Importance of Meta Tags

The word of Perfect Blogging is useless and can not be successful for you until there are no visitors to your blog. To gain the visitors on the blog many effective  strategies, techniques and fundas are used which may help a blog to gain visitors day by day.

Also keep in mind that this is an ongoing process and can take some time. so don’t be bothered about and get the basics of getting more and more traffic to your blogs and do the things that are needed for it.

Want to get the top ranking in search engines? No Problem!

All you need to do is add a few magical “Meta Tags” to your web pages, and you may reach the skies at the top of the listings in search engines if you use the right ‘keywords’.

But wait that’s not easy way to get at top of search engines but will only help to attain the heights gradually.

Meta Tags have never been a guaranteed way to gain a top ranking on crawler-based search engines but can only have some positive impact on it. All you need to do is to engage yourself more and more in the top social sites like Twitter, Facebook, stumble, Digg ,etc. and to have some great link building to get more and more traffic to your blogs.

There are many of the effective and popular methods to get more traffic to your blogs other than these, which we will be covering in our up coming articles. So do not forget to get yourself subscribed when you leave the site.

Are Meta Tags still Important today?

Does Google consider Meta Keywords Tags while ranking the site on its Search Engines?

Recently there have been many articles and posts seen on various, blogs that says that Meta Keywords Tags are the good SEO tool and can get your site at the top of search engines. But it is now confirmed that Google now days do not actually consider Meta Tags at all. It is also confirmed by Matt Cutts, that Google does not consider Meta Keywords while ranking your site on its Search pages.

Also Google pays zero attention to Meta keywords now.Earlier, to get on first page of Google, bloggers used to stuff unwanted keywords on their post page. To avoid many of the tricks like these, which were used to fool Google, now Google does not considers Meta keywords at all. This method does not work very well today, and will most likely get your site penalized or banned altogether from the search engines.

However Meta tags can affect the volume of incoming Traffic to your website, it is not counted by Google now days as effectively as it was before. Google now consider the most is the blog’s original content. Google also consider better and relative post title with a post description. It also sees number of back links that your blog has attained and also many other factors while ranking your site in the search engines, but definitely not Meta Keywords.

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