Does Technology have a Strong Second Hand Value?

You could easily argue that technological products are no different to motor cars or double glazed windows when it comes to resale value, but would that argument carry a grain of truth?

Some of the world’s most iconic technological products such as the iPad and the iPhone are in high demand and there isn’t an awful lot of competition. If you compare those two products with a Ford Fiesta you will find that there are a lot more alternatives with a similar specification to the Fiesta in the second hand motor car trade than there are with say, the iPad.

English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case
English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you therefore were in a position where you decide to sell your iPad, it’s only logical to assume that you will get a better pro-rata return for it than you would for a car. Too much competition brings prices down.

One way to find out about your expected cash return on your iPad is to fill out a simple form at one of the trusted buyers of technological equipment and find out what they will pay you. You could also consider eBay by looking at a number of the same products which you are interested in selling. The more sales that you see go through the more accurate will be your pricing.

The trouble with some online auction services is the amount of dishonourable cheats who are rampantly using and abusing this site. It’s all very well getting a high bid for your item, but will you actually get paid?

Disputes such as these are a daily occurrence and some people believe that crooks use it all the time and appear and disappear in the guise of buyers or sellers with ease. These crooks can easily trump up a massive 100% record by buying themselves extremely cheap safe items. Then they hit you with the big one and simply vanish with your iPad or another expensive device.

Dealing with a trusted buyer when selling your iPad, iPhone, and so on, is more than likely to be your safest option. Technology does command good second hand prices as long as the product is in demand. Right now is, for example, a good time to sell your iPad for a few reasons.

Apple’s iPad is extremely popular at present and the competition is lagging behind. Although having said this you can expect Microsoft to make up some ground in the coming years. When the market place is diluted with more viable alternatives, this is the time when the second hand prices go down. For the iPad at least, that time has not yet come, but it surely will.

The iPad has been a bit of an unexpected success story for Apple and it seems hard to believe that Microsoft let them have a near three-year head start. The iPad does however stand out above all the other Apple products, bar the iPhone, which has an exceptional second hand value due to unexpected popularity and lack of competition.