How Cloud Calling and Video Conferencing Makes Your Business Communication Better?

Cloud calling is all about making your business communication processes leaner and letting you concentrate on your core competencies. Cloud communication system is the latest technology to hit the market and business owners love every bit of it.

This new technology facilitates seamless communication across different communication channels. At the same time it allows the users to make the most of cloud telephony by letting them make call or video conferencing.

On premise telephone systems are a passé and the latest way to pep up your business communication system is to opt for the cloud telephony system.

What Is A Cloud Telephone System and Why Its Getting Popular?

We must first learn about the Cloud telephone system before trying to learn about its benefits and features. Cloud telephone systems is a natural extension of the cloud computing system, which facilitate easy use of advanced cloud based technologies by laymen.

Cloud telephony is all about using virtualization where the underlying technology is masked with an easy to use interface.

Virtualization keeps a general user away from dealing with the complex underlying technology and instead just focus on the communication part.

Thus, users will be able to leverage all the tools provided by the cloud telephony system without having to keep tab on the servers, PBX system or trunk dialing hosted on the cloud. The only prerequisite to using the cloud telephony system is to plug a compatible telephony device with the network.

Cloud telephony system packs in a lot of advanced telephony features that come absolutely free with the subscription.

The same features when made available through other telephony systems carry huge charges. One can expect to enjoy features that include but not limited to call routing, skill-based call routing, one click call, Automatic Call Distribution, auto responders, Presence and video/audio conferencing.

Thus, business communication in an organization is definitely going to be enhanced by migrating to the latest cloud telephony.

Several advantages come piggy backing with the cloud telephony system and business owners can expect to enhance their business communication by making optimum use of it.

Advantages of Cloud Communication (Calling and Video Conferencing)

Here is a list of some of the obvious advantages of switching to the latest cloud telephony:

Low operational costs On premise telephony carry high installation and operational costs whereas cloud telephony helps in cutting down costs.

Neither do you have to worry about servers, equipment, computers, cooling towers etc. nor do you have to worry about their maintenance.

You will also be saved from the insurance related expenses that often have to be included while maintaining an on-premise telephony system.

All your capital expenditure can be turned into operational expenditure and you will be able to route the money for other vital business activity.

Higher mobility – Cloud telephony systems like cloud video conferencing system Dubai allows you to go mobile and you can plug in any of your mobile device to make or receive calls.

Irrespective of your location, you will be able to connect to your secured telephony network and start using it. Thus, you can maintain a seamless communication with your employees as well as clients.

Paint your business as a customer-friendly organization – Image is everything for a business enterprise and you have to make your organization customer-friendly. This obviously requires a lot of capital push, which obviously can be cut down by migrating to the cloud telephony system.

With the help of cloud telephony you can manage your customer calls in a much efficient and effective manner.

Efficient lead management – Cloud telephony usage culminates into efficient lead management by integrating CRM system with the telephony system.

Thus, all the business leads can be managed without any hassles. Managers will be able to able to avail real time data on prospects and convert them into sales.

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