All New iPhone 5S – A Summary of the Improved Features


The iPhone 5 is a great piece of engineering, the best one in the family. Just like the history of iPhone, as soon as the iPhone 5 was launched, rumours of the improved successor started to make rounds of the market.

Everyone is waiting eagerly for the iPhone 5S that will succeed even the iPhone 5, the best creation so far in the history of smart phones by Apple. There are so many speculations about its launch date and its improved features and looks everything has been a major concern of the tech lovers. Here is a brief account on the iPhone 5S that we have come to know so far.

New iPhone 5S

The looks

Just like the previous generations of iPhone, it is expected that this new one will also have a similar look just like the iPhone 5, from where it gets its name the iPhone 5S. The covering and the feather light aluminum casing might see a bit of improvement in the next model, but the screen size and the major aspects of the handset are going to remain the same.

More powerful processor

This is most expected that the new handset to be launched will have even more powerful processor than its last predecessor. Most probably it will carry a quad-core A7 processor.

Fingerprint chip

Security has always been a major issue in the tech world. It is most expected that Apple will improve on this aspect with their new launch. The iPhone 5S is expected to come with a finger print chip that will demolish the use of present four numbered log in system. The fingerprint chip under the home button will improve the security to a great extent.

Improvement on the camera

The quality of the camera in the iPhone 5 is well improved and has received only the best comments from the critics, but it is speculated by certain experts that the camera of this new gadget will have some more advanced options.