All You Need To Know about Hosted PBX Phone System

The phone call is the first and foremost important requirement for starting any business. It plays crucial role as mode of contact between business owner and potential customers.

It is needless to say that authentic PBX system is truly essential for many instances of today’s business.

Besides the advancement of technology all systems become digitalized from simple analogue. So choosing right kind of phone systems is not easy rather difficult.

Basic Functions

Hosted PBX Phone System is a sophisticated telecommunication system which enhances the business status.

It helps to provide transparent communication service among clients/customers and owners.

This facility helps to rout all incoming calls to any phone numbers including residence and mobile phone.

Still due to some significant basic functions, this service is increasing its popularity day by day.

  • Provide extensions facility through a single connection to multiple sections.
  • Convey a Greeting for special occasion.
  • This Phone System has lots of options under menu bar.
  • Administer calls via ACD (Automatic Call Distribution).
  • Erase monotony by playing music on hold.
  • Provide Voice Message facility.
  • Include call transferring benefit.
  • Good source of real time call management and employee extension’s directory.

Different PBX Phone Systems

There are numerous kinds of PBX phone systems. Although Grandstream IP PBX is one great option to choose it is quite obvious that there will be some basic differences among Analogue PBX, VoIP/IP PBX and Hosted PBX System.

Let’s have a look.

Analogue PBX: The analogue PBX was to be installed in business premises physically. It was time consuming and on the other hand costly. But it still doesn’t provide multiple lines instead of ISDN lines.

VoIP/IP PBX: This PBX system provides voice and video through data connection. This voice message facilitates cost saving for not crossing long miles.

Hosted PBX: As telecommunication is advanced traditional PBX becomes obsolete. In that case hosted pbx phone system has brought new features with new plug in to download multiple applications for the web browser.

In this system telecom provider maintains and operates the exchange box virtually. Lastly this PBX system doesn’t require any in-house device to run hardware. is one of the most reliable and trustworthy place to shop for various Grandstream Telephone System online. You can check them out if you want to buy few for your business in Oman or Muscat.