3 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

As you go through internet and search a while, you could get millions of results to make money from your blog.

But you should be  careful while of selecting top way to make money from your blog that could help you out in your money-making goals in a long run and without making much efforts.

As the internet gets advancing day by day, new and new ways are implementing and there is continuous realization of new concepts which comes hand in hand with these developments.

This is helping in making money from your blogs.

There are of course several money-making ways available by which you can perfectly make money using your blog.

Here are the 3 best ways that can work for all.


Pay-per-click advertisements or PPC is today one of the best ways to make money from your blogs.

In these programs, advertisers pay from $0.10 to $5 every time one of their ads is being clicked. The pay ranges according to the region, targeted location, IP addresses, and many more factors.

You just have to add the code supplied from the particular PPC site and it will then automatically verify your content on your blog so as to make sure that the advertisements delivered should match perfectly with your content.

The sites such as Adsense, Ezoic, Adthrive, etc. are the best of some PPC in the market, although there are tons of more.

Commissions from Affiliate programs

The second perfect way to make money from your blogs is signing up with a good profitable affiliate program.

Reliable affiliate marketing websites like EPC Club can help earn you high commissions each time a product or services is sold by you making you good profits as compared to PPC ads.

A part of the income a company earn is transferred to you thus making you handsome amount of money each month without making any efforts.

You can find affiliate products to sell through online affiliate centers, such as pay dotcom, commission junction, ClickBank, amazon, etc.

Promoting your blog through email marketing

This is a special way of making money from your blog.

Although not more people are aware of this way and not more people may get the help from this way, this will make your blog a credible one in a long run and make your visitors to trust in you and your blog.

You just need to have a list building or gathering of e-mail addresses of your visitors. This provides you with an opportunity to send them quality e-mail series that lead them to trust you.

This make these visitors to visit your blog on regular basis and then convert them into leads by making them purchasing the products you offer by one or more affiliate programs.

These 3 perfect ways of making money from your blog are revealed and made available for you at any time when you have a decent blog of your own.

You just need to have a look and carefully think about it and the results it can provide you in long run without making much effort.

You could build up a new income stream with these methods within a week.