Save on Business Travel

It is often believed that business travel is an overpriced luxury that we associate with first class flying business men. However the truth is today with all the easy options to travel it’s becoming more common, and so the importance of knowing how to save on business travel is essential if we don’t want our business to have huge expenses.

save money

Best Flight Options

Don’t spend hours scrolling through the internet trying to find the cheapest flight, instead use a company like Travelocity that takes all hard work away, and they offer guarantees that if you find a cheaper flight they will match the price. In addition you can save more time and money if you take advantage of hotel and flight deals.



Most airports are outside the city and away from where you need to be. Taxis know this and use it offer prime rate prices, but you don’t need to be a victim of this money wasting. Try uploading the uber application to your phone and save money on all your local movements. You can also choose to use hotels that offer free shuttle bus services. Or if you are fit and healthy, what about renting a bike when you are in the city to commute in a clean and green way, and by far the cheapest.



Accommodation and Eating

Once again you can look on different travel agent sites to get the best deal, or last minute offers. Alternatively AirBnB can save you money on cheaper accommodation, and on food if you have access to a kitchen. You can prepare your meals and eat at home, where you can continue working without distractions. Or if you need to eat out, choose restaurants that offer free salad bars that you can fill up on with your main meal so you won’t want to spend much on more food later.


It is easy enough to travel for business and not incur huge expenses, just with a few small changes and you are on your way to seeing the pennies saved.