Top 5 best kindle games for kids to have fun

Kindle was introduced in the market last 2011 and it was highly welcomed by tech lovers, students, business men, and parents who wants their kids to enjoy while learning. Kindle is among the best portable communication devices to date. But among the many features that attracted many to purchase this portable PC is its ability to host a number of interesting and fun-filled games. Can’t decide what games to install on your kid’s new kindle? Here is a list of the Top 5 best kindle games for kids that can serve as your guide.


Fruit Ninja:

This game offers exquisite and exciting gameplay like no other. Who wouldn’t want to play with fruits without the burden of cleaning afterwards? Fruit Ninja allows you to slice fruits like a master of the ninja arts. You are free to mess around while slicing every fruit that falls from the top of the screen. Your goal is to never let any fruit pass while avoiding bombs and grabbing bonuses for more points! No other game available in Kindle can offer intense action like Fruit Ninja!

Cut the rope:

Cut the rope is a must have for your kid’s Kindle. It can lead you to a thrilling ride as more hindrances await you as the game progresses. Moreover, every level welcomes your precious one to a new adventure. This game will not only entertain your kid but also teach him how to persevere in fulfilling an important task and to never give up in achieving his goals. Cut the rope’s gameplay is pretty straightforward since all he needs to do is feed the monster named Om Nom.

Paper Toss:

Paper Toss can be very addictive so be sure to explain the importance of time scheduling to your kids before letting them play this extremely popular Kindle game. Tossing a pair to a bin in real life is fun. By applying the concept on a Kindle game, it eliminates the hassle of picking up the missed rolls of paper afterwards. Prepare for an action-packed paper tossing experience through Paper Toss in Kindle!

Angry Birds:

Angry Birds is a worldwide hit! You don’t need to search for a child tax credit helpline. If you have this game installed on your kid’s Kindle. Treat the extended playtime with Kindle as your child’s reward for doing well in school or lending a hand on household chores. Angry Birds for Kindle are offered in various themes so simply pick one that your kid would prefer.


Pac-man is a classic game known and loved by many through the years. Your goal is to evade ghosts and eliminate them one after another if possible. You’ll be munching dots and fruits on the path for more points as well. Pac-man for Kindle may have a very simple gameplay but it offers hours of pure gaming entertainment to a certain level that only a few available games for this device can deliver.

Installing a number of games on your kid’s Kindle is a good idea but it would mean shouldering a huge amount of expenditures. It’s a must to select a few that are not only fun to play but encourages your kids to learn valuable life lessons as well. Choose any of the Kindle games mentioned above and you’ll never go wrong.