Marketing Your Business with Print: 3 Easy Steps

Print marketing has long been known as one of the most effective mediums for growing your business. Throughout the decades as new technology – and some has even gone, the conversion rates of print marketing campaigns like magazines, direct mail, and even simple brochures have lasted throughout. If you’re just beginning to understand the value of print marketing, and you’d like to be best prepared for the campaign launch that will truly succeed – this article will give you some great tips for setting your business up for success. By targeting the best audience, choosing the best print marketing materials, and ensuring your tracking – you can greatly improve your return on investment with print marketing – here’s how.

 printTargeting the Best Audience

Unlike some digital marketing that will blanket the web with messaging without care on concern for its audience, print marketing is much more engaging to its audience – and is also more of an investment than most digital marketing campaigns. For these reasons, it’s definitely worth the time to target your best audience in a print marketing campaign. This may mean purchasing a list for a direct mail campaign, placing a print advertisement in the most relevant magazine or simply participating in the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail program where you hit every address in your zip code with printing. This is going to be most relevant for companies that do work like landscaping, plumbing, or anything else where anyone is a viable customer. Either way, consider who you’re sending print marketing materials to before you send them – it will greatly improve your outcome in the end.

The Best Print Materials for You

We know that print marketing is engaging, inspiring, and almost always gets return on investment – but that doesn’t mean that all print marketing materials are the same. Sometimes the simplicity of a well-designed business card can get the job done in the right situation, like marketing within a fancy gift basket – to tell the audience who created the gorgeous products inside. Other times, it’s going to take all the flaunt and flattery of custom printing effects like gold foil embossing, die cutting and UV coating to wow your audience and catch their attention. Either way, it’s best for you to consider the feeling you want your customer to get when they hold your print piece in their hands – and go from there. Just like any automobiles, home decorating, or any other product that has a wide variety in its desired outcome – so too does printing.

Tracking: Your Key to Understanding Success

With any marketing campaign, proper tracking is essential if you want to understand if the campaign did in fact have a traceable effect on your business. Unlike digital marketing, there aren’t cookie and click tracking tools build into your custom postcard, or brochure mailer. Instead, it’s best to include some unique tracking telephone numbers – or even a unique coupon code that is only given to customer in one region through one medium. This will prove the success of your print marketing campaign in comparison with your other mediums, beyond a doubt. One of the greatest failures you can make is in creating a fantastic marketing campaign that has little or no way to prove what results it made against other campaigns of your peers and competition. Tracking is key – make a plan, and put it in place before you print!


As you delve deeper, and research the benefits of print marketing more and more – one thing rings true: the best thing you can do to ensure success within your efforts is to get the work done and execute! You can’t afford to just think about “what you could do” that might make a difference – you have to think about what you must do that will make a difference, and execute on it. Print marketing is one of the most effective means for generation sales and results – but you have to execute!