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Google Penalizes Over-Optimization through Penguin Updates

There is widespread criticism and speculation over Google’s Penguin update. For people who have no idea about Google Penguin update: this is the name given by Google to the web spam update that was released just a few days ago. This updates sought to penalize websites conducting over-optimization.

Google has turned the world of SEO upside down. Their new algorithm targets websites which are over-optimized. To understand the meaning of over-optimized it is important to understand two types of SEO: Black hat and White hat. Black hat is an SEO process where experts try to trick Google while White hat SEO practices are in accordance with Google’s practices.

Black hat SEO is also known as black hat web spam. To achieve higher rankings many sites use technique that never benefits the users. It is a sort of shortcut for earning high page rankings in Google. Black hat SEO provides ground for undeserving sites to get high rankings. There are various types of web spam techniques used such as link schemes, keyword stuffing, etc. Google has always been against these evil practices.

Google put forward a few points defining web spam or over-optimization. Earlier Google launched a new page layout that sought to reduce the rankings of websites not providing good content to the visitors on a regular basis. After this came the Google Penguin updates. This update reduced the rankings of websites not abiding by the existing quality guidelines set by Google. Though Google has been against web spam right from their initial days, but the changed algorithm marks a drastic improvement.

Penguin would make sure that web spam is reduced and high quality content is always available online. Google has still not discussed their specific signals, because they do not want the black hat SEO experts to manipulate new way outs just yet. Google wants the webmasters to develop quality websites and provide good experience to the visitors. Penguin also cries out for the use of White hat SEO processes at all times instead of web-spamming.

It is quite clear that Google wants to make online world more visitor oriented. Proper SEO training and knowledge is thus essential. The webmasters using spam tactics for improving their ranking have no place to hide now. But, which spam tactics are not allowed by Google? Keyword stuffing and spun content are two examples.

Keyword stuffing is one of the foremost techniques used by Black hat SEO experts to insert more keywords in the page (for which they would like to rank). Keyword stuffing is easily decipherable. It is like throwing all keywords into one section of web content. Such content are only for the web spiders, human visitors cannot derive information or sense from it.

Spun content on the other hand is one piece of original content that is reorganized and then republished multiple times. Some words in the content are shuffled here and there to fool the plagiarism checkers. But the content remains the same throughout contents. There are links put into the content to increase the internal link structure of any website.

5 Qualities of Powerfully Successful Social Media Campaigns

Nothing has proven to be quite as successful at rocketing your blog to fame as social media.  Yes, SEO is important.  Sure, content might be king.  But what is a king without a kingdom, a following? If social media is an important part of your marketing strategy as a blogger — and you know it should be — make sure that your campaign has these qualities:

AuthenticMcKinsey Quarterly recently reported that “the trust gap between consumers and things in general is widening.”  Given that one of the most important functions of social media is to build trust between you and your readers, it is obvious that any social media efforts you make have to be genuine, and framed as authentically as possible.  Don’t be overly self-promoting, engage with your readers on a personal level; send social media updates that are full of personality and charm.

Agile:  This might not be one of the qualities you expect to see in a list about social media campaigns, but the truth is that changes in the social media world happen in the blink of an eye, and you have to be able to respond just as quickly.  Don’t build a campaign that is so expansive that you don’t see the small changes.

Positive: All your social media efforts should be appeal emotionally to your readers.  Instead of focusing on getting a message about yourself and your new content out, try to foster a positive emotional response from them when you post.  The way to do this is to “turn happiness into a resource,” as McKinsey Quarterly puts it.  What drives your readers’ happiness?  The answer to this question will help shape your social media campaigns

Unexpected:  It is pretty amazing to see how quickly paradigms form with new technologies — already there is a generally standard method of posting social media updates.  Any time you deviate from this standard, you will pique the interest of your readers.  Visual components are especially effective when trying to catch your readers’ attention.

Shareable:  Making your social media updates shareable is paramount to the success of your campaign.  Your campaign could have all the above qualities in spades, but if you don’t provide tools that make it easy for your readers to share your content, it is very unlikely that your campaign (or your content) will ever leave the ground.

Blogging is a great way to bring in extra-income or even replace a traditional job, but if you don’t have the marketing tactics to support your blog, it’s unlikely that you will ever see the kind of success that you want.

Some are naturally better suited to blog, such as students at online colleges who are often already familiar with the technology and are in many cases online for a great part of their day to begin with, but anyone can learn the principles of a running great blog.

It starts with analyzing what you are doing, and comparing it to what works.  Review the list above and ask yourself what you could be doing differently to get your blog popular.


Squeeze Page Traffic Using Article Placing Techniques

With many new Search Engine Optimization techniques being introduced in the market every day, the basic technique of fitting in to the needs of the seeker often gets ignored. This age old technique however is an excellent method to draw more people to your blog and to your squeeze page.

There is often a scenario that the users look for the articles specific to their needs. The placing of articles in a group where you most want it to be read is a method to pull in more traffic to the page. In this way you can establish a relationship with the audiences and get them to not only come back but to also recommend you to other readers.

Squeeze Page Traffic

The article marketing techniques are essential to make sure that the things you write reach the audiences. The best way is to give the users the articles they are looking for. If a person on the internet is looking for a specific article or advice or information on a particular topic, and the person happens to look into your article or page, if the person finds this articles satisfactory or something he can put to use then the person is sure to come back to the page and also suggest the same to his acquaintances.

This is a technique that is tried and tested on a number of occasions yet it remains one of the most effective. This technique helps build long time relationships with the readers. The squeeze page becomes popular due to its utility and thus gets a lot of traffic.

The content of your squeeze page needs to be effective and find the right solution for the reader visiting it. The page needs to be updated regularly. The page needs to be placed in a category or group such that it meets the requirements of a specific search.

If your articles are related to the world of sports then make sure that the keywords place it in a group where they are being searched for sports. The content must also be well written and thus if you are not comfortable with the language you can hire writers to do it for you. They writer will not charge you more than a dollar for a 100 word article.

Make sure that the right information is sent to your readers. The content needs to be such that the need of the reader is met and he comes back to you in case he needs some more information later on. The business of articles and webpages runs on relationships between the writers or owners of the articles and the readers and this relationship should be handled with utmost care.


How Can Article Writing Get Traffic to Your Websites?

To get high traffic to your websites acts as the biggest achievement for a successful enterprise. It resembles the success of your internet business as well. To become a good traffic attractor the basic requisite you should have is the flair to good marketing skills. You need to do it by interest not by necessity.

Article writing is one of the most profitable ways which connects you to the rest of the world. What you write represents your individual personality to the world. Readers like reading relevant and to the point piece of writings only.

Article Writing Get Traffic

There are some proven ways to get traffic to your website through article writing. Some of such ways are given below:

Concise and relevant Article writing for the readers

To get good amount of traffic on your website you can incorporate an easy method of gaining full attention. Online readers like reading about the interesting stuff whenever they get a chance to. So incorporating article writing and posting relevant and concise articles on your website can drive more traffic.

Top article directories and search engines should have access to your articles so that greater amount of traffic could connect to your website anytime. Providing valuable and good quality article through article writing can increase your traffic multiple folds in a small span of time.

Posting classifies advertisements

Around a million of users are online all the time throughout the day, thus classified advertisements or we can say ads when posted on WebPages help the webpage owners to make good amount of money there and then.

These advertisements are regarding products and services which a reader might like to subscribe to. Promoters make agreements with webpage owners for posting their ads over the WebPages for some amount, and that amount works well for the webpage owner. They get easy finances and heavy traffic by this.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a quick fix method to gain larger amounts of traffic to a site. These are the common search engines which provide users the facility to search anything on the web world.

When a site brings a search engine on its webpage majority of the readers get used to it. They start sticking to that site. SEO works on the keywords which can be distributed in the form of MetaTags, title, article and alternate tags of the graphics on the WebPages etc.

Whatever you choose article writing goes with all. There needs to be good articles and text so that it impresses the people and helps you gets more traffic and profits in return.

Why Magento Web Design Is The Best Solution For The E-Commerce Websites

At the present time, a lot of online business owners across the world are in search of the most efficient procedures, through which they can handle the online stores. At the moment, the most preferred platform that is preferred by various internet merchants is Magento. This is due to the fact that Magento provides an accessible interface, rich features and functionality.

At the same time, it also offers the technology of open source to the users. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that will allow you for setting up an online store in a short period of time. The merchants will also get the unparalleled control over the operations of their online store that will help to increase sales.


Unique online shopping experience

Magento is the popular e-commerce software that is rich in features. It is also a reliable option for the shipment cart that is available for B2C and B2B retailers. Magento make use of the latest and advanced web technology that helps to ensure that the online shopping is done by customers in a smooth way.

Since Magento has various features, you can also use it for creating a unique experience for online shopping. In fact, the shopping experience that you can get from Magento is incomparable to other e-commerce software. The online developers and users are rapidly increasing in Magento. The community of developers and users share various experiences and provide suggestions, support and assistance to other website users and designers of Magento.

Advantages of Magento web design

A number of benefits that you can get by using the custom Magento design for the e-commerce project are:

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Fully Customizable
  4. Improved Product Descriptions
  5. Flexible Payment Choices
  6. Enhanced Customer Service
  7. SEO Friendly
  8. Single page Checkout

Best for the online store

The new and innovative e-commerce software is evolving on a daily basis. In addition, it comes with improved features and functionality. The satisfaction of customers is a vital factor for increasing sales. You may use an e-commerce platform for a long time that is quite old. In that case, the online visitors may not be able to navigate your online store conveniently. It may also take a lot of time in order to load the website. In that case, the best thing will be to use a suitable e-commerce platform that would be efficient for the online store.

Magento is considered as the world class open source e-commerce solution. It helps the online merchants to set up their e-shop successfully and in a quick time. At the same time, a lot of business persons are able to use Magneto in an effective way due to its attractive features, functionality and layouts. Custom Magento website design is essential in order to ensure a high rate of conversion. The web designers will be highly benefited by using this e-commerce solution as it is quite affordable for the purpose of customization. Magento web design is gaining immense popularity as it is the best solution for the e-commerce websites.

Author bio: David is an experienced web designer who mainly designs e commerce sites for his clients. He has shared articles related to Magento extension which can be used for e commerce stores. You may check more about him at his blog.

IPhone Unlock And Its Advantage

Apple is the most trusted name in the series of iPhone. The company’s gadget, accessories, and software are perfect in use so that one can experience the ultimate of the gadget from any parts of the world.

The user wants a reliable gadget to use and bear in mind the fact, Apple brings out the gadgets so that they can spread the demand of the gadget all over the world and in return the company receives a good feedback on the use of the iPhone.

Know about iPhone unlock

iPhone such as iPhone 5 is the most desired gadget among the people. Users find the models of iPhone very useful and effective in use. Unlock of iPhone need the professional help so that you can access the gadget without any risk and worry.

iPhone unlock pass through various essential points that a professional should follow is to take the backup of iPhone, remove the contents of iPhone, change the old SIM with the new one and then after unlocking of iPhone, restore the entire backup. The above steps are very essential to unlock the iPhone.

What is factory unlock?

Factory unlocks refer to the type of phone which is not attached to any particular cell phone service, and it is free to use with any type of services which is free with SIM card. iPhone introduce this type of gadget so that one can use the phone without any legal issue.

As the gadget is already unlocked, so the user does not have to use this gadget to unlock and give you faster access to any service. Therefore, one who faces a problem in using a phone in another region, then you can use the aforesaid worldwide and stay in touch with loved ones.

Reviews on iPhone unlock software

The iPhone unlocking software is great in service. Reviews say that, the service of the software comes without any effort. Before you indulge in the unlock iPhone, you should read the reviews online and get in touch with the details in a proper manner. Proper knowledge on the software is very useful and effective for you to access this type of gadget and use the gadget in the long run.

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Lovely Hello Kitty Cases for Your iPhone 4

Want to show off your unique style? Then Hello Kitty cell phone covers and cases is a good way to show off. The hello kitty iPhone 4 cases can be used both by adults and Children for making their mobile phones personalized with showy and gallant covers and cases. The hello kitty iPhone 4 covers would not only make your iPhone 4 look very attractive but would also protect your iPhone screen from any damage what so ever.

When you have the iPhone its one of the most valuable thing you have and would definitely want to protect it and when it’s a hello kitty case you get an excellent opportunity to show that you can use your personal things and decorate it. Hello kitty iPhone 4 cover and case are the most desired accessories for any cell phone, especially your iPhone 4. The hello kitty cases for iPhone 4 will help you to display your unique sense of style and personality.

There are different types of Hello kitty covers and cases for iPhone 4 available in the market since Hello Kitty is popular all over the world and you would find them in numbers. You can easily take off and replace your iPhone 4 case with a new one as the iPhone uses a case that can be taken off easily. Therefore you can easily replace your old cover with any new Hello Kitty cases that meet your interest.

There are different types of hello kitty case for your iPhone 4 such as a 3-D hello Kitty playing peekaboo round the side of your iPhone which looks really cute and it also has a really cute hello Kitty face on the front with the words hello Kitty printed in red.

It’s just not good looking but it is also made out of a hard material so that it protects your iPhone from all of those daily bumps and scrapes while still looking really cool and cute. Then you can find another type of hello kitty iPhone 4 case where a cute looking pink leopard hello Kitty is printed, it also has a really cute 3-D bow in black and there are the little Kitty ears that stick out above the top of the hello kitty iPhone case. It is also made from a hard material to protect your iPhone.

If you want a white case then you can find that too with a really cute 3-D bow in Red and even there are the little Kitty ears that stick out above the top of the case. There is another lovely hello kitty iPhone 4 cover it has a big hello Kitty head at the top of the case which overlaps the site and give you a really cute design. It also has a design on the back of the case; it is a picture of hello Kitty with cool spectacles on and a really cute leopard print design.

These all hello kitty iPhone 4 cases come at a very minimal range as compared to the beauty they add to your iPhone 4. These beautiful and lovely Hello kitty covers and cases would not only make your iPhone 4 look attractive as you can imagine but it would also protect it form damage! If you love these cases and are tempted by these fancy covers, you just have to choose one for your iPhone 4 and revel.

Why You Need Video Blogging

Video blogging is the hottest trend in cyber world. People use it to post their products and ideas in a different and impressive way.

What is a video blog?

A video blog uses video over text and images as its principal media source. Video blogging is a fantastic tool to deliver indescribable content. If you optimize properly, video blogs are indexed in search engine results effectively. The appealing part is that it is not hit by content duplication.

An RSS feed let the viewers to subscribe your videos at their convenience. So, when you post new entries, your subscribers will receive them automatically.

Advantages of video blogging

Video blogging allow the blogger to demonstrate the features of a product that lacks in a text blog. Demonstrations and presentations are effective ways to trigger the interests of the viewers. Video blogging is a great marketing tool as people love to watch rather than read. Therefore, tapping into the vein of marketing, you can make money from video.

Aids to go viral

If you want to attract a ton of traffic to your blog, start using this great viral marketing tool. Video marketing is similar to article marketing to increase traffic to your blog.  Free video broadcasting sites are everywhere and they reach millions of visitors every day. Uploading your videos to such sites offer free traffic and networking to your blog.

If you provide useful information like how-to videos, interview style formats around a topic in your niche or business, you can use video blogging as a great marketing tool. The more creative you can be and the more useful the information, the more likely the video will be passed around to the people.

Opportunity to Showcase your products or service

It can be used to showcasing products or services that help to reach out larger audience quickly. Video blogging enables the prospective buyers to be acquainted with what they are investing their money on. Therefore, good presentation of your product can increase its popularity among buyers. Using live streaming technology, you can blog breaking news. It’s an wonderful medium to attract people.

Offer personal touch

The advantage of videos over text blogs is that V-blog let the blog owner reach out to targeted customers with a personal touch. It helps to lead a bonding between the blogger and his readers. Keeping the video short, interesting and informative, blogger can easily boost potential customers to his/her blog.

Video blogging helps your customers to know your company and product better. By updating frequently, customers will come to know you reliable company.

The downsides of video blogging are:

  • Customers might find that it takes a lot of time to download the videos on normal dial up connections.
  • Another problem is computer tends to become very slow while viewing the video content. Self-hosted videos cost a lot.
  • It is very tough to create constant content as creating professional videos is time consuming and require lots of work.

However, pros exceed the cons and it is certain that video blogging rally round the blogger to go viral. Have you tried out video blogging yet. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.