Dedicated Servers Can Make You Feel The Difference…

One needs to avail the right web hosting services to keep his web-based activities in the running state and ensure that the users do not face any problem.

A dedicated server can serve this purpose and solve all the problems that a shared server can cause you.

The first thing that comes into our mind while thinking of dedicated servers is reliability. These servers are much more reliable than the other alternatives and you do not need to worry about other websites using up the bandwidth, leaving you with little to serve your purposes. You can stream videos at ease, without even thinking about the cost.

At the same time, you can also connect a number of devices using ports and use as much data as required.

Hosting game servers also becomes easy with dedicated hosting.

For getting access to these servers you can contact a web host provider like Psychz that will help you meet all your requirements along with providing the following facilities:

In case of the ddos protected dedicated servers you will also be offered protection against the DDOS attacks. DDOS attacks, as most of you might know, are the ones where multiple number of computers that are used for flooding a target resource.

The can be of various types like traffic, bandwidth and application attacks but Psychz will definitely offer you the necessary protection against each of them. It has different packages with different exciting offers with respect to DDOS protection. For instance, you may get 2Gbps protection for free and this will be effective against attacks of 500Gbps.

Also, since Psychz aims at maintaining a private network, you do not have chances of paying others’ bills. You just need to be concerned about your own requirements. Besides being a secure platform, it is thus quite budget-friendly too.

The best thing about Psychz is that it not only offers protection against the attacks but also lets you analyse the DDOS attacks. There are a number of servers that will guard you against DDOS but will do nothing for analysis or You can view the details of these attacks based on the time and draw conclusions on the basis of it as to the source of attacks and destination IPs. Identifying these will help you to take necessary actions as to blocking the sites that may be the reason for the attacks. It is even possible to get informed about the attacks when they actually occur for a better understanding!

So, if you are in search of good quality Los Angeles dedicated servers, there’s no reason to look any further. Psychz, with its center based on Los Angeles can provide you the right solution. Besides, there are Dallas, Ashburn, London and Amsterdam locations too, for those who are looking for dedicated hosting services in the other parts of the country.

It is needless to say that dedicated servers can bring you a number of advantages. So, choose Psychz and feel the difference yourself!