Factors That Affects Visitors Volume for a Website

Getting increased number of visitors is the most important goal of any SEO strategies that most business owners employ on their website. If you want to grow your online business, then you must have to drive new and targeted visitors towards your website. An increment in the number of unique visitors to your website every month is a good sign of effective SEO campaign.

This indicates that your SEO campaign positions your websites in the right place with the appropriate keywords for the right people. But, can you say how many new visitors are required for your website as well as for justifying SEO campaign? Well, it depends on a number of elements.

Business size

The number of visitors that your website should get depends on the number of customers/clients that your business needs to become successful in the respective field. For example, an international company can’t survive with a few thousands of visitors every month.

It might have tens of thousands of visitors clicking the site every month to justify their SEO campaign and to help increase their business. To the contrary, a fast food shop could work with a few hundred visitors every month. It doesn’t need tens of thousands of visitors to develop the business.

Level of competition

Competition has vital role in determining the amount of combat that you need to make in order to get each single visitor to your website. For example, there are lots of SEO companies and individual consultants working in the market and competing with each other to earn the attention of same client. Each one needs to work harder to make his/her website excel in the crowd and get visitors for company website.

To the contrary, if you work in a particular area where the competition level is less; it might be your website and a few other sites vying for targeted traffic. However, your website will have more potential to get good amount of visitors as there are minimum options to choose from.

Anyway, you must remember that competition level is also depending on the search volume. If you work in a highly specialized area, then there may be chances that your keywords are not getting the same search volume that ‘SEO’ does every month.

Brand identity

As mentioned earlier, the fast food shop has customers in a few square miles of its physical location. The shop does not want visitors from 3 towns over finding the shop because their probability of becoming customer is too slow.  The fast food shop would never market their business through any newspaper advertisement, which doesn’t reach to people out of their physical location.

To the contrary, that international company is a global brand that will want to draw attention of visitors from England, US, Canada, Germany, France and a large number of other countries. It needs a much larger pool of visitors to attract than the fast food shop.

To conclude, the number of unique visitors that your site should get depends on your business. There are companies having 3,000 visitors each month and others that have 30,000. This does not mean the first company’s SEO campaign is less successful. If 3,000 visitors make sense for the website as well as the industry, then the company has everything on the right track.