Why You Need Video Blogging


Video blogging is the hottest trend in cyber world. People use it to post their products and ideas in a different and impressive way.

What is a video blog?

A video blog uses video over text and images as its principal media source. Video blogging is a fantastic tool to deliver indescribable content. If you optimize properly, video blogs are indexed in search engine results effectively. The appealing part is that it is not hit by content duplication.

An RSS feed let the viewers to subscribe your videos at their convenience. So, when you post new entries, your subscribers will receive them automatically.

Advantages of video blogging

Video blogging allow the blogger to demonstrate the features of a product that lacks in a text blog. Demonstrations and presentations are effective ways to trigger the interests of the viewers. Video blogging is a great marketing tool as people love to watch rather than read. Therefore, tapping into the vein of marketing, you can make money from video.

Aids to go viral

If you want to attract a ton of traffic to your blog, start using this great viral marketing tool. Video marketing is similar to article marketing to increase traffic to your blog.  Free video broadcasting sites are everywhere and they reach millions of visitors every day. Uploading your videos to such sites offer free traffic and networking to your blog.

If you provide useful information like how-to videos, interview style formats around a topic in your niche or business, you can use video blogging as a great marketing tool. The more creative you can be and the more useful the information, the more likely the video will be passed around to the people.

Opportunity to Showcase your products or service

It can be used to showcasing products or services that help to reach out larger audience quickly. Video blogging enables the prospective buyers to be acquainted with what they are investing their money on. Therefore, good presentation of your product can increase its popularity among buyers. Using live streaming technology, you can blog breaking news. It’s an wonderful medium to attract people.

Offer personal touch

The advantage of videos over text blogs is that V-blog let the blog owner reach out to targeted customers with a personal touch. It helps to lead a bonding between the blogger and his readers. Keeping the video short, interesting and informative, blogger can easily boost potential customers to his/her blog.

Video blogging helps your customers to know your company and product better. By updating frequently, customers will come to know you reliable company.

The downsides of video blogging are:

  • Customers might find that it takes a lot of time to download the videos on normal dial up connections.
  • Another problem is computer tends to become very slow while viewing the video content. Self-hosted videos cost a lot.
  • It is very tough to create constant content as creating professional videos is time consuming and require lots of work.

However, pros exceed the cons and it is certain that video blogging rally round the blogger to go viral. Have you tried out video blogging yet. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.