Expect the best from Samsung Galaxy S7


The record setter smartphone of the 2016 is already leaked in the rumors; yes we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7, which would come after a year from now. And the leaked specifications and features and really great and impressive.

If you remember, last year Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5 in the same month February 2014 and now Samsung is revealing the Galaxy S6 very soon. Well, it’s the right time to discover the Galaxy S6 rather than the Galaxy S7, so let’s discuss little about the Galaxy S6 first. In the Galaxy S5 we saw many amazing new apps integration for example, Samsung wanted to S5 should provide capabilities for quite important health such as heart rate sensor that works perfectly from S Health, which allow you to go to your friends by measuring how many beats per minute giving his heart. Here longer depends if you are a user who often do sports because it is a feature with which the Korean company wants to offer something more to S5. And yes, you understand the connection the same sensor would come in the next Galaxy smartphone.

In the previous Galaxy smartphone, pedometer perfectly fulfills its function and characteristic of exercise that follows the rules set by other. Perfect for users who often care line and like to do daily sports supplement. Yes, it’s interesting your Galaxy smartphone is taking care of you and the good news is the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be more advanced to calculate these stats for your health.

One of the characteristics by which Samsung has managed to sell its product to provide more security if it fits our phone is the fingerprint sensor, but at the moment truth, may go unnoticed by users. It works fairly well, and does not reach the height of the iPhone itself. In the Galaxy S5 too, we can make fingerprint lock, verify Samsung account and even pay with PayPal. You have to first register your fingerprint, with a series of successive scans until you have registered your fingerprint. Here you will have to have patience and know how to find the exact position of your finger to make the process as quickly as possible. Apart from recording the fingerprint, you also indicate your deposit password if anything footprint gives you problems. And let’s hope Samsung would fix this issue and in the Galaxy S6 this sensor would work quicker.

Battery Saving mode that will show the expected waiting time calculated based on test results timeout carried by the phone itself. You need at least 15 seconds to change all parameters to enter the Ultra saving mode in S5 and you can make a difference in battery consumption if you need to extend the life of it. And in the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung showed us that how a battery could be charged faster, so the combination technology would take the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 to the next generation smartphones.