About Meta Keywords Tag and Meta Description Tag

Meta Description tags and Meta Keywords Tags are the two Meta tags that are most important ones and are most commonly used by the bloggers and webmasters.

However Meta keywords tags are not holding much importance these days but Meta description tags holds its importance yet. Here is a brief description and explanation of what these Meta keywords and Meta description tags really means.

About Meta Keywords Tag

The first step in web site promotion is to identify the words people are most likely to use in a search for your site. After identifying about 5 to 10 words write them up as your keywords and optimize the page using them. From now on these are the words you should use in your Title, META Description, META Keywords list, throughout your page and the ALT Tags when using Images.

If a visitor wishes to look for topics or products, he would go to Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine. Now, if he is looking for topics or products related or similar to what your site offers and doesn’t find your web site on top 10 to 20 search results or nowhere in subsequent pages of search result, then most likely you have not inserted the most effective keywords relevant to your website.

A common mistake webmasters make that they would insert the companies name in your “keyword” Meta tags, instead of listing your products or services or the information of site to which it is related, in your keywords. Searchers do not look for company names, unless they are looking for a specific major company on the web. They are looking for the products and services or some sort of knowledgeable matter.

Choosing the right keywords in Meta tags are very important. If you don’t choose the proper keywords, your web site will not be visible in top search results, since you are not providing the Search engines with proper information. Remember, keywords are major factors in determining how a site visitor will locate your site in the search engines.

Also take care that these keywords should not repeat many times. This can always have a negative affect for your blog regarding the Search Engine Optimization and you can face a Drop down in your goals for which you are adding these keywords. This can also fail you in your web site promotion and decrease in visitors.

Keep in mind that excessive repeating of META keywords could be considered as spamming by some search engines and you might get penalized with a lower ranking for that practice or can be completely banned by the search engines. You should also mix your keywords in different combination throughout the page and in your ALT Tags instead of using the same phrase over and over again. Also remember to put your most important keywords as close to the <BODY> tag as you can.

About Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tags serve two purposes. One, they give a brief info of that particular web-page utilizing key phrases; secondly they should entice users to click the link at the search engines results. It usually is placed after the Title tag and before the Meta keywords tag, although the order is not important.

Certainly, you can have more control over your listing in the search engines if you create compelling, keyword-rich description and keyword tags. If your website is visible in top search engine results, the more click through, you should see for your website.

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