All about Cydia Download

If you are an iPhone user then Cydia is definitely not a new term to you.

This app is available for iPhone users and helps to find and install software packages on your phone. In most cases, this app will be of use when you have jail broken any iOS devices.

What is Jail breaking?

Jail breaking is a common term used when it comes to hacking some other iOS device.

With jail breaking you get an entire access to complete files and folders of another user and also software that runs on these iOS devices.

There are also various questions posed whether jail breaking is actually a safe option and if there are any other complications when it comes to jail breaking your own device.

The answer to this question is that jail breaking is actually safe if good care and safe procedure is used while jail breaking your device.

Benefits of Jail breaking

  • Jail breaking on a positive sense could mean finding alternate measure to install software to your iOS device which might otherwise not be possible
  • Access to free and paid apps without paying for the same
  • Customize your iOS device with your favorite themes and design which might not be possible to download in normal cases
  • Configure the way your iOS device appears

Cons of Jail breaking

  • Cost battery and life of iOS devices making device slow and vulnerable
  • Standards are compromised and is against manufacture law
  • Cydia download is almost easy for anyone who can handle the apps and tech savvy who loves to explore and experiment with current apps in their iOS device.

Cydia and its History

Cydia is a mobile app that was developed by Jay Freeman to download various apps mostly on jailbroken devices. provides complete update on new apps and other themes that can be downloaded to iOS devices.

The most beneficial aspect of Cydia installer is that it helps you in finding an installing apps and other software which might otherwise not be possible to use through your iPhone store.

The packages that you select are directly downloaded to your device and stored in the same location as that of an official Apple product.

Cydia download can be accessed after a complete successful and partly successful jail break of your device. But one important thing to notice here is that an iOS user cannot download Cydia or enjoy its benefits without jail breaking your current device.

Now Cydia installer is available for devices with configuration up to 11.1 versions.

Other than access to unauthorized or paid software packages, Cydia download also helps you with various other benefits.

Some of the benefits you get with Cydia installer in your device are free access to new emojis, varied improvements and instant bug fixing method with each updated version and benefits of downloading and using more than thousand varieties of apps.

Although Cydia works only if you have made a successful jail break attempt, an important question here is to ensure or check your device compatibility before going ahead with jail breaking.