How to Intelligently Choose your Blogging Platform for your Online Business?

Today blogging and blogging for your online business is in air. You know that, you can start your blogs free of cost using the free blogging platforms. But it is important for you to intelligently choose your blogging interface which gives you profitable results for long time.

There are today many free as well as paid options for a blogger to start blogging. But if you want to blog for long and want to take it seriously, you should consider some additional things while choosing your blogging interface.

If you are a part time blogger and want to start blogging just for fun or for just sharing your thoughts and articles, you can use free blogging platforms like Blogger,, or LiveJournal. But if you want to stand a successful online business through blogging, you should avoid using these free blogging platforms and get a self hosted blog for yourself.

For successful and serious blogging, first thing you may need is to get a personal domain name that will help you attain credibility and name. People and your contacts in business will take you much more seriously if you have your own domain name rather than having just a free platform and a free name given by these free blogging platforms.

This will not at all going to empty your pockets and will help you in long run. It will be going to be a good investment for you in future.


Then if you can pay some dollars for your hosting account it will be best for you. You can use much more features with this. You can easily download and install a copy of the wordpress blogging platform i.e. and not .com and gain greater benefits from day first.

Hostgator is one of the most reputed and genuine hosting company which can help you in getting cheap hosting plans for your basic as well as standard and premium needs.

What are the advantages of self hosted blogging platforms?

Using the self hosting plan like Hostgator or any other will make your blog totally yours. You will gain better abilities to customize your design in ways which are really impossible with the free services like blogger.

You can use various wordpress plugins with your blog to make your blog more professional and realistic that gives you more power to earn money through blogging. You can run your own ads freely which is not allowed if you use the free blogging platform of

Free blogging platforms are much more appreciated than paid ones and can be used if you just want to START. Moreover free blogging interface are great for personal blogs, and experimenting with blogging before deciding to commit to it.

Paid blogging platform like will need some investment. Therefore you can go with it after some time, when you feel that you want to go serious with your professional blog and want to start your online business through blogging.

What are the advantage of own domain name?

When you own your domain name the, biggest advantage of getting it is that you can point this domain name pretty anywhere where ever you like. You could use it with your Blogspot or blog. But it would be again advised that you should not go for it.

While Blogger and are most likely the two best “free blog services” available, they’re limiting in terms of what you can do and have much lower features.

If you have a tight budget you should at least get a self domain and point it to the free blog so that you can switch that blog to the self hosted blogging interface in future and get your readers and backlinks intact.

You can easily switch and export your existing blog to a self hosted blog in future whenever you plan to invest in it. allows you to import posts from Blogger,, LiveJournal, and a few others (including RSS).

So without thinking any further if you are yet going with the free blogging interfaces, it’s time to get your own cheap domain and start your blogging business to reach to the highs you have never seen. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting