How to Make You Blog’s Post Interesting and Neat– Must Have 5 Tips for Beginners to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting

Blogging and the number of blogs is increasing rapidly day by day. One who is earning money from their one blog is trying to build a whole empire of some 100’s and 1000’s of blogs and want to go blogging for money even faster.

However, there are already millions of blogs being used and this number is rapidly increasing. With this pace, there are fewer chances that your blog will be read by the web users who are searching for some unique content.

Therefore there arises a tough competition among all the blogs. What is there for you to stand your blog out of millions and get it more visibility?


Here are some must have and Best 5 Tips for beginners in the blogging world like you that can make your blog posts Interesting and neat so that they can attract more eyes and visitors.

1-      First of All Make Your Blog Comfortable, Neat and Clean and Easily Viewable

Most of the web users like comfortable and easily viewable site which are neat and clean. People like to have easily readable content in the sites which make them easy to figure out what they are looking for. Web users want the web page navigation to be easy and simple.

2- Avoid Using Too Many Ads on Your Blog

If you are using many of the advertising sources for monetizing your blogs, be sure to add them at the spots where they do not look abstracting. Be sure that your blog’s unique content does not hide between the ads.

3- Space up your Ads on Your Blog Wisely and Neatly

You should add your ads wisely and neatly so as to look clean and simple. The key to the success in blogging for money blog is from the advertising you add on the blog and it should be placed and spaced nicely, wisely and neatly.  You should space them out so that they don’t look too much crowded.

4- Add Videos and Pictures to Make Your post Interesting

If you want to connect more with your readers and keep them interested, try adding some relevant pictures to your blog post. You should get a digital camera if you don’t already own one, so that you can update your pictures and videos frequently.

5- Update the Blog Often To Make It Interesting

A non updated blog is like a dead blog. Your readers will not come again to such blogs if they do not have some different for them to read. Therefore it is best for you that if you can not commit to a consistent blogging schedule, then its best not to think of making money through blogging.

2 thoughts on “How to Make You Blog’s Post Interesting and Neat– Must Have 5 Tips for Beginners to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting

  1. Hey Prav,
    Nice article you got there!
    I am new in blogging and I was looking for such advices on how to make my blog interesting.

    I downloaded your e-book but I still have to read through it. I’ll get back to you when I finish reading it.

    Thanks a lot !

    1. Thanks Jeremy for liking my advices. Will update you with lots of more stuff like these and you will find the ebook useful when you go through it.

      Thanks again..

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