List of Top 25 RSS Feed Directories to Boost Site Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

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English: A simplified version of the RSS feed ...
English: A simplified version of the RSS feed icon. Can be used as is, or as a basis for further development. This is a rendered version of File:Generic Feed-icon.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RSS feed directories are something that is useful and effective to grow your site traffic and search engine rankings. Every blogger and webmaster should go for it in order to boost up their site rankings in no time at all.

Submitting your feed to Top 25 RSS Feed Directories gives proves to be very useful for you and you can get fast online exposure with it. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an exciting way by which you can deliver your latest blog post and articles to the targeted people that are interested in reading your content.

RSS or Real Simple Syndication enables the people to read your content without the need to visit your site or blog. Submitting your RSS feed will enhance your site search engine rankings and provides you positive results gradually.

RSS feed directories and submission is simply a process that is easy and affordable for you. If you have extra time you can do this on your own or just to save your time you can hire the experts and professionals who can do this for you at a very affordable price. With the RSS feed directories and submission you give your readers more ways to read your content at their ease.

More people you will reach to, more profits can you make with your blog. Thus RSS feed directories and submission is something that you need to do and should not miss out when you want to have a good readership for your blogs.

RSS feed directories submission in three easy steps

This is the submission that will also help you get more and more backlinks for your WebPages blogs and sites and thus helping in enhancing the search engine rankings for your site.

You can do the RSS submission in these three easy steps

  • First find your RSS Feed URL. If you have the WordPress blog than this is usually (
  • Find some top RSS Feed directories that are free to submit.
  • Just sit relaxed and submit the feed URL to these sites free of cost.

Some of them may require you to register at their site. If you want to save time you can just skip those and forward to another ones. You should submit your feed URL slowly and start submitting 4-5 feeds per week.

List of Top 25 RSS Feed Directories

Here is the list of top 25 that I have found over internet. These are in no particular order and you can use them according to your own ease.


Just comment below and tell the readers to share more of such feed directories. 🙂

8 thoughts on “List of Top 25 RSS Feed Directories to Boost Site Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

  1. Thanks for this post Prav ! I was trying to look for some RSS directories and I found it in your website.

    I am going to try and submit my Feed Url to those websites now !

    Thanks again, this post is really useful for me =)

    1. Thanks again Jeremy for reading my blog. RSS submission is something that can get you lots of traffic. And you can submit various feeds like your article directory feed, Squidoo lens feeds, hubpages, etc.

  2. Great list, and I think you have left nothing for us to share more of such feed directories:)

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I need to find a website which gives free addresses but also shows other occupunts if possible? can anyone help. Please anyone can help me about how can i get the list of dofollow free directory,article,bookmarking submission please provide the active resource and also dofollow.

  4. Hey Prav ,
    This question may be a little off-topic, RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication, is a technology that enables you to constantly receive the updated links to the websites chosen by you. After you establish a connection with certain website, you will receive links to the stories and news on certain page or section of the website along with the short summary. When you click the link you will be taken to that website for the complete story.
    Keep up the posts!

  5. Thanks for your post, i saw of lot of RSS which i did not know, i think it would be great if we could make your list grow, by asking visitors to let them tell them about there best RSS’s, the same with directories, growing by sharing.

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