How to Do Data Recovery Yourself?

Nothing can replace the cost of losing your vital information on hard drive of laptop or desktop. It may contain photos, music, videos and other important documents.

Hard drive damage occurs generally due to physical hazards such as dropping of computer, improper hard drive design, faulty hard drive elements, excessive motion/vibration, faulty handling and other natural disasters.

Data recovery is the only solution to retrieve data from physically damaged hard drives. You can implement it yourself if you have enough patience and knowledge on the hard drive and other systems in the PC. Here we discuss about how to make hard drive recovery yourself.

Steps for data recovery

First of all, you need to find out whether you have a real hard drive failure or not. Shut down the system and start it on Safe Mode (Press F8 at and then click 3) and if you are able to get through, then your system got software based problem, not hardware.

You need to make a system restore or Windows reinstalling process to get the data back. This process is particularly important to do if you recently installed any software.

You need to take more forceful data recovery steps when you become unable to get through the login screen in Safe Mode option. This indicates that your system for an actual hard drive failure and you need to make forceful steps for hard drive recovery.

Firstly, you can try out Testdisk, which is a disk analyzing program that can eliminate the need for more forceful data recovery programs. Testdisk is a computer software available at free of cost at online sources.

You can also try out TOKIWA if you find Testdisk option doesn’t work. This is also a data recovery method that you can apply on a USB drive and load into the PC. It is user friendly quite self explanatory software that you need to download from online sources.

If you are knowledgeable in changing a logic board and other data recovery programs, then do the same immediately. Obtain a working logic board from a similar hard drive to replace your damaged board.  You can do rest of the job by simply recognizing the area where logic board rests and implementing necessary mechanical work.

Why getting the assistance of professional is highly recommended

Although above steps and many more online seems to be easy and cost worthy, these are not actually are. Especially if you do not want to take risk of getting your valuable data lost, you need to take the assistance of a professional who could effectively handle the situation.

Experts such as Drive Data Recovery provides hard drive, raid array, external hard drive recovery for all your personal as well as business needs.

You can get their help for getting most affordable yet safe data recovery which is completely risk free. RAID array recovery and hard drive recovery is especially useful to businesses who lose data. They get their data recovered quickly – no worrying about business continuity!