How Social Media and Mobile Video Sharing can help in Growing your Business Online


Have you ever given it a thought that why some videos get widely shared by people, while thousands of others lie in one corner on the web and never get any exposure? Videos must have some specific qualities that prompt users to share and spread them on social networks like a wildfire.

For instance, Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs video is certainly an exceptional way to market a milk brand. This commercial has that quality of going viral and transforming browsers into buyers. As a matter of fact, this rising tide of social sharing has come with the ancillary benefit of promoting your products and services online and at the same time getting the real-time feedback for the same.

Why brands need video content or extended commercials?

The answer is quite simple- They invest thousands of dollars to create an entertaining video content, which engages the viewers and compels them to share it with their friends. Creating branded video content is the most effective way to market products and engage audiences. An interesting video that goes viral is can drive ‘purchase intent’ in the viewers.
Social sharing is the next big thing!

Social sharing is aptly quoted as ‘the next big thing.’ And the recent surge in the sale of smartphones has made social sharing easier than earlier; the content is sharable from wherever you are to wherever you want. Spare the hassle of logging on to a desktop to share something to the social networking sites.

Everything from an small image to a long video can be shared with a mere touch of your index finger. With more people spending time on social networking sites on their mobile handsets, smartphones have certainly become the next frontier in social.

Social-video sharing is evolving!

The photo treatments evolved by Instagram have enticed not only some photo-sharing maniacs, but also a common man who likes to share photos. A similar evolution is being expected in social-video sharing as well. The ubiquitous influence of social video sharing has led to the growth of some popular mobile video apps like Viddy, Socialcam, Thwapr. These mobile video sharing platforms harness lets you share your video content via your phone only.

Coming back to the question- What qualities make a video content attractive and worth sharing? Though, getting a video shared is an elusive goal. Check out these seven sharing triggers or the reasons why users feel the urge to share certain videos. An attractive video must be:

  •     Cute
  •     Thought-provoking
  •     Laughter-provoking
  •     Mind-boggling
  •     Heart-rending
  •     Something Utopian or Platonic
  •     Crazy or controversial

In the first quarter of 2012, video viewing skyrocketed, surpassing TV ad campaigns, no matter how interesting they are. An ad campaign is never viewed with interest and is just considered as another commercial break to grab some snack or do a household job like arranging magazines, or preparing for the dinner.

The story is altogether different when we talk about the online scenario. A video advertisement that touches a heart, ought to be shared again and again on the web. Just keep in mind the above mentioned sharing triggers that can make your brand video more sharable and watchable.