Google Page Rank Update April 2011


Oh yes!

I was waiting for this for long time. Now, looks like Google have considered my site and re-ranked it well. New Google Page Rank update April 2011 has certainly bought me the happiness that I was lacking. Cannot wait to share my happiness with my friends, my blog has finally not Page Ranked “0”. It has jumped up 2 Page ranks and I am extremely happy about it.

You all know what page rank means to all of us. Although it does not play a big role in search indexing and SERP rankings, it is still a valuable method by which most of the advertisers and bloggers judge the importance and health of a website. Page rank is still a valuable thing when you are selling your blog ad space or link spots. No doubt you can get better advertisers if you have a better page rank.


My real concern is not to get high prices for my link spots or ad spaces. As this is the real shit thing that made my blog to suffer from long time. Instead my real concern is to get better rankings in search engines and to get more readers so that I can reach out to maximum number of bloggers and can help them in their article writing, article marketing, SEO and link building campaigns.

I know most of you bloggers are still waiting for getting a good page rank. But I can only recommend that keep your website clean and work hard, you will achieve it in near future.

Hoping for your success…


9 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Update April 2011

    1. Keep trying hard asish and update your blog regularly keeping a close eye over your niche. You will soon get it.

  1. Anyone here knows when will be the next Google page rank update. In recent years, Google usually had their update during April, August and December.

    Their is no Google update until now. Does anyone here know why a sudden change in their schedule?

    1. It actually took me lots of efforts and months until i see this. Its a long story and how i switched from blogger to wordpress and how my rank dropped down and how i got it back. Anyways thanks, Jimmy for reading my blog.

  2. I’m using Firefox and there is an addon installed on the toolbar so I know what page rank a web page has! However, as I did not take note the last time Google updated their PR so I do not know!

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