What are Deep links and In-bound links?

Inbound Links or Deep links are one of the best ways to get  good page rank for your site and building back links. Unfortunately there are various bloggers, I come across who haven’t heard of the deep links and inbound links. In this very post I am talking of deep links and inbound links to explain some basics of these links and how they are beneficial for your web page.

A Link is created when you link your site to any other domain whether yours or any others. A deep link is created when you link to an article within the particular domain. The domain being the same, you just create the different links within your present that provide your visitors the knowledge of your previous posts.

One of the main advantages of creating in-bound links is that it provides a tremendous increase in page views for your blogs. As the Deep links usually point to a specific piece of information or relevant topic on the inner page, these also increase your CPM and revenues. Your visitor in this way will remain for long on your site and go through all the useful pages while surfing through your inner pages.

Google and other search engines, when determining your ranking and placement in the search results, count these inbound links very positively. These are counted as an effective back linkswhich gives your various pages of the blog, more exposure to the search engines.

Deep linking should be an important part of your natural SEO strategy in order to achieve higher rankings of your internal pages or sub-pages in search engines. Your inner pages get well indexed and also get more traffic through the back linking strategy used this way.

Deep linking strategy can also be one of the best strategies used by you, if you want to direct targeted visitors from search engines or other related pages straight to your internal pages instead of letting all traffic flow through your main page which may result in loss of traffic once this traffic reaches your internal pages.

Linking back to the internal pages also let know the search engines that you have interesting content not only on your index page, but throughout your website. Back linking from the particular and proper keywords also increases your search engine rankings from these keywords.

According to my experience and observations, deep links are one of the most important factors that search engines take into consideration while determining the authority of websites, while assigning your page ranks and also while indexing your site.

Thus as a rule, when writing a new blog post for your site you should always take care of deep linking some of the keywords used in the post to your previous post of the same or the other blog of your own or you can also exchange it for some other sites. This is today’s fastest and one of the greatest methods to earn you some money also. Bloggers I know are making some thousands of dollars, by placing the advertiser’s link in their post, every month.

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