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Virtual Private Server Hosting Or VPS Host Explained

Today, many web host providers offer virtual server hosting as an extension for web hosting services. Many small and medium sized businesses will choose virtual server hosting as their enterprise IT choice. Virtual Server Hosting offers many advantages for businesses seeking a reliable and affordable computing solution. This type of server hosting is a scalable, flexible, and economical hosting solution that can fit the needs of just about any type of website.

 A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that runs on a shared piece of hardware. A multicore host is configured to provide single, shared, or multiple cores, as well as dedicated pools of memory and hard disk storage. Virtual server providers normally provide a choice of GNU/Linux operating systems.

When Virtual Server Hosting Is Considered By A Business

There are a number of factors that businesses consider when considering virtual server hosting. Businesses who run a number of servers, regularly need to efficiently manage a heavy server request demand, and require effective backups and disaster recovery solutions will consider virtual private server hosting. As well, virtual server hosting is considered by a business when they are in need of shared servers for workgroups, and when they have employees in various locations.

How the Virtual Server Works

Each private virtual server is managed through a virtualization panel, or CP user-interface. This user-interface allows you to easily manage databases, domain names, files, mail addresses, File Transfer Protocol accounts, and everything else you need to operate your account. As well, you can also restart the entire VPS web server or separate services such as MySQL, HTTP, and more. The benefit is you can administer all tasks and check the unused and used-up system resources.

With the virtual server, you get the advantage of full root-level access, and you can activate server-side software applications which may be demanded for specific script-driven platforms to be able to operate. You can also view a history of all the processes that run on the virtual hosting server as well as view your monthly web traffic statistics. In addition, with the virtualization dashboard, you can activate a hosting CP on the virtual hosting server.

Virtual Server Hosting Benefits for Business

If the virtual machine or the host hardware on which it operates loses power or crashes, the storage attached to a VPS remains persistent so you can: return to where you left off after rebooting.  It can even offer a separate OS than those of the other VPS accounts on that physical machine. And, the VPS service can migrate quickly to another system in the event. The host hardware fails. Also, the VPS resolves any worries about hardware. That is, you get some of the same advantages as a dedicated server because the VPS appears just like a device with a specific set of hardware attached. In addition, some host services offer tools for load balancing among such servers.

Cost-Effective Hosting Solution

The biggest drawback to using a dedicated server is that it is very expensive. With a virtual private server, you get a perfect balance of high performance and affordability. With a virtual private server, you pay a flat monthly or annual fee which is ideal for a small business or an enterprise on a tight budget.

Managing a VPS hosting account is as easy as managing a shared website hosting accounts as their management is similar. Virtual server hosting is ideal for small and mid size businesses, including eCommerce resource demanding sites. There are different virtual server hosting packages available to ensure you get the hosting solution that meets your business needs and budget. You will benefit from getting the independence required to use the virtual server in the way you need. Virtual servers offer the best of both worlds to businesses that want to keep costs low but require a dynamic hosting solution.

How to Format Computer

Have you ever experienced getting a virus in your computer? Did your computer crash at some point and ever since the crash it has become too slow? Perhaps you think your computer has a mind of its own because it seems to show up a blue screen regularly.

There are tons of things that could happen to your computer when it’s not functioning properly and perhaps the best thing to deal with it is to format your computer and reinstall your programs and applications as well as restore your files. Formatting a computer is like pressing a reset button.

Format Computer

It will reset your computer to how it was like when you first bought it. But how to format computer is one of the questions most computer owners are faced with. If you are nowhere near a computer expert or have no background in computer lessons at all, then perhaps you have no idea how to format a computer. Worry not because here is a guide that will help you learn how to format computer with Windows XP.

Before we start to learn how to format computers, note that any file left in the hard drive of your computer will be lost. Only with the use of the most sophisticated hardware and software may be able to recover files from a formatted hard drive. However, it will most likely be gone, erased, or removed once your format your hard drive or your computer.

So just before you start formatting that computer, make sure that you have copied your files to another computer, another portable hard drive, a USB drive, a CD, a DVD, or another safe and secure backup drive online, depending on your choice. Once you’re sure that you’ve completely copied and backed up your files, you are now ready to format your computer with Windows XP.

  1. Insert the Windows CD and restart your computer.
  2. Your computer will automatically start or “boot” from the CD which will lead you to the Windows Setup main menu.
  3. Once you see the Welcome to Setup window, press enter.
  4. Accept the Windows XP licensing agreement by pressing F8.
  5. It will prompt you to repair the Windows XP installation but you can bypass repair by pressing the ESC button.
  6. Using the arrow keys, you can select the partition or create a new one. You can also delete by pressing D and create by pressing C.
  7. Type the megabytes size you want to use for your new partition and press enter. You need not to indicate the size so you can simply press enter.
  8. Now select the format option for the partition. It is recommended to use NTFS. Proceed by pressing enter.
  9. It will then begin formatting your computer. Once formatting is done, simply follow the next instructions to reinstall your Windows XP operating system.

Author bio: Article written by Mike. He is a free lancer writer and content builder of www.howtouse.org/

Windows Phone Emulator: Develop Applications in Windows Environment

Windows Phone Emulator is designed to be a desktop app that strives to imitate Windows Phone or any related device. The virtual environment provided is ideally suited for development, debugging and testing of oodles of Windows Phone applications.

The emulator sets the stage for tweaking early application prototypes by providing an isolated environment to test. One is freed from the compulsion of using a physical handset to test the various customary application development phases. This has drastically brought down the cost associated with the development of Windows Phone applications. It has further provided an easy and scalable platform for developers to put their models to work for hastening the development of useful apps.

Windows Phone Emulator has been conceptualized and actualized to set the stage for developers to drive performances comparable to a real device. This will help meeting the peripheral specifications that are typically integral parts of smooth application development.

The interaction with the phone emulator takes place on the same lines like an actual Windows Phone handset. The only point of difference is that one does not get o feel and touch the screen to swipe across the table but have to content himself by using the mouse pointer to choose and implement onscreen options.

The computer keyboard can be alternatively used for providing inputs to the phone emulator. The msdn library from Microsoft carries in detail the entire process of keyboard mapping for the emulator. However, Microsoft has issued a word of caution to the zealous developers. They should inevitably test their applications on a real device before publishing their applications in the Windows Phone marketplace to bridge over any issues that may appear to be a bottleneck.

Windows Phone Emulator has been provided with a 256 MB version with the advent of Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 update along with the standard emulator of 512MB RAM. The emulator is incompatible with the backward development platforms of Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. It further fails to load Windows Phone OS images whose versions are prior to Windows Phone OS 7.0.

The applications’ performances can be tested using a plethora of device features like peripherals ranging from GPS to accelerometer, RAM, speed of processor, graphics processing unit, resolution, persistent data storage, network features, capabilities of web surfing, playback of media, keyboard inputting, language and regional settings, deployment experience and tombstoning.

Isolated storage remains available during the run of emulator. However, the data’s existence becomes null once the Windows Phone Emulator is closed. This is inclusive of files placed in the local database as such files stay in the isolated storage.

Networking support is an integral part of the emulator which does away with the need of installing additional drivers. Support is extended for simulation of accelerometer, location data and graphics processing unit provided the same is available on the developer’s computer.

Video and audio support for formats like H.264, AAC, wmv, wma, wav and vc-1 is provided. Windows Phone Emulator has taken application development to the next level with its awesome feature sets.


Best Windows Phone 7 Apps You Must Get On Your Phone

Windows phone are gaining popularity every day. Besides other smart phones you will get a variety of windows phone in the market. The windows phone was first launched in 2010. Today the latest version is rich with innovative apps like Angry Birds, Official kindle App, Adobe reader, YouTube App and etc.

This is perfectly named as best windows phone 7 apps. These apps are divided into 13 broad categories like Games, Travel, Audio, Photos, Outdoors, Productivity, Security, Social and Communication, Reading, Shopping, Utilities, Video and etc.

There are more than 45,000 apps in the market. These best windows phone 7 apps are specially introduced by Microsoft. Now on your windows phone you can use the metro interface and enjoy using the apps after downloading them from the store.

Read below to know which apps you must have in your phone:


This is a music app specially introduced for the generation next. But to use it on the phone you must have premium subscription. It is available free for windows 7 users.

Spotify For WP7

Here you get the privilege of creating playlist. You can download songs even for offline listening. This app is easy and simple to use. All music lovers will love this app on their phone. This app is free for windows 7 user.

Angry Birds App

This is a game which was launched year’s age. But now there is an updated version of the app. It’s funny and need skill to play the game. Just touch the screen and play.

Official Amazon Kindle App

Today every one prefers reading books on interactive devices, like mobile or table. So if you enjoy reading just download this app and browse through some 700,000 books.

Adobe Reader

Pdf files are very essential for Windows 7 phone. It is one of the best windows phone 7 apps. This app is fre and you can easily access any PDF file or mail pdf files if needed.

Boxfiles For Dropbox

This all new Windows phone supports cloud sharing and Sky Drive services. But if you are using Dropbox you can download this app and use it as needed.

British Airways

Those who are travelling may use this app on the windows phone. With the help of the app you can comfortably manage your ticket bookings. You can do it with your phone and get updates about the trip on your phone.

This is one of the best windows phone 7 apps as you can view the complete details of your travelling on the home screen of the phone. No need to use one app at a time. This particular app meets all your expectation. This app is freely available. No need to pay you can just visit the store and download the app.


If you have a tendency to forget things just download this app on your phone. You can record note and then manage them. You can further sync the notes with your computer or iPad and view notes, maps, search information if and when need. This app makes your work easy.

There are many other apps which can be identified as best windows phone 7 apps. The list is endless and you can continue adding more names here.

Five Things to Know Before You Upgrade Your Android Cell Phone

With Android updates coming out almost every year, Android owners would definitely try to upgrade their phones with the latest Android version. This is quite simple, if done in the right way, as Android offers over the air updates, and therefore even laymen can upgrade their Android phones.

If the phone is not updated in the right manner, there is every chance that the phone bricks, which means that you will not be able to use the phone at all. Therefore, it is very important for you think twice before you upgrade your Android cell phone. Here are five things that you need to know before you download that file.

Most Manufacturers Offer Official Updates

Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, etc. provide official updates for their bestselling models and others too. All you need to do is to go to one of their service centers, and your cellphone will be updated to the latest Android version in a safe manner.

Therefore, there is an option for you to upgrade your phone without any further issues. Before you decide to go DYI on your phone, try to check if whether your mobile phone manufacturer allows for official updates or not.

The Phone May Become a Brick

You do not need programming skills to upgrade your phone, but you will definitely need a lot of software and need to follow some steps to upgrade your phone.

If you do not have the software when wanted, you might suddenly turn your phone into a brick, and you will have no other option but to buy a new phone. Therefore, before you decide to upgrade your phone installation, make sure that you have all the installation files, and that you do are completely sure of doing what you are planning to.

Some Old Phones May Upgrade, but the features and speed may not be that great

Computer users will know this. Some games work on older graphics cards, but the quality is so low that you do not actually feel like playing any of the games for a longer time. The same goes for Android phones with an older processor.

The newer phones have processors that are almost equal to computers a decade back, so anything older might not actually be a good draw on the new operating system. Therefore, even if the Internet is crying itself hoarse about the fact that your cell phone will support the new operating system, do not try it, as it might not be too good for your processor, and you might have to flash and go back to the older version of Android.

It is a Risk

If you look over the Internet for flashing options, also look at the comments sections below. You will routinely read that ‘the camera doesn’t work anymore’, or the ‘bluetooth doesn’t work anymore’ and horrors… sometimes you won’t be even able to SMS!

This is all a risk and even if it happens in one in every ten thousand phones, with the cost of these phones, we can only suggest not flashing your phone on your own.

It may be worth it

Taking all of this into consideration, if you do actually flash your Android phone and it works, you will be very happy with the final product. Of course, you need to be careful enough to do it the right way. The latest version for the Android phones is Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

These are the five things that you should know about flashing your Android phone to upgrade to a better operating system.

Author Bio:

Roy Blogs at Android Mag. Know more on Firmware pre upgrade instructions and imaging app for android on his blog.