How to Format Computer

Have you ever experienced getting a virus in your computer? Did your computer crash at some point and ever since the crash it has become too slow? Perhaps you think your computer has a mind of its own because it seems to show up a blue screen regularly.

There are tons of things that could happen to your computer when it’s not functioning properly and perhaps the best thing to deal with it is to format your computer and reinstall your programs and applications as well as restore your files. Formatting a computer is like pressing a reset button.

Format Computer

It will reset your computer to how it was like when you first bought it. But how to format computer is one of the questions most computer owners are faced with. If you are nowhere near a computer expert or have no background in computer lessons at all, then perhaps you have no idea how to format a computer. Worry not because here is a guide that will help you learn how to format computer with Windows XP.

Before we start to learn how to format computers, note that any file left in the hard drive of your computer will be lost. Only with the use of the most sophisticated hardware and software may be able to recover files from a formatted hard drive. However, it will most likely be gone, erased, or removed once your format your hard drive or your computer.

So just before you start formatting that computer, make sure that you have copied your files to another computer, another portable hard drive, a USB drive, a CD, a DVD, or another safe and secure backup drive online, depending on your choice. Once you’re sure that you’ve completely copied and backed up your files, you are now ready to format your computer with Windows XP.

  1. Insert the Windows CD and restart your computer.
  2. Your computer will automatically start or “boot” from the CD which will lead you to the Windows Setup main menu.
  3. Once you see the Welcome to Setup window, press enter.
  4. Accept the Windows XP licensing agreement by pressing F8.
  5. It will prompt you to repair the Windows XP installation but you can bypass repair by pressing the ESC button.
  6. Using the arrow keys, you can select the partition or create a new one. You can also delete by pressing D and create by pressing C.
  7. Type the megabytes size you want to use for your new partition and press enter. You need not to indicate the size so you can simply press enter.
  8. Now select the format option for the partition. It is recommended to use NTFS. Proceed by pressing enter.
  9. It will then begin formatting your computer. Once formatting is done, simply follow the next instructions to reinstall your Windows XP operating system.

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