What are The Advantages of Blogging Daily

You know that there are huge advantages of Blogging but if you know and realize the advantages of blogging daily, you can surely start your own blog and make money blogging, in very less time.

However quality of articles you post on your blog is much more important than the number of articles, the good is the number of quality posts better will be your rankings in the search engines. Thus it is very true that Frequency of blogging is the most essential thing when it comes to blogging.

As far as I am concerned I can’t post daily because of lack of time. But I recommend to my friend pro bloggers to blog daily and in any way try to add some new and latest stuffs at least five to six times a week. Each time you post a unique article it’s like feeding the search engine with results.

Indexing your blogs’ content in the Google search engines is the main factor which decides your blogs’ future and if the Google bot loves your site’s content then it might visit your site often and recommend it to others.

Google bot is basically the Search Engine spider that Google uses to crawl your pages frequently. And if you blog daily and update your content daily the Google bot will visit your site daily to inform the people that you have something new to share via your blog. This is the biggest advantage of blogging daily.

With blogging daily you also build a strong reputation among the readers present online and you win their faith. These readers when frequently comes to your blog to read your useful content and your updated content, may turn into the potential customers for you for which you are actually looking for. This helps you greatly to make money blogging from your blog.

Besides these advantages, Blogging daily will also help much in getting a good Page Rank gradually. As Page rank of your site is indirectly dependent on the number and quality of posts you post daily and might go up based on your content you post, blogging daily will surely help you to achieve good page rank in very less time. As your Page Rank grows there is growth in the more positive search results and in turn you get more and more visitors and more and more earning revenues.

From my experience a site with good content and getting page views around 10,000 per day can easily get 50 – 100$ per day. So it’s true that if you want to earn money through blogging daily while at sleep, you should blog daily.

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  1. I'd love to blog daily but like you I don't have the time. I also obsess over the quality, especially since many of my blogspot posts are tutorial — requires lots of organization and sometimes images to have the article make sense.

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