Benefits of Virtual Offices for Your Business

One of the biggest operational costs for a budding or a small business is that of the office space. Rent, utilities, office supplies and electronic infrastructure can punch a big hole in the wallet of a growing business. But a small business can take advantage of virtual offices. There are several benefits that such a company can gain from using virtual offices.

Benefits for Remote Workers

The following are the benefits of a virtual office for telecommuting workers.

  1. There is no commute time, and this is a major advantage for somebody who works from home compared to working in an office. You may spend two to three hours preparing for work and traveling to the office. But this time can now be spent working, and it will produce an increased productivity, and the employees will be more focused.
  2. Employees will quickly become more active. Research in an Australian university showed that sitting at your desk for many hours increases your risk of death by over 40 percent in the next three years despite other activities you are doing. But with a virtual office, your employees will move about more freely because they are not held captive at an office desk every day.
  3. The flexibility of working hours provides an opportunity to do activities that the employee will otherwise have to use a vacation to do. If you want to attend your kid’s graduation, it is no big deal because you will make up for the time later. And if you would like to have a workout at lunchtime, there is no problem because you have a shower in your house.

Benefits for Your Business

There are many gains to your business for employees being allowed to telecommute.

  1. You have access to global talent that does not need you to pay relocation fees. If you have a client in a different country and you need somebody to be there once a week, it is no hassle. If you have a virtual office, you can hire someone there who works on that time zone to automate video conferencing.
  2. There are no utility payments, office lease, no hardware, and every other cost associated with having a brick and mortar office space. All savings you make by avoiding these costs can help to improve your profit margin and allow you to invest more in your employees.
  3. You can make savings on technology. As much as “bring your own technology” (BYOT) started in schools, and it has been quickly adopted in the business world. Remote working allows your employees to have their preferred technology, and they can upgrade it at their convenience. While there are a few concerns about cyber risks with not having technology provided by the company, these can be managed easily using password tools, employee training, and monitoring.
  4. When you cease to monitor when people arrive at work and when they leave and begin to establish specific goals, you will realize an increase in productivity immediately. If your employees meet or exceed their targets, they will keep their jobs. But if they don’t, you will quickly see that and you can weed them out.

Virtual offices can provide your business with many benefits that will help you save in costs associated with running a brick and mortar office. If you need virtual office services, you can get them from providers such as