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Easy WP SEO for to help increase your website rankings

You must be familiar with WP SEO plugins that are available for free online. Some of these are just excellent and some of them are just a waste of time and can affect your site negatively. It is therefore important that you take care while using any of the WP SEO plugin you use for your site.

For a long time I was also using a plugin that is free but the truth is that the free plugins may not provide you the results that you are looking for. There is a new wordpress plugin that I found some days back. I feel that this is just exciting and can help you the most. This is the reason I am just talking about this new WP plugin.


This new plugin is named as Easy WP SEO plugin. And I am sure that whoever uses this plugin will get benefitted tremendously. This will actually make all your SEO tasks easy and fast. You do not ever need to hire a professional SEO for your website for rankings. This is in general a best on-page SEO plugin for WordPress, similar to SEOPressor and others, but is far better!

You will just love it when you get it for you wordpress website. This plugin not only do the on page optimization for your wordpress site but also help optimize all your pages and posts so that Google and other search engines will just love them.

May be you do not know that using any of the SEO plugin for your wordpress site may hurt your rankings. You should be therefore selective before choosing the right plugin for your site. Just read the reviews and get all the information about it before you use any of the SEO plugin.

Easy WP SEO plugin is something different and innovative. May be just what you are looking for. So if you are really passionate about your website get it and see the difference it can make to your SEO.


Premium WordPress Themes Vs Free WordPress Themes – Which Is the Smart Choice

As of now, there is no surprise about the WordPress, it is one of the Internet’s the most famous web publishing platform available for people. With its increasing popularity, there are numerous websites and other publications been developed and designed by the WordPress theme developers.

As WordPress is an open source, you can expect lot of resources like themes and plugins available at your disposal and that too free of cost.

WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

So, What to Expect From WordPress

Primarily, there are 2 types of WordPress themes available today i.e. free themes and Premium themes. You might be thinking if there is free available why paying for it. Using free WordPress themes is one of the biggest advantages- the cost factor. It is hard to beat “free”.

There are many free WordPress themes available out there which works fabulously, but majority of the online marketers and who are thorough in this business would recommend people to use Premium WordPress Themes. Thought the question is often rose “why pay for those which is available for free?”

In fact recently, there has been so much debate over which to use free one or the premium i.e. paid themes of WordPress. Well, all I can say is both are fab to work with, but again depending on your website working pattern and what you intend to produce through that website.

In Dilemma Which Is the Best

For any beginner level online marketer it is quite confusing since which one would work better is yet to make out. Hence; the confusion is understandable. Sometimes the experienced too make mistakes and then happen to switch their decision to the other one. Unless and until you don’t test you will not be able to make amends.

Let me clear your doubts here; let’s say we find it by taking into consideration of certain advantages and disadvantages. What say??

What to Expect In Free WordPress Themes

  • As it is free of cost, there is no financial risk involved. Say for instance if you do not like Theme A you can easily switch to Theme B. It is as simple as that.
  • There is a huge library to select themes from. It just needs a simple research over the net typing “free themes” and you will land with numerous choices to pick from. You will be bowled over of which to pick.

Loop Holes of Free WordPress Themes

  • It doesn’t carry an option for customization the way you want- a major drawback. If you want to then you will require a coding expert to do the work.
  • Practically there is no support provided
  • Also quality varies to that of Premium
  • There are no updates when it comes to compatibility with the WordPress version
  • These are less search engine optimized and may contain the external links that are not easy to remove.

What to Expect In Premium WordPress Themes

  • There are consistent theme updates which are frequently found
  • There is a technical support provided whenever the person requires
  • There are some outstanding, fabulous looking themes with great features compared to free ones
  • Customization is quick and easy

Loop Holes of Premium WordPress Themes

The only one disadvantage to this date I have come across is money. Yes, you require paying for what you want. All in all to say, going for Premium themes could turn out to be a worthy investment for your online business.