Top 5 ways on how to get targeted twitter followers

Twitter, a popular micro-blogging site allows users to chat and be in touch with different people at once. It has become an internet sensation due to its simplicity to login and manage. You need to have a cell phone and a free account in the site. There are ways to get more followers for your Twitter account and you can become popular in the platform. Here we list out top 5 ways on how to get targeted twitter followers.

1.   Link your Account

When you are entered to Twitterpland, you have more chances to use other kinds of internet outlets. Use these means to promote your Twitter account such as, posting your Twitter data on Facebook and your blog. Use your Linkedln or Digg accounts too for promoting your Twitter account. You can also include the account data in your email signature. Do these free ways to promote things that you bring to the Twitter platform.

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2.   Post Pictures

People love to see picture and Twitter users are no different. Upload pictures of famous crashes and other recent known things that your users will look at. This will help you get a lot of followers. Use iPhone applications like Twitterific or Tweetie to upload images wherever you are.

3.   Repeat yourself

Don’t think that posting yourself more than once would only make your followers very frustrated. If you are an avid twitter user, then chances are a lot that you followers overlook some of your tweets. So, repeat your most informative and best tweets during the day and you will see an increase in followers.

4.   Develop a niche

Be specific with your tweets, so you can get more followers. Random tweets about everything can get you some followers but, you must have a target audience in mind and play to those followers. Go with the topic in which you have sound knowledge. It can be a smaller subset you are following, but if you can become the best Twitterer on the topic, then you will be able to get some followers. Get more information about the topic from websites and post the same on Twitter. Give answer to queries you get and you will become a Twitter expert with more followers.

5.   Link to interesting sites

You may get stuck with everyday posts while using Twitter. Posting what you had for breakfast may be fun for your family and friends, but won’t be interesting to others users to follow your account. They will like links to interesting websites or articles! Majority of blogs and web sites are actually a collection of links to the unique, fascinating information over the internet.

Spend some time moving over these sites and others like it, and use to twitter the cool stuff you find and gradually you will become a reliable source of information of recent and most informative data the internet has to offer. And, this is a great way to find twitter followers in good quantity.