Easiest Ways for Getting Link Popularity for Blogging Business

Link building or Link Popularity is a best method to prove your credible online presence. If you want to gain more exposure and more web presence, you need to study very effective ways of link building strategies that help you in getting success in your blogging business.

In these tight market conditions, where every single cent is valuable for you, you want best and effective methods that are free for building your Google backlinks. Especially if you own your own online business which is small or medium scale, you need better SEO backlinks and better link building strategies for your blogging business, to get more exposure.

Here are some of the easiest ways of getting link popularity with free backlinks, which will expand your SEO backlinks and help you in getting better rankings.

Develop Unique Content worth Reading

Developing unique content is always one of the best methods of getting better link popularity by free methods. Nobody wants to link with the web page which is not worth reading or which is not worth sharing.

People automatically share your web page with their friends, if you develop the unique content which is worth reading and useful. Once you have developed great content, gaining links from various trusted or authoritative sources will be a lot easier for you.

Try out Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking is another greatest and easiest ways of getting Link Popularity. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble, Delicious, etc. are available for sharing and bookmarking useful content which is eventually ranked high by the search engines according to their popularity.

Today most of the search engines crawls the sites by their link popularity on these social networking and social bookmarking sites. Spreading the word about your site and online business blog, will truly ensure in getting free backlinks for your blogs.

Post Comments on Various Relevant Blogs Regularly

Posting of useful and nice comments is also a better and easy means of getting link popularity in less time. Most of the bloggers allows commenting on their blogs freely. This attracts more and more visitors to their blogs which enables these visitors in getting free link popularity.

You should target the blogs that are relevant in your category and post some of the nice comment regularly. Make sure that you have something informative to share with your fellow bloggers while commenting. This ensures your comment for getting approval as many of the comments get unapproved due to spreading spam commenting.

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories is one of the best methods used. There are several link directories and article directories that accept your link and articles for free. These SEO friendly directories provide you with free one way backlinks that have much importance and effectiveness in search engine rankings. These are today the best method for getting perfect Google backlinks for your business site and online business blogs.

Directory submission is one of the best Link building techniques that can be done on your own or by hiring some experts. The most important condition is that it should be done manually and not automatically. As various SEO directory submissions service makes the submission auto, you should avoid using them as it can penalize your blogs.

If you are looking for best directory submission service, you should hire a directory submission service, which helps you in getting effective link popularity for your business blogs. These are experts in their fields. Directory Maxi miser is one of the greatest services that I found effective. They help manual web directory submission and help gaining Link Popularity fast for your business. You should try out their services to ensure the benefits they provide you.

Don’t forget to download a FREE E-BOOK on Directory submissions and know about A-Z of Directory submission at the right corner of this site. This explains all the benefits of directory submission in detail and a step by step process which are involved and should be focused on while doing directory submission.

These all methods are free ways of getting link popularity and increase your SEO back links. This also directly helps in increasing your site traffic. Also you will get better search engine rankings and search traffic, together with all these methods.

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  1. Every webmaster knows that in order for a website to succeed in a very competitive market place, the site needs some links from the sites having high PageRank value, because one of the most important factors for search engines to determine whose site will be listed onthe top is the site’s PageRank.

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