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Google Apps and Many Benefits To Tag Along

Google like we all know is considered to be the best when it comes to offering apps. Google is been offering easy to use apps for online business owners who are looking out for increasing profit along with affordable costs.

Google apps for business is presently used by over 50 million of users worldwide for their online businesses.  This is the number which is continuously on the rise due to the fact that the apps are consistent showing productivity which isn’t easy to deploy to that of usual desktop programs.

These apps efficiently meet the user’s requirements since; they are offered by Google created using reliable technology which meets the security concerns in mind. These apps let the employees from one company to communicate with other employees within the same organization seamlessly despite of geographical barriers.

Tools like Google Talk, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Docs allows the employees to log in from any secure Internet connection to access mails, talk instantly and to share any other internal information. This collaborative approach makes the routine errands smooth and easy.

Businesses in every field can reap benefits when switched to this web based collaboration and communication suite. The apps by Google are productive, guaranteed to reduce the cost in short span of time and reliable. Google apps lets businesses to get the best IT solutions than spending less of resources and not to forget the overheads expenses.

Google apps are not only ideal for small enterprises, but are also great for big companies. With unlimited storing of online docs offered to businesses, who wouldn’t want to try out these apps.

Also, these apps don’t limit its offering to Laptops or Desktops, but are compatible in iPad, Blackberry, Android cell phones, Tablets and iPhones. There is also 24*7 customer service option available ensuring that your business never suffers a slow down with any of its problems.

You can provide your employees freedom and ease in work in terms of messaging and other day to day office relevant work. Additionally it keeps the network safe from malicious virus and spammers, and phishing. With these apps, you get fifty times email storage space compared to other apps available in the market or on the web. It is now easier to focus on development and growth rather than thinking on how to reduce the maintenance cost.

So, when business switches to the Google apps they are safer in the knowledge because of the fact that the world’s greatest innovative organization continues to develop and innovate new features to it.

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5 Qualities of Powerfully Successful Social Media Campaigns

Nothing has proven to be quite as successful at rocketing your blog to fame as social media.  Yes, SEO is important.  Sure, content might be king.  But what is a king without a kingdom, a following? If social media is an important part of your marketing strategy as a blogger — and you know it should be — make sure that your campaign has these qualities:

AuthenticMcKinsey Quarterly recently reported that “the trust gap between consumers and things in general is widening.”  Given that one of the most important functions of social media is to build trust between you and your readers, it is obvious that any social media efforts you make have to be genuine, and framed as authentically as possible.  Don’t be overly self-promoting, engage with your readers on a personal level; send social media updates that are full of personality and charm.

Agile:  This might not be one of the qualities you expect to see in a list about social media campaigns, but the truth is that changes in the social media world happen in the blink of an eye, and you have to be able to respond just as quickly.  Don’t build a campaign that is so expansive that you don’t see the small changes.

Positive: All your social media efforts should be appeal emotionally to your readers.  Instead of focusing on getting a message about yourself and your new content out, try to foster a positive emotional response from them when you post.  The way to do this is to “turn happiness into a resource,” as McKinsey Quarterly puts it.  What drives your readers’ happiness?  The answer to this question will help shape your social media campaigns

Unexpected:  It is pretty amazing to see how quickly paradigms form with new technologies — already there is a generally standard method of posting social media updates.  Any time you deviate from this standard, you will pique the interest of your readers.  Visual components are especially effective when trying to catch your readers’ attention.

Shareable:  Making your social media updates shareable is paramount to the success of your campaign.  Your campaign could have all the above qualities in spades, but if you don’t provide tools that make it easy for your readers to share your content, it is very unlikely that your campaign (or your content) will ever leave the ground.

Blogging is a great way to bring in extra-income or even replace a traditional job, but if you don’t have the marketing tactics to support your blog, it’s unlikely that you will ever see the kind of success that you want.

Some are naturally better suited to blog, such as students at online colleges who are often already familiar with the technology and are in many cases online for a great part of their day to begin with, but anyone can learn the principles of a running great blog.

It starts with analyzing what you are doing, and comparing it to what works.  Review the list above and ask yourself what you could be doing differently to get your blog popular.


Why Magento Web Design Is The Best Solution For The E-Commerce Websites

At the present time, a lot of online business owners across the world are in search of the most efficient procedures, through which they can handle the online stores. At the moment, the most preferred platform that is preferred by various internet merchants is Magento. This is due to the fact that Magento provides an accessible interface, rich features and functionality.

At the same time, it also offers the technology of open source to the users. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that will allow you for setting up an online store in a short period of time. The merchants will also get the unparalleled control over the operations of their online store that will help to increase sales.


Unique online shopping experience

Magento is the popular e-commerce software that is rich in features. It is also a reliable option for the shipment cart that is available for B2C and B2B retailers. Magento make use of the latest and advanced web technology that helps to ensure that the online shopping is done by customers in a smooth way.

Since Magento has various features, you can also use it for creating a unique experience for online shopping. In fact, the shopping experience that you can get from Magento is incomparable to other e-commerce software. The online developers and users are rapidly increasing in Magento. The community of developers and users share various experiences and provide suggestions, support and assistance to other website users and designers of Magento.

Advantages of Magento web design

A number of benefits that you can get by using the custom Magento design for the e-commerce project are:

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Fully Customizable
  4. Improved Product Descriptions
  5. Flexible Payment Choices
  6. Enhanced Customer Service
  7. SEO Friendly
  8. Single page Checkout

Best for the online store

The new and innovative e-commerce software is evolving on a daily basis. In addition, it comes with improved features and functionality. The satisfaction of customers is a vital factor for increasing sales. You may use an e-commerce platform for a long time that is quite old. In that case, the online visitors may not be able to navigate your online store conveniently. It may also take a lot of time in order to load the website. In that case, the best thing will be to use a suitable e-commerce platform that would be efficient for the online store.

Magento is considered as the world class open source e-commerce solution. It helps the online merchants to set up their e-shop successfully and in a quick time. At the same time, a lot of business persons are able to use Magneto in an effective way due to its attractive features, functionality and layouts. Custom Magento website design is essential in order to ensure a high rate of conversion. The web designers will be highly benefited by using this e-commerce solution as it is quite affordable for the purpose of customization. Magento web design is gaining immense popularity as it is the best solution for the e-commerce websites.

Author bio: David is an experienced web designer who mainly designs e commerce sites for his clients. He has shared articles related to Magento extension which can be used for e commerce stores. You may check more about him at his blog.

Exciting New Technology from Google – The Glass

Most mildly technologically savvy individuals will by now have heard of the hottest new product on the market: Google Glass. And with many touting this new device as a revolutionary step forward in mobile communication, Google’s new high-tech baby certainly seems to be generating a great deal of excitement. But is it really the breakthrough Google claim it to be, or will its many flaws render it a mere fad?

One thing is for sure: Google will need to make good on its promise to restyle the headset if it expects the masses to invest. Indeed, although they have not been openly seeking partnerships with eyewear manufacturers, major manufacturers and brands like Luxottica and Oakley are reported to be hot on their heels about developing their own stylized version of the Glass (for more information, check this article). So what is Google Glass and can it really change the way we view and use mobile technology?


Why all the fuss?

Google Glass is the first of its kind on the market and represents Google’s forward-thinking attempt to bring some of the most essential elements we associate with mobile technology to eye-level. With its integrated camera, microphone, touchpad, Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, and a prism screen, Glass allows wearers to connect to the Internet and subsequently search online, navigate using GPS, read and send messages, take photos and films, and hold teleconferences through a simple series of voice commands or taps of the touchpad.

What makes Google Glass all the more exciting is the many possibilities its creation has opened up: from real-time translation and transcription functions to live traffic, travel and sports updates, all shown to the wearer from within a ‘heads up’ display. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and some of the apps being developed for the Glass, such as face recognition software, have raised some privacy concerns among observers.

And that’s not the only problem

As has already been alluded to in the introduction, the Google Glass headset is not exactly the epitome of sophistication. The rather clunky battery pack and hardware sit to one side of the headset, spoiling the symmetry of the frame and giving it a very science-fiction-like feel. And while we are on the subject of batteries, this one is fairly short-lived.

Indeed, the device’s current consumption rates cannot be sustained for any reasonable length of time, reducing the headset’s practicality and appeal considerably. Other problems that have been flagged up also include a fairly poor display quality and its current price tag – developers have shelled out $1,500 a piece – which will have to drop significantly if the product is to succeed on the mass market.

Watch this space

The jury is still out on Google Glass. Although its implications are hugely exciting and the technological advances made to create it are undeniable, its practicality and value for money will continue to be compromised if Google does not seek to remedy its flaws before a competitor succeeds in stealing the show.


The PA Tech Awards Celebration: Bigger and Better than Ever

Technology is something to celebrate. It enriches our lives, and changes the way business is conducted. This year, the PA Tech awards is going all-out. The event has been running strong for 20 years now but, this year, it’s getting bigger. Now in its 21st year, there will be more than 300 C-level executives, academia, and other professionals.

The PA Tech Awards

The Categories

There are several categories this year:

  • Technology Leader of the YearThis award is presented to the individual who has demonstrated a prolonged commitment to advancing the growth and development of the tech industry in PA.
  • Technology Company of the YearThis award is presented to a company that has demonstrated an ability to succeed in the sales and marketing of its technology product or services. The company must also have achieved significant success in the marketplace in the last 12 months.
  • Technology Provider of the YearThis award is for public and private sector entities that have improved the operations and productivity of its clients through technology applications, equipment, solutions, and resources.
  • Innovation Company of the YearThis award goes to a company that has a unique product or service that is breaking new ground in the tech industry.
  • Start-up Company of the YearThis award is given to a company that distinguishes itself through growth and development in its early stages of commercialization.
  • Public Service Innovator of the YearThis award is given to an individual or company that utilized technology to improve the delivery of government services.
  • Technology Educator of the Year: K-12This award is given to members of K-12 academia who inspire students to pursue a career in technology.
  • Technology Educator of the Year: Post-SecondaryThis award is given to members of post-secondary academia who inspire students to pursue technology careers.

The Nominees

This year, there are many nominees in each category. While no Pennsylvania Internet providers made the cut, there is a wide diversity in the types of companies that did. For example, All Traffic Solutions (a road sign company) is being nominated for tech leader of the year along with 14 other companies.

There are 39 nominees for technology company of the year, including WebpageFX, Global Data Consultants, and Fiberlink. Chuck Davis, corporate faculty at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Government Technology Institute are both being nominated for technology educator of the year – K-12.

Technology provider of the year is very competitive this year with 47 different nominees while start-up company of the year has only 12 nominees – with the Vinyard at Hershey being nominated 5 times. Company of the year is divided among 16 different nominees and include DataForma Inc, Fraser Advanced Information Systems, Learning Breaks, GL Noble Denton, QBC Diagnostics and The Drucker Company, Hartman Executive Advisors, Applied Cognitive Systems, and WorkXpress, among others.

Tickets and Pricing

The event is held on Tuesday, April 9th, starting at 4:00PM at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey PA. Tickets for the event are $175 for TechQuest members and $250 for nonmembers and can be purchased in advance.

Rob Gallagher is a computer technician from Pennsylvania who loves to keep up with the latest technology and Internet news. In his spare time, he likes to share what he finds by blogging on various websites.


Does Technology have a Strong Second Hand Value?

You could easily argue that technological products are no different to motor cars or double glazed windows when it comes to resale value, but would that argument carry a grain of truth?

Some of the world’s most iconic technological products such as the iPad and the iPhone are in high demand and there isn’t an awful lot of competition. If you compare those two products with a Ford Fiesta you will find that there are a lot more alternatives with a similar specification to the Fiesta in the second hand motor car trade than there are with say, the iPad.

English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case
English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you therefore were in a position where you decide to sell your iPad, it’s only logical to assume that you will get a better pro-rata return for it than you would for a car. Too much competition brings prices down.

One way to find out about your expected cash return on your iPad is to fill out a simple form at one of the trusted buyers of technological equipment and find out what they will pay you. You could also consider eBay by looking at a number of the same products which you are interested in selling. The more sales that you see go through the more accurate will be your pricing.

The trouble with some online auction services is the amount of dishonourable cheats who are rampantly using and abusing this site. It’s all very well getting a high bid for your item, but will you actually get paid?

Disputes such as these are a daily occurrence and some people believe that crooks use it all the time and appear and disappear in the guise of buyers or sellers with ease. These crooks can easily trump up a massive 100% record by buying themselves extremely cheap safe items. Then they hit you with the big one and simply vanish with your iPad or another expensive device.

Dealing with a trusted buyer when selling your iPad, iPhone, and so on, is more than likely to be your safest option. Technology does command good second hand prices as long as the product is in demand. Right now is, for example, a good time to sell your iPad for a few reasons.

Apple’s iPad is extremely popular at present and the competition is lagging behind. Although having said this you can expect Microsoft to make up some ground in the coming years. When the market place is diluted with more viable alternatives, this is the time when the second hand prices go down. For the iPad at least, that time has not yet come, but it surely will.

The iPad has been a bit of an unexpected success story for Apple and it seems hard to believe that Microsoft let them have a near three-year head start. The iPad does however stand out above all the other Apple products, bar the iPhone, which has an exceptional second hand value due to unexpected popularity and lack of competition.

How To Convert Microsoft Word Files

Microsoft Word is by far the most popular and used word processing program on the globe. Most people grew up with the earlier versions of Microsoft Word, and have seen the many changes it has made over the decades. Many computer geeks have a preference and nostalgia for one version of Microsoft Word over the other ones.

There have been some gripes and groans over changes that Microsoft has made, but for the most part, the general consensus is that Microsoft Word gets better and better, and more sophisticated, with each new version that comes out year after year.

Microsoft Word Files

There are many great things to say about the Microsoft Word platform: it is reliable and consistent, fairly intuitive and easy to learn, practical and it is considered the industry standard when it comes to the word procession industry and field.

But, when it comes to converting Microsoft Word files (whether it be from one version of Word to another, or from across different operating systems and platforms) it can get a little confusing and frustrating. Here is a simple breakdown of how anyone can go about converting Microsoft Word files and documents without pulling out their hair:

The Batch Conversion Wizard

This is the way that is recommended the most by Microsoft to its users, consumers and customers. The Batch Wizard is a converter program that can transform a Word document to and from different versions of the default format (.doc and .docx,) and it can also convert a file into other formats (.pdf, .txt, .rtf, .jpeg, etc.) It is a really handy tool because it pretty much guarantees that you will never run into another problem with file exchanges across platforms and operating systems.

It is pretty much like having a universal language library, in which you can pretty much communicate with whomever you wish, no matter their location.

Not only can the Batch Conversion Wizard do that, it can also allow you to change anything you want into a Word (.doc or .docx) format, so as long as you have Microsoft Word, you’d be able to read all kinds of text-based files, and even some image-based files, as well.

Other Options

There are also plenty of free downloads for file converters that can be found online. These converters are just as reliable as the Batch Conversion Wizard and are often very easy to learn and to use. Really, if your end goal is to just do basic file conversions, you cannot go wrong with either of the options discussed above.

Jacob is a freelance writer for numerous web sites, blogs, magazines and newspapers. He spends much of his free time writing about the many wonders that can be found in the modern technology industry and the field of new media. He is a big fan of calibre and recommends it to anyone who bothers to listen to him.

802.11ac – Coming Soon to a Wireless Network Near You

Another wireless network standard is on the rise with introductory technology to support it – the 802.11ac or otherwise known as 5G Wi-Fi. We’ve all used and enjoyed Wireless B, Wireless G, and Wireless N. Although some people in the world may not have had enough of an opportunity to really enjoy wireless n.

While there are some sections of the world where people have just begun enjoying the benefits of the recent 802.11n (or wireless n), the next step up in wireless technology is already looming in the air. The usual questions that come along include concerns about the price of the equipment, compatibility, speed, and overall functionality and performance of the latest standard or will it be a fluke.


A Fluke?

Master Yoda (Jedi Master from Star Wars movies) would say “a fluke it is not, you see” and we would be obliged to concur with the old wise and powerful green one. Before 802.11ac is introduced to the populations of the world, it has already been tested and benchmarked for performance comparison etc.

What we know is that it is far from being a fluke and it is absolutely cool. One technology expert commentator even dubbed the “ac” at the end as “air conditioning” just to show how “cool” this new WiFi standard really is.

What Improvements Should We Expect?

Well, the answer to the above question is the same answer we have heard from technology experts when some new wireless technology has been invented or discovered – faster speed and more possibilities.

Seriously speaking, when the 802.11n technology was introduced, everyone who had a need for faster wireless networking technology had quite a moment of elation. In short, expect to be elated once again as we step things up several notches forward.

No doubt, Wireless N is still the currently most popular WiFi standard. Well, 802.11ac will require time to grow on people just like any other new technology on the horizon. The fun generally begins after the word has gone out and people (critics included) have had time to crash test this new technology. But what we have for now is already jaw dropping.

802.11ac is backwards compatible to 802.11n. This means that if you have the current Wireless N client and you buy a brand spanking new router that supports this new WiFi standard, then you don’t need to purchase a new client hardware or software program. The new router can and will work well for you. Simply put, you don’t need to buy a new iPad or iPhone when you get that new router.

However, if you have a computer or laptop and you want it to run at 5G WiFi speed (three times faster than Wireless N) then you need to get a new expansion card that goes into your desktop’s PCIe or Mini PCI. Of course, those who don’t want to bother opening up their computers or those who primarily work with laptops, notebooks, etc. can get the latest USB adapters that support 5G WiFi.

802.11ac is the first WiFi standard to ever go beyond 1 gigabit transmission speed. It can actually go as fast as 1.3Gbps. It is also tested to be consistently faster than any WiFi standard that has been introduced.

The Letdowns and Hang-Ups

Just like any new technology, 5G Wi-Fi still has a few bugs that need to be figured out. The first and most obvious obstacle is the fact that there aren’t that many router brands and models that support this new WiFi standard. Well, that will be easy to work on – which pretty much means that we’ll just have to wait for manufacturers to catch up.

A huge chunk of good news is that word has come that Apple will be one of the many industry leaders that will support this latest wireless technology. Expect the next Apple products to be 802.11ac capable. Industry leaders expect the adaptation to 5G WiFi to be a lot faster compared to Wireless N.

The other drawback, for now at least, is the price. Again, this isn’t really that big an issue since even the first routers that support 802.11ac are only a tad more expensive than today’s top of the line Wireless N products. Expect prices to go down as competing brands come up with their own products, which basically translate to better times ahead for consumers.

What is Cloud Computing – Understanding Cloud Better

The term cloud computing is seemed to be unknown for many people these days. Though the concept of cloud computing can be bit difficult to understand, it is easy to operate once you got the idea. The question what is cloud computing can be described as a technology that allows users to access and use some specific applications on any computer.

Cloud computing applications need not be installed on a computer because it is accessible through internet. Therefore, users don’t need to have a certain number of computer or permanent place to do something. They can simply do things at their own home rather than going to office for doing that particular job.

Cloud computing has many varieties and kinds to choose from. SaaS is one of the most important kinds which is a single application, and is quite easy to operate. SaaS includes only one application and therefore, it is simple for companies or users to maintain. One application means low costs and low operating time than that of other kinds of applications.

Users don’t need to make any initial investment or buy any server or software licensing for this application. Another important cloud computing is utility computing. Demand and popularity of this computing kind is on the rise. Utility computing is often employed by companies for requirements that are not important.

Utility computing is generally a supplemental type of computing for an organization. Some major companies that make this particular type of cloud computing very popular include Sun, Amazon.com, IBM, etc. Since the popularity is on the rise, this computing kind is becoming more than a supplemental type of computing tool.

There are chances that utility computing may become a central focus for an organization’s computing requirements. Final type of cloud computing is Web services in the cloud. This type of computing is similar to the type of computing done with SaaS. This type of computing is utilizing internet for its operation.

This kind of computing does not deliver applications and users can get services such as discrete business services, and other types of APIs that are given by such systems like Google Maps. Web services model computing is used for many different purposes and by versatile companies. Using these different cloud computing kinds users are provided with lots of advantages and benefits.

International companies are getting more benefitted from these services. One of the chief advantages with cloud computing is the great flexibility. Cloud computing basically allows users to access the files and information that they need from different locations and computers.

Users are needed to connect to the internet in order to use cloud computing services and benefits. Users can gather data from home, office or on the road; they just need to have internet connection and cloud computing application.

Cloud computing helps a company and its workers to work collectively on files and data even if they are not physically together. The application allows users to view or edit documents in a simultaneous manner from different locations.

Top 6 Online Tools to Create and Manage Invoices

As an entrepreneur starting a business or operating an existing one, you have a lot on your plate, to say the least. Not only do you have to manage every aspect of your business’s day to day operations, but you also have to build your customer base. One major time drain for many business owners is creating and managing invoices to keep track of payments owed and received. Thankfully, you now have access to several high quality online tools that make managing these invoices fast and simple, leaving you with more time free to work on other tasks.

Manage Invoices

# 1: Freshbooks

One of the top online invoice management tools is Freshbooks. Freshbooks makes dealing with invoices an impressively quick and simple task. Using this program, you can send and receive invoices, as well as late payment reminders. In addition, Freshbooks allows you to set billing frequency and to accept automatic payments via credit card. All of these features are paired with an easily understandable user interface. A free 30 day trial is offered to new users.

# 2: Apptivo

Apptivo eliminates the need for paper invoices entirely. With this online tool, you can create invoices yourself from scratch or from a preexisting sales order. Every invoice created with Apptivo can automatically fill in all necessary contact information and perform all necessary calculations; basically, the lion’s share of the work is completed for you. Once the invoice has been created, you can send it with one click. The entire process could not be simpler.

# 3: Blinksale

Another online invoice management tool that many users consider one of the best available is Blinksale. Blinksale is an extremely comprehensive and professional online invoice tool that tracks the history of every invoice, as well as a host of other information such as past reminders sent and comments made. In addition, your dashboard allows you to check the status of all current invoices with a glance. Creating and managing invoicing is simple with Blinksale.

# 4: Invoicera

Invoicera is an online billing software that also helps make invoicing hassle-free. Bills can customized, managed and printed however you prefer; client reports can also be provided when needed. With this billing software, you can send and receive both invoices and payments.

# 5: Workingpoint

Workingpoint is perfect for any small business. Not only is it a great invoicing tool but it is also capable of handling financial reporting, accounting and tax documentation. This high-quality program can complete all of your business’s accounting and financial tasks in one place. Perhaps its best feature is that users are not tied to one computer. All information can be accessed from any location

# 6: eSlip

Last but not least on the list of the best online tools for creating and managing invoices is eSlip. eSlip is an online accounting application intended to provide a variety of professional services. With eSlip you can send professional invoices via either email or traditional mail. However, you can also receive payments online, manage client and product lists and perform a wide variety of other client management and interaction activities. This application is also very easy to learn and use.