iPhone 5 and Excellent Covers


iPhone 5 like we all know is an improvised version of its later model iPhone 4s. This one has got some amazing features and look like a greater screen, 4G LTE speeds, faster processor, free turn by turn navigation and slimmer and sharper design.

iPhone 5 Mockups
iPhone 5 Mockups (Photo credit: methodshop.com)

The phone is said to be the lightest one available today in the market. With all these amazing features that make iPhone 5 a revolutionary smartphone that makes it extremely useful in today’s date. So, when you have this exquisite piece of design like iPhone 5, you obviously want to keep it safe and secure. You can do this by covering it up with excellent covers.

Perhaps, purchasing an iPhone 5 was an easy thing to do than deciding over its cover. Here are some of the excellent iPhone 5 covers mentioned:

Dodocase Durable iPhone 5 Waller Cover: Technically looking it looks like any other cover, but this cover has been specifically designed seeing iPhone design. If you want to have a sober cover then this is to go for. Your iPhone will be safe when not in use and easy to get it out when you need it.

Sena HamptonFlip: Amazing and all professional look, this cover is all brown and crafted from fine leather. The cover has a flap on the bottom that keep it closed when not in use. The cover has got 3 SIM card slots which are easy to tuck in and also this can be used for stashing few credit cards as well as business cards.

Otterbox Defender: If you are accident prone or most of the time worried that you may drop that and will ruin your dear gadget then Otterbox defender is a cover that will protect your precious iPhone 5 and keep it in one piece. The cover is available in different color to choose from.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are Pad & Quill little pocket book cover, PureGear Kickstand Case & Holster Cover, Speck Candyshell series are the other alternatives that offers your iPhone 5  great protection along with being stylish.

Cases for iphone 5 come handy which safeguard your expensive gadget effectively. You may check out some great collection of iphone 5 cases and covers here to get one for you.