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How to Write a Strong Guest Post – Top 5 Tips

Guest posting has a slew of benefits for aspiring bloggers, making it a go-to tactic when it comes to looking for ways to increase traffic and blogging reputation.

However not all guest posts are created equal and some people spend time writing up a post only for it to miserably fail once on the site or even just get outright rejected by the blog’s owner. So what defines a strong guest post from a terrible one?

1.      Stay within your blog’s niche

Every blogger has their own category that they fall into, so when you’re looking for different blogs to guest post for you need to stay within the blogs that fall into your own target audience.

It won’t do you any good to write for a fitness blog if your blog is geared towards technology because the traffic won’t stick to your site. You need to write for sites whose audience will find worth in the information you have to offer.

 2.      Avoid being long-winded

The average blog reader isn’t interested in reading paragraph upon paragraph of exceptionally wordy posts. It’s just too much information to try to take in and people get bored too quickly for that.

Most readers scan posts, picking up on only the key points, so you need to format your posts accordingly and make the information you want to stick with the readers stand out. Breaking up a post into numbered or bulleted points is a good way to let readers cruise through the post and still retain the important information.

3.      Give readers a taste of what you have to offer

You want your guest post to entice readers to head over to your blog once they’ve finished reading it, so you should always let your post tell part of what your blog offers.

Link once or twice to relevant posts on your own blog that compliment your guest post so that readers can easily make their way over to them, but don’t overdo the linking because link-heavy posts start to resemble spam and are often rejected by the blog’s owner.

4.      Always edit!

You should never, ever submit a guest post to someone else without first editing it for any errors. Sending someone a post that has grammatical and spelling errors, or sentences that don’t make sense, is a surefire way to get rejected right off the bat.

Bloggers want to showcase high quality, well-written guest posts on their blog that require little to no editing on their part and it’s up to you to provide them with that.

5.      Don’t neglect your byline

A common mistake that bloggers make when writing their guest posts for other blogs is focusing all of their attention on the guest post itself and ignoring the byline. Your author byline is your chance to sell yourself and your blog and it should never be ignored. You should make your byline engaging and inviting and it should always have a link to your blog included in it.

Before you submit a guest post for search engine optimization make sure to check the host blogger’s site for any guest post guidelines they may have; you don’t want to spend time writing a post that gets rejected because you didn’t read the guidelines through ahead of time.

Writing strong, high quality guest posts offer both the writer and the host blogger several benefits, so it’s important to approach writing them with the same – if not more – integrity that you write your own posts.

5 Qualities of Powerfully Successful Social Media Campaigns

Nothing has proven to be quite as successful at rocketing your blog to fame as social media.  Yes, SEO is important.  Sure, content might be king.  But what is a king without a kingdom, a following? If social media is an important part of your marketing strategy as a blogger — and you know it should be — make sure that your campaign has these qualities:

AuthenticMcKinsey Quarterly recently reported that “the trust gap between consumers and things in general is widening.”  Given that one of the most important functions of social media is to build trust between you and your readers, it is obvious that any social media efforts you make have to be genuine, and framed as authentically as possible.  Don’t be overly self-promoting, engage with your readers on a personal level; send social media updates that are full of personality and charm.

Agile:  This might not be one of the qualities you expect to see in a list about social media campaigns, but the truth is that changes in the social media world happen in the blink of an eye, and you have to be able to respond just as quickly.  Don’t build a campaign that is so expansive that you don’t see the small changes.

Positive: All your social media efforts should be appeal emotionally to your readers.  Instead of focusing on getting a message about yourself and your new content out, try to foster a positive emotional response from them when you post.  The way to do this is to “turn happiness into a resource,” as McKinsey Quarterly puts it.  What drives your readers’ happiness?  The answer to this question will help shape your social media campaigns

Unexpected:  It is pretty amazing to see how quickly paradigms form with new technologies — already there is a generally standard method of posting social media updates.  Any time you deviate from this standard, you will pique the interest of your readers.  Visual components are especially effective when trying to catch your readers’ attention.

Shareable:  Making your social media updates shareable is paramount to the success of your campaign.  Your campaign could have all the above qualities in spades, but if you don’t provide tools that make it easy for your readers to share your content, it is very unlikely that your campaign (or your content) will ever leave the ground.

Blogging is a great way to bring in extra-income or even replace a traditional job, but if you don’t have the marketing tactics to support your blog, it’s unlikely that you will ever see the kind of success that you want.

Some are naturally better suited to blog, such as students at online colleges who are often already familiar with the technology and are in many cases online for a great part of their day to begin with, but anyone can learn the principles of a running great blog.

It starts with analyzing what you are doing, and comparing it to what works.  Review the list above and ask yourself what you could be doing differently to get your blog popular.


Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Marketing Tool

Markets change and so must we in order to face upcoming challenges that face our business, and with this in mind, social media is something that has to come into focus when we try to increase brand awareness on the one hand and create a strong voice for our companies in the online world.

So it would come as no surprise that, when managing your social media presence properly and being aware of changes on a constant basis, you can influence your business positively, even though at first it may seem tricky to get a hang of all things social-account related.  And since possibilities are endless, especially since businesses can manage campaigns across more than just one social network, your main concern is to obtain the sought after engagement by driving credibility and leadership through your desired market position and being aware of the online competition.Twitter

And out of the many platforms out there, Twitter is by far one of the easiest, most user-friendly ones, which seems to have struck many business professionals’ fancy, not to mention marketers. CEOs who use this extremely efficient micro blogging tool to link information back to their desired web pages (for instance a selected blog or website you are trying to promote).

The important thing is that Twitter is the platform where everything is happening in the “NOW”, that means this is where all news breaks, where real –time conversations are being held, where events are best coverer and ran live. It also addresses key areas of any marketing strategy belonging to self-respecting companies: online reputation (this can be easily managed through your account), Thought-leadership and the online brand.

There are also numerous Twitter Comparison Tools that make it easy to manage your campaigns and be aware of competitors or friends Twitter usages or other management tools that allow you to discard unfollowers, clean-up inactive users, reciprocate followers, and of course follow new and enticing people.

When analyzing the needs of your markets, you may want to first and foremost get to know your target audience and determine the key influencers.  Afterwards, study the times at which tweeting is most effective, be aware of the timelines of both your followers and competitors and use tools to establish de optimal moments to tweet.

Another aspect of a successful business correctly advertised online stands in the marketing of conferences, seminars and workshops. And even here, Twitter is perfectly designed to come to your aid, seeing that hashtags and search algorithms make it easy to find either speakers or interview topics.

So without a doubt, Twitter is a social network that should be in the toolbox of any serious marketer, even though there are some disadvantages, like for instance that your content becomes available on Google+ and Google organic searches and you may wait some time for replies to articles shared and its many features such as fast follow programs or advanced searches will make it easy for any new-comer to ensure the enforcement of an efficient online marketing strategy.

Author Bio:

Jordan Martin is also a freelancer who specializes on writing and search engine optimization. Nevertheless, he considers that a digital net agency can also produce great results for clients.


The Good and the Bad Points Concerning Social Media

What is social media? To start with, social media is the newest means of communication that is highly utilized by anybody as long as there is an available internet connection. Hence, social media is equated to the word interaction.

Social Media

Through social media, people are able to share ideas, post pictures from recent experiences, and discuss certain issues that are relevant to them. Hence, social media has vastly increased the awareness and sense of communication by anybody.

So what are the advantages of using social media? Let us read then read on below:

  • Opens the line of communication

Through social media, anyone is highly welcomed to join a forum wherein they get to communicate with the people who joined. Hence, the means of communication is enhanced at large since people are now very vocal with what they think and act.

  • Efficient interaction between colleagues

This is especially true when someone is working with a team or when a student needs to ask a classmate about something, social media can be the best communication tool that efficiently connects you with somebody right away and be able to gain answers from your queries.

  • Promotes business deals

Be it a large-scale or small-scale business venture, social media can be very useful in creating a boost on its site. For example, one can make an advertisement about your company and post it online so that a lot of people will get to notice your products are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way. This is of course made possible with the use of links so that viewers will not have difficulty searching for your website.

  • Improves internet marketing

Social media is the number one tool when it comes to marketing these days. This is because the market has now transferred through the internet; hence, if one tries to promote and create campaigns concerning his/her company, there is a huge possibility that it shall be noticed by a large number of clients.

However, despite its huge acclaim, there are still disadvantages when using social media such as:

  • Damaging one’s website is inevitable

It is said that a means is also one’s end. With social media, this is particularly factual because your website’s ending can also be done by hackers that will probably create viruses in order to destroy your online business empire that you have worked so hard before.

  • Scamming has become a new business

With the market now transferring on the internet, social media poses theft and scammer from creeping. And this mostly happens to individuals that are utilizing social media in hopes of landing a good job, but were unfortunately met by opportunists.

  • Employees have no time already for work

Since internet connections are highly used in offices, employees now have a wide access to using social media as well. However, caught by their curiosity and eagerness to socialize, most of them usually lost the track of time, which results to undone works in the end.

As seen, it is therefore okay to use social media. However, one should impose a strict limitation when using it.

Author Bio:

Austin Richard is an IT professional from prep nerds. Are you really looking for Prepnerds.com Assistance? Take the benefit of ACI Certifications and pass your exam easily.

Free Website vs. Facebook – Which First?

Let us assume that you have decided to start your very own business. Most businesses today are run online as it is the era of the internet. So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an online business, a website or social media? Some people might recommend your very own website while some might say having a Facebook page is better. Both of these options have advantages as well as disadvantages of their own. So, given a choice, which one would you choose first? Let us have a closer look at both the options.

Starting a Facebook page is the easiest thing in the world. First, you need to make sure that you have a personal account through which you can login. If you don’t have one, it’s fine. You can always register yourself. Once you have done that, all you need to do is click on “create a page” and follow the guidelines. It’s as easy as that. Now, the biggest advantage of having a Facebook page is that it already has a database of millions of people. It is like a goldmine of potential customers, just waiting to be struck. All you have to do is reach out to them and introduce your product or service. And what’s more? It is completely free.


This advantage is not available with a website. A website will never give you a ready base of audience to communicate with. Social media also makes it possible for a brand to study the trend that is prevailing. We all know that trends change every now and then and Facebook is the best way to track them. This allows a brand to adapt with the latest changes and get innovative with the needs of the ideal customer. Brands can also check out what its competitors are doing and use that information to stay in the competition. But Facebook is only the start. In order to establish long term presence and build a loyal consumer base, your brand needs a website.

There are also a few disadvantage of having a Facebook page. Let us not forget that we a building something on someone else’s platform. Social media platforms can change policies, suddenly start charging you for your page or even shut down one fine day due to losses or some other reason. The point is that you don’t have complete control over the long term implications of having a Facebook page for your brand. Besides, nothing spells ‘professional’ like a website. A consumer will always buy from a brand that has its very own website. Somehow, a URL sounds cooler to convey than a Facebook page.

A website, however, must always be the base of your brand and social media should only be used to promote it. Of course, there are many brands that are built only on social media, but having a website is a good option, especially if it is absolutely free. There are also a lot of web hosting data centers that offer free registrations.

So it is safe to conclude that having a website should be the first choice and social media should only be used for marketing and customer servicing purposes. Besides, once you contact people on Facebook, you need a website or some other page that has established your brand image. This will get the consumer quickly involved in the workings of your brand. So, given a choice between free website vs. Facebook page, which one would you go for first? I think the answer is pretty much clear to you now.

How Much Traffic Does It Takes To Have A Profitable Blog?

How much my blog is worth? Is it doing okay than others or still it requires something more? These questions are the most worrying one to most of the online marketers, and especially this one “how much traffic does it take to have a profitable blog?” Right here we are going to discuss all these worrying questions by taking quick and easy look.

Why This Question Does Not Have A Definite Answer?

If you are searching your answers or solutions for this question on the Internet, then it might be possible that you will not get a fruitful reply. Since it is not an easy question to answer and it again varies upon many things and factors.

Being profitable means something different to different individuals, for someone profit making may be anything over the cost of hosting and other blogging efforts that repays. Whereas for someone else, it means just earning a good amount that acts as an extra income. The truth is a blog is a super-hit for all sorts of reasons and there is “NOT” one size rule that fits all.

What Is More Important Quantity or Quality?

Many believe that to succeed with making money online, your blog just has to be visited by hundreds and thousands of viewers every day. True!! Getting traffic is certainly beneficial, but does it guarantee you that it will generate money for you?

The key to make money with a blog is based on the rate of successful conversion that takes place when viewers visit the place. There is no benefit of having thousands of hits every month if those viewers are not positively converting.

Where Your Blog Is Lacking?

Knowing this would let you help to work exactly to fill in the gaps about where your blog lacks. Listing down the points will save your time and allows you to work precisely on that.

  • No or less effective marketing strategies
  • Doesn’t know which audience to target
  • Boring content
  • No online visibility

So How Much Traffic Is Enough Traffic Or Is A Lot Of Traffic?

It is a favourite question and no matter what number you say well it doesn’t matter. So we make it this way the more the merrier. To be precise it depends upon the content and the products/services within that you are targeting.  If you are getting 80 hungry viewers each day than that it is what net profit – instant cash.

An important point besides you would like to bear in mind is “Getting lot of traffic” is what the value you are offering, whether you get 5 viewers or 50 they will not care if you don’t provide them the solution they are looking for.

Have a glance at below mentioned tips to draw the profitable traffic to your blog

  • Paying attention to your audience
  • Focusing on residual traffic
  • Writing on the correct niche
  • Rather focusing big from start, start small
  • Test your marketing strategy and make changes
  • Taking help of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites

Traffic is the soul and blood of your online business; you are only then able to generate a generous amount of traffic when above factors only come into play.

Getting Success with Squeeze Pages

If you are happy about using a page of the blog as the sales page, here is something more that you should know about these so called squeeze pages. There is not much difference between sales page and squeeze page except that both of them have different sales objectives.

The most advantageous part of squeeze page is it offers tremendous benefits for converting the traffic into genuine subscribers of newsletters. If you want your readers to stay at your site, you are required to be more disciplined for enhancing the conversion of squeeze pages.

The offer of the squeeze page should be commensurate with the requirement of your target readers. Contrary to the benefits of links for driving more traffic to your site, the squeeze pages, should not have any links as it will divert the traffic away from the newsletter.

Sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers la Septuagésime)

Give your Readers the Best They Want

At this stage, it is useless to state that you should not waste time thinking whether you want to create a squeeze page or allow the page of your blog to be the sales page. It is necessary to remember that a squeeze page works better because there is a coherent statement in it about the product or service and the ways in which the readers can benefit from the same.

One greatest factor that helps getting success with squeeze pages is the quality of newsletter one develops and feed to their readers. If you are targeting your users just like the customers and do not offer something interesting or helpful, you may never expect getting higher sales and success with your squeeze pages.

The significance of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter cannot be ruled out for driving more traffic to your newsletter as well as squeeze pages. One should therefore never over look the advantage of social networking which matters most for getting success.

Control the Loading Time and Enhancing the Conversion of Squeeze Pages

However, the quality of the newsletter and the information that is present therein will also matter a lot your readers should also not face any difficulties while loading the squeeze page. Loading time of the squeeze page is an interesting option that is important not only for driving more traffic, but allow the visitors to stay at that squeeze page for a while or read the blogs.

As an average reader does not want to waste time in irregular navigation they want to load the page quite fast and to get the information they need very quick. You can try to be a little empathetic and take the position of the reader in order to find out their expectations from squeeze pages.

The charm of a blog may not reach the users when they will come across a blogger’s site simply because of loading problems. For enhancing the loading time, one should take care of not adding useless ads at their squeeze pages.

On one hand it helps in enhancing the loading speed of the page and on the other it also helps in not clicking away your visitors away through ads, thus helps in getting higher conversions.

Hopefully this article enlightens you about how to utilize the squeeze pages and how to get best results with it. We welcome any of your thoughts about the same here. Please comment it in the comment box below.

Build Social Network To Get Most Out Of Your Online Business

Social networking websites have become a very significant marketing tool in today’s date. There would be hardly any business left which has not got its profile page done on social media websites.

Okay that you heard a lot and seen a lot about its impact, but like many you are one of the struggles which is yet to make mark over the web. So, you are wondering how you will attract people to your website. It is as simple how we see it, you need to build social network circle of your own.

Build Social Network

How? Well, your friends are the first people to get started with. Your family, friends, colleagues, associates and any number of people that joins list will prove to be the great s supporters for your new business. It helps you extend your horizons which will surely have alluring impact to your business.

The first step involves to build your network is through various open source social networking. These are found many over the internet and probably have the similar working pattern. Why not join one of the networks to promote your business/products/services.

Many of the companies have realised that setting up their company’s profile on such social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook had made the difference. It has made the difference in creating awareness, as well as it also has worked well to build social networks. Things like chats, content, forum are all the vital things that are helpful in keeping the brand interested.

Just setting up your page or profile over the social networking websites doesn’t counts; it requires some amount of dedication to make it a huge hit. For instances, you will need some interesting blogs, videos, pictures etc.

It is very much important to be creative and updating all the time making sure that your visitors do visit your site again and again. Also there are few points to keep in mind to boost up your online presence, since speaking to wrong group of people will get you nowhere.

  • Identifying your target market
  • Getting to know your audience
  • Selecting the niche topic that shares similar interests and activities
  • Be informative and engaging
  • Precisely represent your mission of your site
  • Have multiple ways to locate your product/brand/services
  • Have equal active participation on all of your social media websites
  • Lastly, be consistent

With the above mentioned pointers, you will be at ease to build your social group and find that your online business is thriving positively.


Social Networking Tools For Your Online Business Benefit

With today’s pacing time, you get more and more involved into several social networking websites for your business. It becomes increasingly important to make sure that you get the best output of your time spend over the Internet.

This mind-set didn’t prevailed earlier, this we are talking about when the social networking websites didn’t influenced people life that much.  Personally talking, I use to just sit on my PC check the emails and that’s all. It is not the same scenario with so much of net socializing creating around.

Social Networking

There are many of you that can agree with me that doing business over the social media websites is no kids’ job.  Whatever amount of time you spend on to build social network for your online business is built through a peculiar mind-set whether it is going to give me a good returns or not.

However; there are additional some knock off social networking tools that gains a positive impact to your online businesses.

For instance, how would you know that when you tweet you are actually targeting the right audience?  Unless the positive reply doesn’t show it is just one more waste of trial. Why waste time when there is social networking tools to help get your online business gain the desired popularity. There are many free tools out there on the Internet that monitors your tweets and shows where to improve.

With the help of such tools, will help you improve on your online work, showing you how to target and what it takes to get the positive reply. As of more and more businesses are going online, the competition is becoming tough and it is important to stay connected with the present technology and to know what your audiences desire.

Here are too few pointers that will help you navigate with your online business.

Take One Thing At A Time: You are a techno savvy and know in and out of this trend, but it is not good that every social media websites that you come across should tried and tested. Take one thing a time.

Being Consistent: Most of the social networking sites comes with similar working features, if you have more than one it saves time to post info, videos and snaps. It is vital to keep your message consistent it’s what it counts.

Updating: It is important to keep updating the info, out-dated info and laziness suggest that you are not concern or busy.

Keeping It Professional: Rather sharing your personal interest and some silly quizzes and games, it is better that you post your professional info about your products and services.

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Fast

To grow Twitter followers is very essential, if you want to get maximum benefits from your Twitter account. To grow your twitter followers can result in lots of targeted customers which can help you in getting more leads and more profits day after day.

Why Twitter Followers?

As you know that social sites are the most important source of traffic to ones blog and twitter being one of the best social sites of today. Twitter is a great source for sharing all your thoughts and posts to everybody who follow you. So to gain more exposure it is essential to grow Twitter follower. Try out the Free Guide that can effectively help you out in knowing how to grow twitter followers…

Today I am sharing a site which I came across few days back. This has greatly proved as a help to me and can be beneficial for every blogger. It had helped me lot in growing my twitter followers rapidly in just one week. And it is going on adding.

That was the morning I was just sipping my coffee, tweeting as normal and tweeting some of my favorite posts that I have posted last week. I have came a crossed on a friends tweet which made me look as if I was looking for it from many days.

How to grow twitter followers

This is all about how to grow twitter followers fast and easy. This is a great site which offers you the knowledge about how to grow 100s of Twitter followers every day. These targeted followers may help you grow your business by giving more and more exposure for your blogs and tweets to maximum number of people.

This is the fantastic way to grow more and more followers. In all I think this is one of the most awesome ways to grow twitter followers. This site will help you in the ways on How to grow your Followers fast and easy. You must have a look now and get the extra benefits which you might be leaving at the table unknowingly.