My Site Ranked on 1st Page on Google but Not Getting Sales

Having your website ranked top on Google (or 1st page of Google) search results does not mean that you will get much increased sales and leads. There includes a lots of reasons for not getting enough sales even your website is ranking top on Google and other search engines. First of all, you have to take a look on the appearance of your website.

Your website may have had the same look for years. Having more advanced looking website will help you become more credible to potential clients and customers. This way, you will be able to organize your website so that clients may easily get your contact information and other pages. The most important reason for not getting increased sales and leads may be related to copy. You know what is copy?

Copy is the content persuading customers to give you their money. Having a top ranking website that lies on 1st page of Google and other search engine results is only a part of getting more sales and leads. The other part is promoting potential customers to pay for your products or services. Now, the question is how we can accomplish this?

The answer is pretty simple. Just have a good copy (content) on your website. When customers visit your website, they are more than probably already interested in your products or services. However, they also have doubts and concerns about doing business with your website. Therefore, having a good copy of your website will remove the doubts and concerns of customers and will make interested visitors as paying customers.

Factors that decides best lead generation

Go and consider any of your website pages. Now imagine that you are visiting the page for the first time, and ask yourself certain questions such as, the purpose of the business, customers of the business, trustworthiness of the business, practicability of products or services, and so on.

If the web pages give right answers to your most questions, then you can ensure that you are on the right track to taking away visitors’ doubts and concerns. The more doubts that the website pages remove, the more probably they are to pay you. You must tell your website visitors that why they need your products or services.

When people visit your website, they will have one question in mind at the end. What is in it for me if I give the company my money? They don’t care whether your business lies on 1st page of Google or 2nd or 3rd.

So, provide them with the benefits of what you are offering and you may expect the best lead generation that you dream of. You must appeal people’s emotions with providing information about your products’ benefits. Moreover, emotions are the reasons why we purchase certain things. So, always consider the content on various pages of your website.

Do your web pages tell visitors what they will get if they pay for your products or services?

If not, then think of the same and convince your visitors to pay for your products or services and get something beneficial in return. Keep these points in mind and work on the same to get more sales and leads to your top ranking website.