Local SEO – Geo-Specific Optimization for Search Engine Marketing

Any big or small business will benefit from SEO. A little bit of investment made on local SEO can help business target customers from certain demographic locations. These days, people no longer use their phone books or business cards to search for products and services.

Local SEO

They just turn to laptops, smartphones, or tablets to locate the neighboring places that deal with the products or services they are looking for. They use search engines or online directories. If your business does not show up while someone searches for local keywords, then you are missing out on hot leads. They will be unaware of your business existence.

With the proper implementation of SEO techniques, more and more potential customers will start visiting your website. You will need to be proactive with your website visitors, in order to convert them as your customers. It will also involve long term engagements with them. At the same time, you will need to do local SEO, so that you can target the customers from specific cities or places.

For instance, keywords like ‘electrician in New Jersey’ or ‘office space in Atlanta’ will have lesser competition when compared to ‘electrician’ or ‘office space’. If your business caters to the needs of the customers in a specific area, then the tips below can help you get better results.

  • Online local community – Firstly, get your business listed in the local directories and forums. This will help you get better search results related to your business niche in that specific region.
  • Get listed on Google and Google Maps – Users searching on Google Maps and Google search can see your business details. Your website, address, and contact number can be listed. Invite users to write reviews about your services, because Google will confidently credit your site for offering useful business.

Google result page rankings are hard to achieve, because hundreds of firms are waiting to appear under the search for ‘electrician in New Jersey’. Make certain that the listing information is accurate, and matches your site. Additionally, you will also need to acquire backlinks from other local sites.

  • Update your information – Your domain name registration must be done with your existing business address. It is worth checking because Google considers this information, while ranking websites for local searches. Better check and update this information to successfully attain geo-specific optimizing services for your website.
  • Offline community – Participating in local community campaigns and supporting local charitable trusts can get you local press coverage. Getting your website in the newspaper can highlight your significance in the neighborhood.
  • Remember other search engines – Google is the Granddad in the search engine market but it does not mean that you must only consider it alone. Bing Maps and Yahoo local also offer local business services. So list your business profile on these search engines as well.
  • Consider utilizing multiple domains – Most of the international businesses will have multiple domains or sub-domains to target certain regions. If rankings for local searches carry primary importance, then selecting multiple domains can be worthwhile. Search engines optimize your top-level domain, to find out if it is applicable to a country.
  • Look beyond traditional search engines – Certain people hunting for local services will not necessarily go to Google, Yahoo or any traditional places. They will turn to local business listing websites. While posting ads on free or paid classifieds, you will need to make sure you choose the right city and categories.
  • Give importance to your address – If you desire to attain high rankings for particular service in a specific region, then it is important to give your address on the contact page. Naturally, mention your location on your web pages, so that search crawlers can recognize your association with that specific place.
  • Don’t push away non-local clients – Several businesses are capable of offering nationwide services. If your services can be offered to non-local regions, then specify this clause on your website.
  • Mobile optimized website – Today, people are using mobile phones and tablet PCs to get internet access. Therefore, the web designs must be compatible with smaller screens as well.

Local businesses rely heavily on natural local search traffic. Hence, having your site optimized for local searches will help you in achieving your business goals better.