Impact of SEO after Google Penguin Update on Online Businesses

Latest SEO after Penguin update from Google has greatly changed the ambiance of internet marketing.

Article writers are forced to get rid of the old techniques used to help websites or web pages climb top of search engine page results. It has also closed down many link building sites that helped getting other websites to the top of Google page ranking.

One of the popular sites is BuildMyRank (BMR), which were used as the first choice to find the required elements in order to get a website first on Google page ranking. The changes caused to close BMR down have come as a surprise to many.

The sudden closedown of BMR has made a chain reaction to other businesses, particularly the ones whose services are largely lying in writing SEO articles.

Google Penguin

It is an algorithm update by Google, Inc. Google Penguin update aims to even out the playing field of websites in search engines. This update was announced on April 24, 2012 and from the time it went live, it instantly made babbles in the online community.

Google Penguin is a forerunner to Google Panda that was brought out in February 2011. Google penguin update has affected those numerous websites that proceeded against the guidelines of Google. There were lots of websites ranked top on search engines by using black hat SEO techniques, and this supplied search engine pages open to irrelevant data.

Black Hat SEO techniques include stuffing in keywords, participation in link schemes, deliberately making duplicate contents, dissembling and others. The black hat SEO techniques caused problems to clients, especially to those who wanted some additional data about particular websites. The website in the top page ranking does not necessarily cater to clients’ requirements.

This has made big problem to websites offering right services and relevant data to clients as they are overshadowed by other websites. With Google SEO after Penguin update, black hat SEO websites were punished by being poorly rated in the rankings. This gave way for genuine websites that provide relevant data and services to rate top in rankings.

Google Penguin update statistics

As per Google estimate, around 3% queries in Chinese, English, German and Arabic languages were affected along with other language that are more prone to be spammed.

When Penguin 1.1 version was released, another update on May 25, 2012, about 0.1% of English searches was affected.

Great results of Google Penguin

Google Penguin has blocked the operations of businesses that used back hat SEO techniques and are dependent with links provided by systems such as BMR. And other Black hat users.

SEO article writers looked for new ways or alternatives to again exploit Google Penguin update to their favor. But, Google has strictly guarded the elements that are used in their latest update in order to protect it from abuse.

The good news is that writers and web owners now turn to white hat SEO, which is more reliable and profitable in nature. White hat SEO is used to educate a website’s clients or its readers. The SEO after Penguin has added a positive change in the landscape of internet marketing.

The winners of this update are the writers, website owners or moderators who excellently work to provide best quality content and also the site visitors who browse the internet to get reliable data or services to address their requirements.