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Basic Principles of International SEO

The nature of the global village means that it’s never been easier to conduct business on an international scale. The internet makes it even easier, as anyone with a modem (and the correct keywords) can find your website and potentially use your services or purchase your products. But it raises a rather important question: should you actively seek international markets with international SEO (ISEO)?

International SEO

The answer, as it is so often, is that it depends.

It depends on your business goals and capabilities.

For instance, if you’re a small carpet cleaning business and you only operate within a very defined area then focusing attention on ISEO will be an utter waste of time.

If, however, you’re a small company that makes customised t-shirts and you want to extend your market to other countries then ISEO starts to make sense.

The next question you need to ask yourself is how far you want to go.

Basically you have two options:

1)     Create different websites with separate domains to suit specific countries.

2)     Create country-specific pages on your website.

Different schools of thought advocate the two options.

One school believes that you need country-specific domains to rank properly in international markets. For instance, .co.za will help you rank in South Africa, while .co.au will help you in Australia. Having different sites also allows you to go completely local with the content. If you have the budget for it you can hire local writers to ensure the sensible, smooth flow of the content. They’ll also be able to insert the appropriate keywords in the appropriate places so that you aren’t left with a site that reads as though it was translated by a dyslexic robot.

On the other hand, creating country specific pages is usually more affordable and provides you with more control over what goes on.

Regardless of which you choose you will need to bear in mind these important principles:

  • Keyword research. Ensure that your keyword research reflects the terms applicable to the countries you’re targeting. Spelling and phrasing are particularly important.
  • Geographic specificity. Ensure that you include the name of the country that you are targeting in the content pages. You’ll also need to ensure that international customers are completely aware that you are based abroad, so you need to prominently display your physical address.
  • Remember to cater for different currencies in your prices. Not everyone likes to go to Google for a quick currency conversion.
  • Andy Atkins-Kruger recommends that you pay careful attention to the images that you use. Remember that not all cultures have the same appreciation of the same images, so be sensitive with the pictures that you choose.

Marketing your site to an international audience is much like marketing to your local audience in that it requires the same diligence and hard work. But, it’s important never to forget that for all the similarities there are some differences. Master those and you’ll conquer the world in no time.

Sandy writes on eclectic topics ranging from the environment and publishing to finance, planning & buying media, digital marketing and social media. She’s a complete workaholic and considers editing to be her number one hobby.

Ways To Ensure A Teen Centric Web Site Clicks With Target Users

To make a website that clicks with the teenage web users, it is important to pay attention to the visuals and aesthetics of a website. Usage of social media elements and adequate interactivity are also recommended for such a website.

There was a time most of the internet users were adults and the World Wide Web as we know it was not much accessible for teens. However, in the last decade things have changed drastically and a majority of web users now comprise of teenage boys and girls. They represent the generation that has grown up witnessing the spread of Internet worldwide.

Designing a teenager centric website can prove to be a challenging task for a website design professional. To be truthful, teens can be moody, rather unpredictable and fickle minded at times. Therefore, creating a website that catches their fancy and manages to keep them glued requires expertise and careful handling.  To design a successful teen centric website, a web development professional need to keep certain key aspects in mind.

  • The prerequisite to make a website likable for the kids is to eliminate traces of boredom and implement interactivity. The teen web users love seeing sites that are interactive and have dynamic elements like animation and videos. They also like sites that offer games and online quiz. Flash can be used in a teen centric website for this purpose.
  • A website meant for kids should have an attractive and neat layout. A website design company making such a website needs to be careful about the selection of color and images in the site. The same caution needs to be applied as far as font usage is concerned. It is okay to use trendy font styles as long as the legibility is maintained. The teenagers do not usually have the time to read lots of content and so a website design professional should maintain a balance between graphic elements and content in a teen website.
  • The teenagers like the web sites that have content written in clear lucid style. Hence, a website design company should not use ornamental language or complex jargons in a teen specific website. Doing so will make them flock to other sites. The teenagers are fond of using social media services. Therefore, it makes sense to use links to popular social networking services like Facebook in a teen website.  It is also important to implement SEO measures in a teen website. This is essential because lots of teenagers rely on the search engines to find the sites they want.  A SEO enabled teen website will appear at the top of search engine results, hence making it easily accessible to the teenage users.

This is a guest post. The Author has been working as an internet marketing expert in a leading website design company, for the past 2 years. He has also written articles on different topics such as website design, Search Engine Optimization, logo design, graphic design etc.

Online Business Blogs – Right Way to Get Success from Your Business Websites

Most of the business websites in this cyber space today have their online business blogs attached to the main website. A blog is very essential for them as it helps them serve differently for number of things which their main websites cant.

Blog is today a most efficient tool to deal with multiple things simultaneously like boosting up site traffic, helping in getting potential customers, increasing customer satisfaction, building online reputation and so on.

Most importantly your blog allows you to communicate well with your customers. Your online customer would be more interested in you if you show them your real face. Customers like to deal with real person who can engage with them effectively.

They can just do various different things at your blog. They can comment, share, have their opinion, etc. Also they can contact you easily. Your online business blogs are ideal for viral marketing and can help get you fast success by boosting up your site traffic in no time.

Blogs are loved by Search Engines

As compared to your website, your online business blog gets index fast in Google if you are updating it regularly. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Bing and others love blogs and will often index them faster than websites as they have new content to share all the time.

And after building strong online business blogs, linking them to your main website can effectively help you in getting higher backlinks. It therefore also helps in increasing your websites page rank.

How to deal with your online business blogs effectively

To get success in your online business planning, you should plan and deal with your online business blogs effectively. First of all you should try optimizing your blog for your keywords. Keywords are just important for your online business blogs and can affect your success factor greatly. You should write your blog posts effectively and rich in keywords so that it ranks high in search engines. These posts should also be delivered in a way which is valuable for your customers and should attract them towards it.

If you don’t feel yourself perfect for all this optimizing and all, you should simply write some great contents for your blog and keep stuffing your blog with them. More and more online people will get attracted towards your information and the knowledge you are sharing with them. This automatically brings you huge traffic with lots of potential customers to help you get success online.

If however you need help in writing your great content you should then hire a professional content writer or a freelancer who can provide you keyword rich content. He can understand your business needs well and can work close to you so as to provide you maximum benefits in your online business blogs.

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What are META Tags and How to Use Them

All About Meta Tags, What are Meta Tags and How to use them in your blogs to get more traffic and more profits from your blogs, Are Meta tags still have their importance in the rankings of your site?

These are all of the few questions that a blogger of today think off and should be understood clearly.

Basically Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the HTTP header of a web page, after the title tag. It also contains hidden information in the coding that the various Search Engines will read and use to crawl your pages and to index your sites fast. Meta tags helps in Improving your site’s Placement in Search Engines and can therefore help Increase Visitors Free to your Web site.

It may be assumed that if your web site does not have “keywords” in the head of your HTML code, the search engines may not find your website. Though, Meta tags serve a variety of purposes, but when discussed in context of Search Engine Optimization, we usually refer to Meta Description Tags and the Meta Keywords Tags.

There is one important thing you need to know that Meta tags alone does not have an ability to give you a High Ranking in The Search Engines Listings. What you need is to combine your Meta Tags, titles and your content. You can have the best of keywords in your tags but you will probably not get a top listing as long as they are not present on your page. So while writing a particular post you should keep in mind that your keywords are also present in the post. Try to add various different keywords as possible while writing you post.

In fact there are over 200 different types of “meta-information” that you can place in your Web page with the aid of the HTML Meta tag. but I am listing few meta tags I think are useful below that I think everyone should use.

Essential Meta Tags that are most commonly used

1. <meta http-equiv=”Content-Language” content=”en-us” /> – This is a language meta tag. This tag for example tells the spider the language and region of your web page. For example this on states its English and the region is the US. Change en-us to whatever you wish. I do know Bing uses this tag to help define languages and regions related to local searches. It would make it easier to target US searchers if you declare your site en-us eh?

2.<meta name=”copyright” content=”insert name or url here”/> – This is a copyright meta tag. This tag can be useful for letting crawlers know the content you wrote is yours and original. This way if someone just scrapes your content and copy and pastes it, the crawler will still know you wrote it originally. This meta tag can never hurt you, so why not use it?

3.<meta name=”author” content=”insert name here”> – This is an author meta tag. This tag will allow you to claim authorship of a page on your site in the meta tag. I personally think think this tag is useful, and more bloggers and site owners should take advantage of this tag to claim authorship in the code and meta data of their pages.

4.<meta name=”audience” content=”all”> – I think of this tag as an unofficial rating for your site or page. I use this tag, and again this tag could never hurt you.

5. <meta name=”rating” content=”general” /> – Again this is another general rating tag that could only help your web site like the tag above. I see no reason not to use it.

6. <meta name=”distribution” content=”global” /> – This meta tag pretty much labels your site as safe for general global distribution. Search engines may use this tag, they may not, however some smaller niche search engines may and this tag isn’t going to hurt you. it could only help your site longterm.

7. <meta name=”expires” content=”never” /> – This meta tag simply states the page or content never expires, or you can set an expire date. I can’t hurt you thats for sure. So why not use it?

8. <meta name=”publisher” content=”insert name here”> – This meta tag is similar to the author and copyright tags. It allows you to declare yourself or your company as the publisher of the page or blog. I think this tag only makes your site look more professional, and this is another tag that can only help you.

Those are the 8 essential meta tags that everyone should use. I think those tags will make your blog or site look more professional, and can help your site get better categorized. The author, publisher, and copyright meta tags allow you to claim ownership in your code, and that can only help you with the robots. The language meta tag ensures you have the proper language and region declared. This can really help for business that serve a small area.

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