Can I Recover from Penguin and Panda or Should I Start New Blog


This is most probably a question which is scratching the minds of professional bloggers and online business owners. We have seen tough time where Big G has made the things, gone upside down.

Where most of the online business owners had seen a downside of their online business, many professional bloggers are turning down their low quality blogs and are concentrating more on higher authority websites and blogs that gives value to the users.

Recovering from Panda was made possible for many website owners but recovering from Penguin seems to be quite difficult. And in the event more and more people are now thinking to start a New Blog and Start Fresh with a New Website. But do you actually think that this is a solution to the problem.

No! Not so, as far as I think.

Starting fresh with your old site can also do wonders if you are capable of identifying the problems and the mistakes you have made (according to G). If you can look at your link profile and can judge what has gone wrong and how you can recover from it, I believe you are very near to recovering from penguin update.

Recovering from Penguin Penalty – Is It Possible

Start collecting all the details about your baclinking patterns and try to balance them by making newer backlinks that are more authoritative and powerful for your brand.

I agree that not many people think, they can recover from Penguin. But I truly believe that if you can make the changes and can judge what is best for you NOW, you can recover from it and beat the Animals such as Panda and Penguin.

Starting a new website cannot be always profitable as you need lots and lots of time, efforts as well as money which you had invested before. But trying to make the changes can still help you recover from the Penguin.

  • Create and add more interesting & useful pages to your blog and get them indexed.
  • Try to get backlinks with the help of guest posting at other fellow bloggers (that are high Page Ranked).
  • Say good bye to spinners and software for content creation. Instead try adding unique and quality content (manually written) to all the pages you use for marketing.

And when you have done this all, you are ready for getting recovered from the penalty. The only thing that is required is to start and wait for getting the profitable results which may be profitable for all.