The Truth about Social Networking


Are you aware about social networks? For sure, people around the globe do know about this social networking stuff. This has become the hottest issue of the internet world. It would be one of the impossibility cases in the planet if people don’t have even an account of the social networking sites in the world. In fact, there are lots of people around the globe who lost their jobs because of these social networking sites.

There are many social networking sites that are competing in the internet. In fact, those social networking site that are not capable in the competition were left behind. Thus, there options would end up with these two: to improve or to loose the battle and closed their site.

Undeniably, people are enjoying the benefits of social networking sites. The hottest social networks of today are the Facebook and the twitter. These two are competing in winning the subscription loyalty of the people. These two hottest social networking sites could be considered as the major reason of the near closure of Friendster. This is the truth of social networking sites, survival of the fittest.

The trend of these social networking sites is to gain more friends and connections online. However, studies showed that these online friends and connection stuff are bogus. People may have hundreds, thousands or millions of online friends. But, the existing truth would negate their social networking statuses and profiles. People don’t have any real connection with each other. They haven’t built any virtual bonding of friendship with their online contacts. They are loosing the real enjoyment of hanging out with their real friends. They are just pretending that the social networks have created the bonds for them.

However, millions of people will surely agree that these social networking sites have bridged the gap between them. Millions of social networking sites avid fans have gained the benefits of these social networks like Facebook. Who would not enjoy? You can display your pictures so that you can have the chance of preserving it. It will give also your real friends and relatives have updates about you and your family.  There are many families who have made these social networking sites as their means of communications. But, the public exposures of pictures in some social networking sites have created some risk also to the privacy of the people. It is just a matter of common sense.

Thus, the issues about social networking site’s competition have come to the peak of the race. They need to maintain and even exceed the needs of the people. Though, these social networking sites are mainly for communication purposes, it have become the source of entertainment, too. They need to observe things constantly to meet the satisfaction of the people. The internet worlds have opened the world of possibility. That means no room for compliance should be preserved. They need to make their site more captivating and more pleasing to the people, or else they will be left behind.