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Benefits of Cloud Computing – Reasons Why You Should Opt for It

Cloud computing, a major computing application is allowing users to hive away important documents and information remotely in the safest manner than that of an office server or hard drive can. More and more people today use cloud computing but don’t recognize its importance and benefits.

Some web based mailing options such as Hotmail and Gmail, certain communication facilities like Skype and some music sharing sources use this application. Cloud computing offers a lot of benefits, especially for international companies. Some of the most important benefits of cloud computing are following;


Great flexibility is offered to users while accessing documents and information they need through cloud computing application. No matter if they are at home or outside the office; they can simply access the needed data using cloud computing application.

They just need to log on to the internet and access data from home, office, through a smart phone or even on the road.  This application lets users work collectively on documents and information, even if they are not working together. Users can view and make changes to the documents from different locations.

Quick and easy to run

The application is very fast and includes uncomplicated options. For example, you will need only certain minutes to make a Hotmail or Gmail account and start mailing. You just need to have a computer and internet connection.

Cheaper and less labor-intensive

Many companies find cloud computing very cost effective and less labor-intensive. Companies don’t need to purchase and install costly software as it is already equipped at online and companies just need to run it from there. There are lots of cloud computing applications offered at free of cost. Besides, users can also get wide disk space. Instead of buying the space, users can simply obtain the specific software regularly. Thus, users just have to pay for the application when they need it.

Online availability

This is one of the major benefit of cloud computing. Since it is available online, users can get almost unlimited storage space than hard drive and server limits. Also, cloud computing does not give rise to storage issues with equipment and server upgrades. Users just need to increase their monthly fee for extensive data storage.

No expert service is necessary

Users do not need to have specialist IT staff assistance in order to maintain and upgrade cloud computing software or to fix bugs, because all maintenance is executed by the hosts. It has a frees-up-in-house team to monitor the technical issues, particularly in business niche. Cloud computing offers remote maintenance and so it is easy for businesses to acquire the latest and most powerful version of any specific software.

Cloud computing offers automatic software updates that is helpful for financial or legal compliance reasons. For instance, accounting and book-keeping software changes the system automatically when the tax rates changes. There are lots of international businesses using cloud computing applications, as it has green credentials.

Recently, Microsoft claims that cloud computing can decrease a business’s carbon emissions by around 30% and so, companies don’t need to power a whole server.

Best Windows Phone 7 Apps You Must Get On Your Phone

Windows phone are gaining popularity every day. Besides other smart phones you will get a variety of windows phone in the market. The windows phone was first launched in 2010. Today the latest version is rich with innovative apps like Angry Birds, Official kindle App, Adobe reader, YouTube App and etc.

This is perfectly named as best windows phone 7 apps. These apps are divided into 13 broad categories like Games, Travel, Audio, Photos, Outdoors, Productivity, Security, Social and Communication, Reading, Shopping, Utilities, Video and etc.

There are more than 45,000 apps in the market. These best windows phone 7 apps are specially introduced by Microsoft. Now on your windows phone you can use the metro interface and enjoy using the apps after downloading them from the store.

Read below to know which apps you must have in your phone:


This is a music app specially introduced for the generation next. But to use it on the phone you must have premium subscription. It is available free for windows 7 users.

Spotify For WP7

Here you get the privilege of creating playlist. You can download songs even for offline listening. This app is easy and simple to use. All music lovers will love this app on their phone. This app is free for windows 7 user.

Angry Birds App

This is a game which was launched year’s age. But now there is an updated version of the app. It’s funny and need skill to play the game. Just touch the screen and play.

Official Amazon Kindle App

Today every one prefers reading books on interactive devices, like mobile or table. So if you enjoy reading just download this app and browse through some 700,000 books.

Adobe Reader

Pdf files are very essential for Windows 7 phone. It is one of the best windows phone 7 apps. This app is fre and you can easily access any PDF file or mail pdf files if needed.

Boxfiles For Dropbox

This all new Windows phone supports cloud sharing and Sky Drive services. But if you are using Dropbox you can download this app and use it as needed.

British Airways

Those who are travelling may use this app on the windows phone. With the help of the app you can comfortably manage your ticket bookings. You can do it with your phone and get updates about the trip on your phone.

This is one of the best windows phone 7 apps as you can view the complete details of your travelling on the home screen of the phone. No need to use one app at a time. This particular app meets all your expectation. This app is freely available. No need to pay you can just visit the store and download the app.


If you have a tendency to forget things just download this app on your phone. You can record note and then manage them. You can further sync the notes with your computer or iPad and view notes, maps, search information if and when need. This app makes your work easy.

There are many other apps which can be identified as best windows phone 7 apps. The list is endless and you can continue adding more names here.