Top Keyword Research Tools to Find Right keywords for Your Online Business Blogs and Free Blogging


You know that keywords are really important for your online business blogs and to get success in this competitive blogging world. There are today many top keyword research tools, free as well as paid, which you can use for getting things easier and familiar.

These tools let you know about the right keywords that are important for your free blogging. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the right keywords for your online business blogs you can use these keyword research tools free of cost.


Most of you are optimizing your site’s content according to certain keywords and phrases. But before using these keywords and phrases you should make sure that how popular these keywords are and how often these are searched.

Optimizing your site’s content for the keywords and phrases that nobody searches simply means that you are wasting your precious time and will get least benefits from it. Your site’s content developed in this way will not be having higher potential to gain much traffic from the search engines.

First and the most effective keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool ( This is the right Keyword Tool that allows you to research for all your keywords and phrases. Not only about the right keywords, but it also tells you about the approximate average number of searches for that particular keywords in a month. Also it suggests some of the alternative keywords and phrases for you.

This is a tool which is  free of cost and you can use it without a need of login. Here you have to simply type your keywords or phrases in the box provided, optionally you can choose for your language and country and can also put your site’s URL. Then just hit the submit button. You will be instantly served with great results.

Secondly there is a keyword research tool called as Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool ( This is another great keyword research tool where you can get a list of up to 100 related keywords. You also get the approximate number of daily searches for each keyword phrase.


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Using perfect keyword research tools for free blogging

As such if you want to use only free service, there is no better than Google Adwords keyword tool and the Wordtracker keyword tool. These are best and you can use them for your free blogging.

But it is always advisable, to use and check at least two such keywords tools for your Online Business Blogs. As no keyword research tool is 100% accurate, you can also consider using some of the paid services for your top keyword research. Actually what you pay is what you get, therefore paid services can deliver better results for you.

I found one best keyword tool and a plugin for wordpress sites that can help users in lowering down all their stress regarding the keyword research. Just follow the link and find it yourself how it can benefit you all naturally.

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