How Much Traffic Does It Takes To Have A Profitable Blog?

How much my blog is worth? Is it doing okay than others or still it requires something more? These questions are the most worrying one to most of the online marketers, and especially this one “how much traffic does it take to have a profitable blog?” Right here we are going to discuss all these worrying questions by taking quick and easy look.

Why This Question Does Not Have A Definite Answer?

If you are searching your answers or solutions for this question on the Internet, then it might be possible that you will not get a fruitful reply. Since it is not an easy question to answer and it again varies upon many things and factors.

Being profitable means something different to different individuals, for someone profit making may be anything over the cost of hosting and other blogging efforts that repays. Whereas for someone else, it means just earning a good amount that acts as an extra income. The truth is a blog is a super-hit for all sorts of reasons and there is “NOT” one size rule that fits all.

What Is More Important Quantity or Quality?

Many believe that to succeed with making money online, your blog just has to be visited by hundreds and thousands of viewers every day. True!! Getting traffic is certainly beneficial, but does it guarantee you that it will generate money for you?

The key to make money with a blog is based on the rate of successful conversion that takes place when viewers visit the place. There is no benefit of having thousands of hits every month if those viewers are not positively converting.

Where Your Blog Is Lacking?

Knowing this would let you help to work exactly to fill in the gaps about where your blog lacks. Listing down the points will save your time and allows you to work precisely on that.

  • No or less effective marketing strategies
  • Doesn’t know which audience to target
  • Boring content
  • No online visibility

So How Much Traffic Is Enough Traffic Or Is A Lot Of Traffic?

It is a favourite question and no matter what number you say well it doesn’t matter. So we make it this way the more the merrier. To be precise it depends upon the content and the products/services within that you are targeting.  If you are getting 80 hungry viewers each day than that it is what net profit – instant cash.

An important point besides you would like to bear in mind is “Getting lot of traffic” is what the value you are offering, whether you get 5 viewers or 50 they will not care if you don’t provide them the solution they are looking for.

Have a glance at below mentioned tips to draw the profitable traffic to your blog

  • Paying attention to your audience
  • Focusing on residual traffic
  • Writing on the correct niche
  • Rather focusing big from start, start small
  • Test your marketing strategy and make changes
  • Taking help of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites

Traffic is the soul and blood of your online business; you are only then able to generate a generous amount of traffic when above factors only come into play.