Buffalo LinkStation Review: 3 Best Network Attached Storage Devices

Finding a better storage device for your home or office is made much easy. You have huge devices which can keep your files safe, secure and easily accessible.

Yes, Network attached storage devices are the greatest trend now. Among the various network storage devices Buffalo LinkStation is one of the latest network attached storage devices which is chosen by many to maintain safe and reliable storage backup for business and office needs.

Highly efficient Buffalo LinkStation devices are mainly preferred due to its high benefits and advantages.

One of the major benefits is that, with the help of this network attached storage devices you can easily share files and back numerous PC’s into your home network.

No doubt, Buffalo LinkStation is now one of the best storage and back up devices now available in the market.

What Is A NAS System?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage devices. It is nothing but a computer data storage device which helps to secure and share your files easily to various computers.

In short it can also be called as a file server. Now most people prefer this device due to its fastness in accessing data and they are even much easy to operate.

NAS systems usually possess more than one hard drives. The best part is that NAS has its own network address.

Choosing NAS will reduce half of your tension and work of storing files and data safely. NAS is used in case where you want to share your files to more than one computer or laptops.

Here the NAS router is connected to a wireless router and this will help you to share the stored data to various computers. By using the network storage device you can really speed up the sharing process much easily. Whether it’s for your home or office NAS can offers the best performance in saving and sharing files.

Types of Network Attached Storage

If you are looking for a device which can speed up your sharing process NAS will be the best. NAS are available in different types at different costs. You can find different types of NAS that suite different purpose. Some of the different types of NAS are

  • Enterprise NAS Storage
  • Consumer Level NAS
  • Small Business Level NAS

NAS usually possess more than one drives in which you can easily implement RAID (Redundant Array of Independent / Inexpensive Disks). Due to the availability of various types of NAS you have high options while choosing an NAS for your purpose.

Why Does One Need To Use Network Attached Storage Device At Home?

There are many who are using NAS for home and office. One of the major reason is it makes your sharing process much simple and much fast. If you have an office setup at home and if you require sharing files frequently NAS will be the most apt choice for you.

NAS is not only applicable in case of files or documents instead it can also be used to save and share music, videos and much more for high quality entertainment at your home.

For installing NAS you need a network router to set up the LAN (local area network). This router will be connected to your Ethernet connection with a wire.

The best part is that, now some of the top class models possess inbuilt Wi-Fi. Buffalo LinkStation is one of the top quality NAS which is suitable for multiple applications at a time.

Most of the users who are using NAS are mainly for the backup purpose. One of the major advantages of NAS is that, you can much easily share and save contents from Macs and PCs.

Nowadays most NAS devices possess the backup software. If you want to maintain your business in the mot organized way NAS is the best.

Why Buffalo LinkStation for Storage?

Buffalo’s LinkStation NAS network storage devices are perfect for PCs and Mac computers backups on your network. At the same time you can also share your music and video files much quickly.

Some of the attractive characteristics of Buffalo are they are much light weight, much high in performance, posses the most advanced data securing technologies, supports DLNA media streaming and much more.

One of the major features is that Buffalo LinkStation has huge varieties of NAS to offer different users that can meet different purposes. The web access technology of Buffalo is much renowned and can make your Photo sharing much easy.

3 Best Network Attached Storage Buffalo Devices

Among the various types of Buffalo Linkstations the top three which offer high performance and capacity are Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo, Buffalo Link Station Live, and Buffalo LinkStation Pro. Each model has its own unique specialties which make it special.

Buffalo Link Station has tried to bring-in some of the most advanced features which is very essential for a quality NAS. Let us know more about the most advanced storage devices which can really help to speed up your works.

1- Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo offers high end performance with its 1.6GHz CPU. Well, about the quality features helps in quick sharing, DLNA and also offer time machine support for Mac. This device is a two-bay NAS box with a single USB port.

About the operating system it is much systematic and well organized. When you compare this device with the other devices the best feature is it is one of the best affordable storage device which possess huge productive software features.

2- Buffalo Linkstation Live

Buffalo Linkstation Live is a 1-Drive network storage device which possess the latest technologies which making you’re sharing, protecting features more powerful and fast. Some of the attractions are it is just a perfect device for stream media as it is DLNA certified. Buffalo Linkstation Live offers the most advanced centralized storage with terabytes.

It helps you to save access and share the files or documents from any location you want. One of the best attractions of Buffalo Linkstation Live is that it supports Nova BACKUP® Professional which is just perfect for simple scheduled backups. Buffalo LinkStation Live runs on the Linkstation NAS system which will make your process more simple and fast.

3- Buffalo LinkStation Pro

Buffalo LinkStation Pro is a 1-drive top performance network storage device that offers high backup for Mac and PC. As like the Buffalo Linkstation Live the LinkStation Pro also offers high performance in sharing data and file. It uses the LinkStation NAS system which is best for secure backups.

Well Buffalo LinkStation Pro is also DLNA certified which can be used as iTunes® server and so it can used to stream your favourite music or videos to various devices much quickly. One of the major feature which keeps Buffalo LinkStation Pro special is it offers outstanding performance 1.6 GHz processor and a RAM of DDR3. This device offers you a transferring speed of about 76 MB/s.

All the three Buffalo LinkStation offers high performance and backup which can be used for office, home or your business purposes.

These are priced differently according to their storage which comes as 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and may be more. No doubt, Buffalo Linkstation NAS can help to keep your files, documents or even your favourite music file safe and easily accessible.

Things to Check before Choosing A Best NAS Device?

If you are going to shop the NAS then you would first need to know more about it so that you can know its possibilities and functionalities and the selection of the NAS device should be based on research. You would need to check various facilities and features of the device before deciding to purchase it.

And of course, this could be hard thing to do if you will start the research from the beginning. So here I am sharing with you some useful tips that helps in choosing the best NAS device.

Ease to use: Possibly you might think that there is no such thing as easy to use in the NAS device but that is an outdated thing now. If you will do research properly and if you will see the features of the device properly then you would be able to decide which device is more easy to use and which device is complicated one for your use.

Remote Access: The device should be able to give you convenient remote access to all your files because the advanced features of NAS device are all about the additional convenience so prefer the advanced functionality rather than low cost old features.

Sharing Files: When you buy a new device you should check that the device enables you in sharing your files with the family, friends and with anyone you want. The sharing on Facebook, twitter via other online photo sharing websites should also be the integrated feature of your device.

Certification: NAS device certification of DLNA is most important thing to consider. You should consider it most important thing to see in your device because it will ensure the trustworthiness and good quality of the device.

Backup: The NAS device should provide you the feature of pleasant and convenient automatic or manual backup of all or any computer or device in your entire home network. You should check this function in detail to see its limits and additional functionalities etc.

Storage Capacity: This can also be the important point to check because when you will take the backup of multiple computers on your network then you would certainly require a big hard drive so make sure that you choose the biggest and most suitable hard drive according to your requirement.

Adding Storage Capacity: When you are keeping the files of multiple computers then you might require more and more space everyday so it is necessary that you check whether the NAS device is offering convenient and suitable addition of additional storage capacity or not.

This will help you to increase your device storage space whenever needed.

Reliability checks: The attractive features of the NAS device are not all that you need to check. You would also need to check the trustworthiness of specific device and for this purpose; you would need to do little research to find what other people say about it.

If you find any negative feedback or comment about specific selected NAS device then it is better to try another one for your requirement.