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Marketing on MySpace: Reap Rich Dividends from Easy Publicity

MySpace is experiencing a massive surge in popularity as a premium social networking site with each passing day. It presents a sterling opportunity to put one’s entrepreneurship skills in play and pull off rapid business success with products that can grab the attention of impulse buyers and shopaholics. Myspace marketing is the latest buzz in online space that is creating ripples by being a one stop destination to garner rich returns on one’s ventures.

Marketing on myspace ideally can bring an enormous amount of publicity to products with absolute ease. Building credibility to pull off word of mouth advertising has never been such easy. One can score successful reputation management for products among qualified group of social visitors.

Superior content and diligently designed profile page on this social networking site will go a long way in fostering brand reputation. Myspace marketing makes it imperative to steadfastly adhere to some common profile design norms for sustained lead generation. The default image in the Pictures section should explicitly verbalize the theme of your product in a bold manner.

Any whimsical technology that tends to distract prospects is to be avoided. The profile background should be neat and sober. It should not be flooded with high contrast imagery that renders the content illegible owing to color overdose. Posting comments can be blocked to send across the intended message of the posts. A plethora of useless comments will interfere with the layout and will turn the potential buyers off.

The capability to embed background song should be sparingly used until it goes with the theme of the page and positively inspire the prospects and ignite their desire to buy the product. The song should reflect the brand personality.

Success of marketing on myspace essentially hovers around the level of interest exhibited by potential page visitors. This can be pulled off by categorizing your product in a particular niche and then sending out friendship invitation to people who fit in the niche. The profiles of others should be critically browsed based on relevant keywords that resonate with your product.

One may also invoke the service of MySpace bot to send out bulk invitation based on selected criteria.  The friends should not be spammed with mindless advertising. Bulletins may be used to post information pertinent to friend’s interest. Each bulleting that is created should also be posted on MySpace blog to showcase to prospects its efficacy.

A product video that entertains the prospects and enhance their knowledge base regarding the product should be posted on the profile. All product queries should be attended to without delay in a professional manner.  An exciting profile incorporating the marketing tips mentioned aforesaid will transform Myspace marketing into a gainful venture.

5 Perfect Social Networking and Marketing Tips for Perfect Blogging Business

Social networking and marketing are the two related terms for perfect businesses that want to market online business. Social networking and marketing from these social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.) are becoming vital for every new blogging business whether small or large. One of the most important reasons for becoming these social networks popular are their flexibility to use and effective cost. To be in tough competition and market online business you just want to use the social networking as your biggest marketing option.

Social Networking and Marketing Tips

But to market online business is not a strategy that every person knows about. It may be quite challenging for you to use better options and better marketing methods for your blogging business. Here are the 5 perfect social networking and marking tips for perfect blogging business that helps you to make your business growing always.

Target Right Social Networking Platforms

For making your perfect blogging business even more perfect you need to target on the sites that are holding importance for you and can work wonders for you. You should not just join 20 to 25 sites at once and forgets about them for a week or so. You should instead go for joining 1 or 2 best ones (like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn) and make your strong web presence there. Then you can concentrate on joining more of them if you find extra time for you.

Always Share Your Expertise with Your Network

While sharing ideas with your friends and contacts focus on sharing very knowledgeable and useful content with them which shows your expertise in the field. This will make you credible enough and you hold your importance at these social networking sites while marketing your online blogging business.

Target Your Potential Customers

Targeting your potential customers can work wonders for your blogging business. Your targeted customers can effectively make your efforts for market online business worth for you. You should not just join each and every friend that comes your way. You should first know the person who is really interested in who has similar interests.

Gain Knowledge and Experience with Others

You should also focus on others work and have some inspirations with their work. May be it is your competitor who can show you the right path to proceed in your blogging business. You should therefore never ignore your competitor but try to gain knowledge and experience with them.

Focus on Getting Big

Getting big, bigger and biggest can also help you to get your business, biggest. You should therefore always try to expand your contacts and friend list which proves useful in future. These contacts turn into huge traffic source for you and you get excellent site traffic through this method. You should focus on getting targeted friends that are really interested in your subject.

Getting big and then biggest will work best for you. You can just create and join various pages, groups and communities that show your expertise in the particular field and helps you to market online business for you.

This helps you to expand largely on the social networking site and creates effective web presence for you blogging business.

Pinterest: Hottest New Social Network

Over a couple of months there has been a buzz about a new social network called Pinterest. In December 2011 Pinterest was surveyed to be rated at No. 5. People are chiming about it asking one question like: Is it worth for use of Marketing. ‘Yes’ for not only this purpose but for a bagful of other activities too.

So what is this Pinterest really? Pinterest, a social network allows users to share visuals and discover new areas of interest by posting (which is popularly known as ‘pinning’) various images, articles, videos to their own or others boards generally with a common theme. Users can also upload images from their mobiles, computer or pin items from different websites using the Pinterest tool, pin it button, or just a url.


The distinct features of Pinterest

This is very much like albums with a collection of pictures, may be of any tour, picnic, wedding or even a big event. One just adds a pin button to the toolbar of the website and drags the pin to the image or link featured on the board or use Pinterest button if available by any website.

One can also follow others on Pinterst and pin them to own board. One can browse through the items other users have pinned and ‘like’, ’Repin’ and ‘Comment’ on them. It has grown very rapidly like Facebook using its visual emphasis feature of connecting people through the things they find interesting. Every time an item is pinned and repined, it develops more and more links to the original source.

Pinterest proving to be a powerful business platform

In such a short span of time Pinterest has attracted a huge and consistent traffic to a site. This is soon becoming a platform for establishing your credibility, discover and relate prospective customers and hence move towards a business development. Pinterest board is obviously becoming an online catalog where just one click makes you view, share the product and place an order. With its growing popularity, different apps like Instagram are available which helps to highlight the product displayed by causing them to be pinned more often and increase the visibility of companies as well.

Even if it is a service rather than product the business process can be developed by featuring the best part of it. Like one can pin pictures of any significant event and get more pins and likes and in return that would also encourage others to follow or approach for the service. All those that are added to the Pin board have links that can generate huge traffic and thus potential leads. The more it spreads out and reaches others the more it has chances to explore for new dimensions like business development.

Pinterest helping the business grow online

These days visual emphasis of any service or product has tremendous impact on Business and with online facility it is just about sitting at any corner and hovering the mouse and clicking on the things of interest on the Pinboard.

So Pinterest is growing larger and powerful tool for not only entertaining and recreation, but for information and business too. This is an open platform which is accessible for anyone and everyone and is proving very powerful for any business that depends on getting a high volume of online traffic to increase sales. Compared to other online social networking media Pinterest is considered more user friendly and effective.

Facebook Users – Things to Do and Avoid

The term ‘Facebook’ is usual to hear and spell by nearly 90% of modern population. This social networking site got that much popularity and recognition in the world! Being one of the interesting and easy ways to connect to friends and family, Facebook is bringing users with lots of knowledge and information about many things in and around the world.

Though using this media may be confusing for the first time users, it will make everyone expert on it through continuous practice. Other than fun, Facebook also gives users the opportunity to learn from each other. Here we discuss about the important factors that a user has to keep in mind while using Facebook.

Things to Do while Using Facebook

  • Put your real picture in the Facebook profile along with original name, place and address when you start a FB account. This is to help your friends and family members easily recognize you. Also include details like school and colleges so that you can easily find your lost friends too.
  • Check and ensure each friend request after visiting their profile. The requester may be using a fake photo so visit his/her profile to get original details. Fake profiles are common on Facebook and so, check each and every friend request for keeping your profile safe and secured.
  • When you create photo albums, use privacy settings because you may have some snaps that you don’t like to share publicly. Apply security settings and keep the photos viewable only to the circle you select.
  •  Tag photos after uploading them to your profile. This will help your friends aware about their snaps, and moreover it will make your bonding with friends stronger.
  • Stay patient when you get unknown friend requests or you couldn’t recognize him/her. Simply click the ignore option and move to searching or chatting your known friends.
  • Make different list for your friends and family because both of the categories will have different attitude and talking style to you. So, apply different settings for them and never make them mixed up.
  • If you find any kind of harassments or stalks with you on FB, immediately report to the Facebook or inform your guardians. In some situations such harassment may lead to obsession and culminate badly.

Things to avoid while Using Facebook

  • Don’t let your profile as it is since you have signed in. Customize your FB account using privacy and security settings to keep it safe and secured.
  • Never use your profile wall to notify your journey, schedules and planning. It may be used by any hackers and lead to hindering in your work.
  • Never accept friend requests from unknowns. Check and ensure each profile before accepting.
  • Never use public walls as your own and keep the decorum of fan pages and group pages. Share information or anything about you on your wall only, never in public walls.
  • Keep yourself out from bullying or ragging through FB. This may lead you to legal action, and in some cases can put you in prison. Keep avoiding these ‘Don’ts’ to never become a Facebook idiot.

Facebook brings you fun and chances to know societal data quickly and easily. So, it is our duty to use the site safely and without breaking public norms. Be a responsible and sensible user of Facebook.

Build Social Network To Get Most Out Of Your Online Business

Social networking websites have become a very significant marketing tool in today’s date. There would be hardly any business left which has not got its profile page done on social media websites.

Okay that you heard a lot and seen a lot about its impact, but like many you are one of the struggles which is yet to make mark over the web. So, you are wondering how you will attract people to your website. It is as simple how we see it, you need to build social network circle of your own.

Build Social Network

How? Well, your friends are the first people to get started with. Your family, friends, colleagues, associates and any number of people that joins list will prove to be the great s supporters for your new business. It helps you extend your horizons which will surely have alluring impact to your business.

The first step involves to build your network is through various open source social networking. These are found many over the internet and probably have the similar working pattern. Why not join one of the networks to promote your business/products/services.

Many of the companies have realised that setting up their company’s profile on such social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook had made the difference. It has made the difference in creating awareness, as well as it also has worked well to build social networks. Things like chats, content, forum are all the vital things that are helpful in keeping the brand interested.

Just setting up your page or profile over the social networking websites doesn’t counts; it requires some amount of dedication to make it a huge hit. For instances, you will need some interesting blogs, videos, pictures etc.

It is very much important to be creative and updating all the time making sure that your visitors do visit your site again and again. Also there are few points to keep in mind to boost up your online presence, since speaking to wrong group of people will get you nowhere.

  • Identifying your target market
  • Getting to know your audience
  • Selecting the niche topic that shares similar interests and activities
  • Be informative and engaging
  • Precisely represent your mission of your site
  • Have multiple ways to locate your product/brand/services
  • Have equal active participation on all of your social media websites
  • Lastly, be consistent

With the above mentioned pointers, you will be at ease to build your social group and find that your online business is thriving positively.


Social Networking Tools For Your Online Business Benefit

With today’s pacing time, you get more and more involved into several social networking websites for your business. It becomes increasingly important to make sure that you get the best output of your time spend over the Internet.

This mind-set didn’t prevailed earlier, this we are talking about when the social networking websites didn’t influenced people life that much.  Personally talking, I use to just sit on my PC check the emails and that’s all. It is not the same scenario with so much of net socializing creating around.

Social Networking

There are many of you that can agree with me that doing business over the social media websites is no kids’ job.  Whatever amount of time you spend on to build social network for your online business is built through a peculiar mind-set whether it is going to give me a good returns or not.

However; there are additional some knock off social networking tools that gains a positive impact to your online businesses.

For instance, how would you know that when you tweet you are actually targeting the right audience?  Unless the positive reply doesn’t show it is just one more waste of trial. Why waste time when there is social networking tools to help get your online business gain the desired popularity. There are many free tools out there on the Internet that monitors your tweets and shows where to improve.

With the help of such tools, will help you improve on your online work, showing you how to target and what it takes to get the positive reply. As of more and more businesses are going online, the competition is becoming tough and it is important to stay connected with the present technology and to know what your audiences desire.

Here are too few pointers that will help you navigate with your online business.

Take One Thing At A Time: You are a techno savvy and know in and out of this trend, but it is not good that every social media websites that you come across should tried and tested. Take one thing a time.

Being Consistent: Most of the social networking sites comes with similar working features, if you have more than one it saves time to post info, videos and snaps. It is vital to keep your message consistent it’s what it counts.

Updating: It is important to keep updating the info, out-dated info and laziness suggest that you are not concern or busy.

Keeping It Professional: Rather sharing your personal interest and some silly quizzes and games, it is better that you post your professional info about your products and services.

How Social Media and Mobile Video Sharing can help in Growing your Business Online

Have you ever given it a thought that why some videos get widely shared by people, while thousands of others lie in one corner on the web and never get any exposure? Videos must have some specific qualities that prompt users to share and spread them on social networks like a wildfire.

For instance, Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs video is certainly an exceptional way to market a milk brand. This commercial has that quality of going viral and transforming browsers into buyers. As a matter of fact, this rising tide of social sharing has come with the ancillary benefit of promoting your products and services online and at the same time getting the real-time feedback for the same.

Why brands need video content or extended commercials?

The answer is quite simple- They invest thousands of dollars to create an entertaining video content, which engages the viewers and compels them to share it with their friends. Creating branded video content is the most effective way to market products and engage audiences. An interesting video that goes viral is can drive ‘purchase intent’ in the viewers.
Social sharing is the next big thing!

Social sharing is aptly quoted as ‘the next big thing.’ And the recent surge in the sale of smartphones has made social sharing easier than earlier; the content is sharable from wherever you are to wherever you want. Spare the hassle of logging on to a desktop to share something to the social networking sites.

Everything from an small image to a long video can be shared with a mere touch of your index finger. With more people spending time on social networking sites on their mobile handsets, smartphones have certainly become the next frontier in social.

Social-video sharing is evolving!

The photo treatments evolved by Instagram have enticed not only some photo-sharing maniacs, but also a common man who likes to share photos. A similar evolution is being expected in social-video sharing as well. The ubiquitous influence of social video sharing has led to the growth of some popular mobile video apps like Viddy, Socialcam, Thwapr. These mobile video sharing platforms harness lets you share your video content via your phone only.

Coming back to the question- What qualities make a video content attractive and worth sharing? Though, getting a video shared is an elusive goal. Check out these seven sharing triggers or the reasons why users feel the urge to share certain videos. An attractive video must be:

  •     Cute
  •     Thought-provoking
  •     Laughter-provoking
  •     Mind-boggling
  •     Heart-rending
  •     Something Utopian or Platonic
  •     Crazy or controversial

In the first quarter of 2012, video viewing skyrocketed, surpassing TV ad campaigns, no matter how interesting they are. An ad campaign is never viewed with interest and is just considered as another commercial break to grab some snack or do a household job like arranging magazines, or preparing for the dinner.

The story is altogether different when we talk about the online scenario. A video advertisement that touches a heart, ought to be shared again and again on the web. Just keep in mind the above mentioned sharing triggers that can make your brand video more sharable and watchable.

What is Social Networking – Quench Your Social Thirst Now

In the past when we use to meet and greet our family and friend in a group it use to call a social networking in a way. However; today the definition has changed of socializing, it is more of socializing over the Internet. Keeping in touch and getting together is now done on various chat rooms, social networking websites etc.

If you are still not come to the terms of what is social marketing then, here you will find more info on it. Social networking over the Internet is nothing but a group of people in a specific group. It could be general also and includes varied countryside communities. It is more of like making friends and mingling on the web through various social networking mediums.

Today, if we discuss what is social networking? It carries a vast definition. It is not just about making friends or exchanging information. Social networking mediums have become the refined communities that offer the users advice, information, friendship, entertainment and much more. People these days make use of this optimum standard that has a smart way of connecting people for their brand and marketing things, promoting their products and services and many such relevant things.

Quench Your Online Social Thirst

Today, with the social networking it is been very much possible to exchange your views, market your brands and such many things world-wide without spending that much of money. Online services like Craigslist and Amazon have changed the mind-set of the way people use to buy and sell, volunteer, hire and exchange. Though these sites are not termed as a social networking website, but let’s face it online shopping has to an extent played a vital role when it comes to social interacting.

Social media websites is the place where the person can expose to the outer world. You can make number of connections whether it is for just “being friendly and chatting” purpose or it is business or job related. The most popular social networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Orkut, Ning, Live Journal,  Tagged, myLife, my Yearbook and many more.

So, when next time you come across the question what is social networking? You will be able to answer and explain it confidently. It is the best thing happen to us since the way we leading a hectic life and our lifestyles involves less of mingling time so why not through social networking websites.

Secrets To The Viral Marketing and YouTube Video Marketing

When it comes to tapping the most potent online marketing technique that can capture the attention of the public then it is none other than viral marketing and YouTube video marketing. This specific method effectively takes the advantage of present date social networks to produce a boom in the product awareness.

Viral marketing has come a long way from word of mouth phase to the most impressive approach provided by YouTube i.e. YouTube video marketing.  People these days are using this marketing technique because it has an ability to reach a larger amount of masses in less of time. Let me share some of the absolute important viral marketing secrets that video maestros utilize to get their videos noticed instantly.

Number one is to fit in the catchy tag lines, intros, headings and other essentials of relevant content. The mistake more people do is to capture the video using a simple webcam and with no editing or fashioning, they used to set-up on to the YouTube. But the thing to understand is that one single good quality and attractive video can do wonders.

So, it is important that you focus on your content by presenting attractive captures that allures the audience making them to click on them.

The next thing is to include some graphics. This is a hi-tech world, and people want something flashy and amusing. There is lots of software out there which will allow you to insert the action right into your audio-video.

The next thing to do is to share interesting and unique posts. This is the most important and obvious thing which should not be overlooked. To make your video stand exclusively along equally doing the job to convey the message than, think about the 3 vital questions when you are on this step:

  • How can I be different from which is already been floating out there?
  • What genre will hear this message?
  • How specific it is to be made?

Then comes, doing SEO to capture the traffic. This is very much vital part in recognizing your audience taste; clarify what kind of keywords they could be using to get the solutions from the search engines. For example, your videos are associated to real estate then the video should be intended with the relevant keywords. Add a bit of description, tags and title to it.

Viral marketing through YouTube video marketing will act effectively in targeting a specific audience.

Social Networking For Business

Using social networking for business promotion is a common practice these days. Gone are the days when networking was considered as a face to face practice for business owners. Gone are also the days when people need to join different organizations and groups of people to promote their business and to increase their business profits.

Today with the advent of internet and social networking sites it has been an opportunity for business owners to promote their business free of cost without joining different organizations and without having a face to face contact with anyone.

There are today tons of different social networking sites that are built all around the web. From the largest Facebook (which is supposed to be the king of social networking sites) site to the new launched sites like Apsense and others, each of them have their own importance and can help you in making good profits in your business.

How these social networking sites work, is an important thing to look at. For the new ones in the online business who are not using these social networking sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) for their business, it is important to know that it can make a high boost to their profits.

How social networking sites work?

When you (as an online business marketer) join these sites you are allowed to invite your friends and people you know via email address book. Some of these sites do the job of inviting your friends automatically. The process of inviting the friends goes on when your contacts join the sites and thus results in a great networking which is commonly known as online social networking.

For many these networking sites are just like a platform for socializing and to make new friends for gossiping and fun. But by many more, these sites are utilized as a way of promoting their business online. The highly targeted audience that one can get here is a main advantage for businesses which helps them in increasing their leads and conversions.

Internet social networking has today become an essential tool for business marketing. It is a well rounded strategy that helps increase sales and profits thus achieving the high business targets in small range of time. The more important part is to use these social networking sites carefully, naturally, consistently and strategically so that one can get more business profits in long term.