or content never expires, or you can set an expire date. I can’t hurt you thats for sure. So why not use it?

8. <meta name=”publisher” content=”insert name here”> – This meta tag is similar to the author and copyright tags. It allows you to declare yourself or your company as the publisher of the page or blog. I think this tag only makes your site look more professional, and this is another tag that can only help you.

Those are the 8 essential meta tags that everyone should use. I think those tags will make your blog or site look more professional, and can help your site get better categorized. The author, publisher, and copyright meta tags allow you to claim ownership in your code, and that can only help you with the robots. The language meta tag ensures you have the proper language and region declared. This can really help for business that serve a small area.

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