Hello Friends, This is a personal blog written, edited and owned by Prav Garg. The blog was started in 2010 as an online diary about Prav Garg as a way to learn good things in the field of blogging.

Prav Garg has started his online journey as a freelance article writer in 2007. This is the time when he did not actually know about what is blogging all about.

Throughout his blogging journey he learned a lot and had seen many ups and downs. He is always thankful to Mr. Sriram Raj and Mr. Gautam Hans (among many others) for helping him start this journey in a successful direction.

Although he is not in touch with them now; he always love, respect and thank them as his very beginner mentors.

Not with technical background, Prav is completely satisfied with all that God has provided him with (a beautiful wife, great daughter, loving parents and much more…) in more than a decade time.

What He Do Today?

He is today working on Fiverr as a full time online marketer. He is also passionate about blogging and loves to write on different topics like health, fashion, business, lifestyle, etc.

He is also helping his online clients by providing them his valuable article writing and marketing services. He has a team of writers and marketers who know their job well and always insist on providing quality work to their clients.

They focus more on quality than quantity work.

He and his team, at present owns and manage more than dozen WordPress blogs & niche websites (which earns good revenue every month) to earn their living well.

Besides blogging Prav Garg loves to spend time with his family and want to enjoy the life to the maximum.

If you like Prav’s blog and want to get in touch for anything, you can contact him through the form below.

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