Tips for Perfect Small Business Website

Small Businesses require quality web design to attract customers. There are many things need to be considered to design a successful website for small business. Here I am sharing some tips to design an attractive and user-friendly website.

Clear Objective

Before designing a website, you should have a clear objective in your mind. The web site should have specific goals and measurable objectives to achieve them. You must list realistic list of goals like sales, brand awareness, reputation management etc.

Selecting CMS for Small Business website

There are many popular CMS in the market now. Selecting the right CMS will help to update website content and functionality easily. A Business must consider cost, functionality and customization before selecting a CMS.

Getting Traffic to the new small business website

Website traffic is a most important element of small business success online. There are many options to get traffic to the new website. Some most popular options include SEO, Social Media, and PPC. Hire an SEO Specialist to optimize website for Search Engines.

Website Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most important factors for the success of a website. The website should open within 3 to 5 Sec. There are many tools to check website speed like Pingdom, GTMatrix and Google Speed Test Tool.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays most people use smartphones to browse the internet. The website should be mobile-friendly.  It is also one of the ranking factors in Google now.

Contact Page

The website should have a contact us page with all information about the business. The user should be able to see the physical address, email, contact number, and map.


The website should have original and high-quality content. Content plays the very important role in conversion. Share your achievements and testimonials on the homepage. The homepage is one of the most important pages on Small Business website. Content which can convince the user to take action is very important.

Calls to Action

You should place calls to action strategically so that users can engage and take action easily.

These points will help you improve website for your business. However, It also depends on your customer requirements. You can also take customer feedback before designing website.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by SEO Specialist Nav.  He helps small businesses grow online by providing result oriented digital marketing solutions.